Royal Standard Poodles Foxy Patriot

FOR SALE $2,000 each - 4 months old DOB 2/21/19

SOLD Above Male Brown Patriot in BLUE harness - Full tail and due claws - 4 months 41.2 lbs

We are certainly going to be Royals :o)

FOR SALE Below sister Brown Foxy in PINK harness- docked tail, has due claws - 4 months 36.8 lbs

Royal Standard Poodles Foxy Patriot are FOR SALE...we were going to be breeding spoos, but Mother Nature happened to us that keeps us from being the quality breeding parents Tes desires...sorry Foxy, sorry Patriot :o( STILL SUPER pets :o)))

Born 2/21/19 - Below are a some 4 month old pictures of us at Tes's.

Below you'll see us during our 4 month growth at Tes's. We're from Tes's line A Perfect World; their dad is Vyke (dad red Daniel), Mom Pickles (dad is Bruno).

Why Tes is letting us go to be your pet only...

Above; For the first time Tes knows of, Patriot's jaw has not grown to have a great bite, an over bite Mother Nature decided on...all parents have good bites! Patriot's lower jaw may grow some in his year of growing...may not...He's a GREAT personality, learning fast!


Below; Foxy has a VERY small umbilical hernia that one does not want to have in a breeding dam. At this time it is so small, it may yet finish closing, maybe not, yet even this I personally do not see a need to repair as it's so small...yet a vet may want to close during spay time.

We LOVE our bones Tes provide. GREAT for our adult teeth coming in, baby teeth now falling out :o)

Tes is teaching us to walk, girls on her right, boys on her left :o) Let's chew these apart and run FREEEEEE!!!!!

We're brother and sister, would be SUPER if you could take us home together...$200 discount, if military another $100 discount, yet understand if you want to love one of us individually :o)))

Let's figure out how to climb onto these logs...oooh look at the size of my paws!

Here we are just before Tes clipped us down for the hot TX summer.

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