Royal Standard Poodles ExB


Royal Standard Poodles ExBPups born 12/5/18, currently 9 wks old. Stay tuned for Picture updates every 2 wks: next 11 wks old 1/23/19... stay tuned ...

Enjoy, Enjoy ;o))


Royal Standard Poodles ExB Enya x Bruno


Tracking Enya Puppies:

    • 9 wks bath and hair trim, heart worm
    • 8 wks dewormed Pyrantel, nails clipped
    • 7 wks nails clipped, paws trimmed, anal glands checked
    • 6 wks dewormed Pyrantel, UOs repaired
    • 5 wks first bath and face clip, anal glands expressed
    • 4 wks dewormed Pyrantel
    • 3 wks nails clipped
    • 2 wks nails clipped, dewormed Pyrantel
    • 4 days old toenails clipped 
    • 12/5/18 Born
    • Order your Nuvet supplements soon!
    • NOTE! Umbilical Openings (uo) may be noted by the end of 1 wk of age. They grow at such an accelerated rate some pups may not develop them up to the 5 wks of age. The notable uo's will be repaired at their 6 wks of age (paid in pup price), generally healed by the time they go home. If they develop at the 5 wks of age, they are generally very tiny, less then 1/4" they are safe to wait until spay or neutering of 10-12 months of age. Most of these smaller uo's close on their own before 10-12 months and that is why I don't repair them. I must evaluate who needs early vss can wait and heal. You will see the notes "uo" under pups that have them.
    • Royal Standard Poodles ExB

Enya x Bruno Down Payment list:

1. 8/1/18 paid, M - Royal Brown "Stanley" - LS > Mocksville, NC

2.10/9/18 down pymt, M Royal Black "Buddy" (Season) - KL > Elk Grove, CA

3. 11/25/18 paid, M Royal #1 Brown - KT > Winter Park, FL ($200 discount returning customer)

4. 12/12/18 paid, F Black Royal "Tinsel", CB > Tucson, AZ ($200 discount returning customer)

5. 12/14/18 paid, F Black Royal "Angel", HD > Fortworth, TX

6. 12/27/18 paid, F Black Royal, RC > Corrales, NM

7.  11/28/18 paid, F Black Royal, SW > Bastrop, TX ($200 discount returning customer)

8. 2/3/19 paid, M Brown Royal, "Isaac" Houston, TX


Buddy, 12.8 lbs and Isaac, 11.8 lbs, both sold, are enjoying life until it's time to go home to their new owners :o)

Buddy's learning to meet older spoos, being submissive when important, playing with them and learning from them :o)

Hi! oh so soon :o)


Red Scarlet has the bone...I'll grab it when she's done ;o)

Buddy, still not done :o( Maybe if I stand over her?


Isaac has gone through a 6 wks old he fractured the tip of his shoulder, was starting to walk on it when by evening he started to drag it, to find out he had an infection in his elbow :o( At the vet, it was explained the infection had caused the bones in the elbow to separate. Much rehab is occurring as the infection has gone way down, but the effort to walk on one leg has certainly taken a toll...for again I try to rehabilitate his structure. That is occurring in my indoor swimming pool for canine therapy. This allows him to work the muscles to re-develop and strengthen again.

I'm not dragging my left leg anymore, but the right leg has bowed due to the constant working to hold my body weight up with that I am just starting to land on my ill legs paw pads again, the weight is being disbursed better, more equally, it will take the stress weight off the leg to hopefully straighten again...lots of growing to come thus much encouragement to come :o)))

Hi! I'm absolutely loveably huggable ;o) Tes is doing her best to help rehabilitate me :o)

Tes helps me relax while not swimming, then back to working my muscles again.

Relax on the side shelf, learn to trust, then exercise again...

SOLD - "Marceline" (Joy) Black with small white abstract on chest - mc 9864 - 9 wk old - 12 lb. I will be one big Royal Standard Poodle ExB for you, 60-70 lb female as an adult. I am ready to play lots of music to bring Joy and Happiness in the new year to SW > Bastrop, TX and your family.


Remember to go to the bottom of this page and watch Royal Standard Poodles ExB grow up as pictures added to the top with each update.


SOLD "Isaac" 

Royal Standard Poodles ExB 
5 Black Females
mc = microchip
The story board theme is the Holiday Season: Deer Santa, Puff Magic of Peace, Joy, and Good Will to Season for Olya' to be Happy. From: Angel

SOLD - "Tinsel" (Magic) Black with small white abstract on chest - mc 6206 - 9 wk old - 10.6 lb. I am ready to Puff Magic into CB > Tucson, AZ holiday season. I have a bit of white on my chin :o) Oh so soon!

SOLD - "Caden" (Olya) Solid Black from what Tes sees - mc 3678 - 9 wk old - 9.4 lb. RC > Corrales, NM are going to watch over me! I'll keep my eyes on them too :o)


SOLD - "Angel" Black with small white on chest - mc 5102 - 9 wk old - 10 lb. I will watch over and guard HD > Fortworth, TX. Believing you'll have a blessed holiday season.

NOTE: None of the females have uo's at this writing.


3 Brown + 1 Black Male

SOLD - "Stanley" (Deer) Brown with small white on chest - mc 6746 - 9 wk old - 12.4 lb. Boy did I put some pounds on! He has a repaired UO. Santa told me to drive safely this holiday season, and he wants to ask everyone to do the same ;o) LS > Mocksville, NC is bringing me home to be happy and healthy with them - Woo Hoo!


SOLD - "Peace" Brown with small white on chest - mc 6856 - 9 wk old - 10.8 lb. He has a repaired UO. The peace dove behind me doesn't show up very well, yet I think one gets the idea...peace is what we all cherish and want for others...let me bring it home to you KT > Winter Park, FL.


SOLD - "Buddy" (Season) Black with bow tie white on chest - mc 9976 - 9 wk old - 11.6 lb. I'm going to be heading home to KL > Elk Grove, CA - Thank You for wanting to make every day special for me! I'll be your buddy :o) 

Remember to start at the bottom and watch us grow up onto the page...


Do you have our travel plans in place - Time to get the itinerary into Tes! She takes us in this Thursday for Health certs for flying. If using United Tes has to get the paperwork in this week for everyone to fly on Weds 1/30 or 2/2/19 Saturday.

Something to play with, we sure don't want to get into Tes's way - ATTACK ;o)


No more slurry, time for the variety of dry dog foods Tes feeds us to keep our bodies thinking...she adds Nuvet supplements to help us grow now that we've weaned from momma...have your ordered yours for us...we'll be coming soon, get ready!

Play again, learn steps, learn to be curious and reach...learn to potty outside...learn commands...lots to can teach us even more, we can hardly wait :o)

Play times over, time for some zzz's...Puppy Pile!

Here's Tes - Get the shoes, GET THE SHOES!!!

I promise I'll wait until you're not looking ;o)


And you all wondered when we started chewing on shoes?

Let's untie them, all together, 1, 2, 3!


We've discovered shoe strings!

We REALLY like to pick on each other and play now!

Nice warm sunlight comes through, love the natural winter a bit chilly Tes feels for us puppies on occasion, thus has to shut us in more then she likes...she knows what's best. We are getting weather acclimated at least.


Oh WOW - a LOT of us are flying out, lots of smells are going to help us on that trip. Thanks Tes!

We're coming home to you :o))))


Oh so soon....

We've now reached to the middle of the park and much to reach for and become curious about!

We're growing fast, I'm Isaac with a dark brown wiry hair coat.


As we grow, this paper that we learn to potty on...well, we decide to become paper shredders ;o) Tes has to stop putting it down now, as we've pretty much got the potty outside down - be vigilant to help us at our new homes :o)))

Lots of bones to keep us happy happy :o)))


These bones sure help keep our baby teeth happy, breaking through with our need to chew. The marrow, sinew, all are healthy for our gut as well. These have been missing from dogs diets  since dried dog food was healthy for us! The small round ones are okay for us as puppies but DON'T buy as we get bigger! They lock around our jaw or get hooked and caught on our jaw.

Oh Joy - Happy happy - BONES!!!!


Isaac says, "Tes, what is this thing always in our face?"

Lots of zzzz's are a part of growing ;o)


PET BEDS are being purchased and added. Look for yours in the coming week...don't take out of the package, keep the smells for when we arrive :o)

We've certainly grown over the past two weeks, yet legs are still our thing ;o)


You'll see us grow through our 6 to 7 wk pictures on 1/23/19, before you know it we'll be coming home to you. We can hardly wait ;o)

Darn camera...Tes will get another one...


Space sure got small!

We're in and out all the time now...


WE'll keep growing for you have the Nuvet supplements ordered yet? They'll certainly help with our stress level and change of environment once we're with you :o) Pet beds are great...would you like to buy one for smells to come home with us? 

We'll play with you like we like to chew on Tes :o)


Hi, have you started to make your travel plans for us yet? We're excited to come home to you soon!

Tes takes the spoon and BANGS on the pan "Potty Outside!" With it being DELICIOUS food we come a running! So what if it's noisy!! Then at night when it's time to come in, she brings a pan in and bangs "Come In!" We think it's food and come a running again ;o) And that's how she teaches us commands :o)))

We only reach to on the porch and pea rock for a while, then we start reaching into Royal Introduction Park...pottying outside is what we really start to want to do. By the 7 wk pictures we'll have reached clear to the back of the park playing with the different obstacles Tes has for us :o)

And now...we're finally reaching to figure out the doggy door for the first time - WOW! A new space to reach into!!!


We've got a routine, momma licks the bowl, we try to play with her...

Hey, let's try this dry stuff out that momma's eating all the time!


A story from this litter on the importance of chiropractic care for your pet: At two weeks old, their eyes opening, ears starting to open, I picked up Angel to be amazed at the screeeeaam she belched out, and peeing all over me and everywhere...Enya wanting to bite me with conern! In my 14 years of breeding I had never seen or heard this before, yet immediately two things came to mind. #1 Angel must have some kind of subluxation (pinching of nerves) going on that was certainly being bothered when I picked her up. #2 OR with her ears opening, was their a super hyper sensitivity to sounds, if one has listened to  www.Puppy by Jane Killion: The Powerful First 12 weeks... if this was the hills and valleys of Angel's life right now. Dr. Angela came to adjust everyone to find her atlas was so badly out, she was in constant pain and when I'd pick her up the jarring threw her into pain. By 2 days later the screaming stopped. At 5 wks old she comes up to me for hugs and kisses like everyone else. The only crying now from everyone are MOMMA, TES FEED us! Find a pet chiropractor for your pets continual care!!

Chiropractic care is an essential part of my program in bringing you the healthiest happiest pups I can :o) Dr. Angela arrives every month to my home to adjust everyone. It is my goal to have your pup adjusted twice, always once, before coming home to you.


And, while she licks the bowl after us, we will play and climb on her ;o)

And while momma rests, we like to play with her :o)


And after the slurry, we all wrestle to momma...nummy, nummy!

Why we need a bath at 5 wks old ;o)


Tes has made steps for us to learn on...we're eating slurry for the first time...a blend of baby rice cereal and puppy mousse with buttermilk to keep the very loose stools at bay...Then there's the deck that momma can get away if she wants.

And here is the next way for momma to feed us as we grow...momma is wonderful as she comforts us and we lie together :o) Oops Tes dropped the's taking blurrier pictures :o( She has another...time to go on ebay and get some more...

Look! We're reaching to the paper!! Play, Potty!!!


Paper is placed that we learn to potty on paper...a crate is here for us to get used to, more will be added in week 7 for getting smells to come home to you.

Tes has moved us out of the bedroom to the Wing where our safety zone is in the back cuddling with mom...then we start to quickly reach to the gate where the doggy door is and...learn to potty outside!


We are now growing weeks 4 and 5...what a difference!

So here you can see some of us in size comparison...we're growing :o))) Next 5 wk update you'll see a BIG size comparison with us figuring out the doggy door and enjoying the outdoors...constantly learning to reeeeaaach...hoping you enjoy the updates...Have a Happy New Year and ...stay tuned... ;o)

*Royal Standard Poodles ExB Enya x Bruno*

Snoozing after our Tes washing...

Then there's the petting behind the ears to make us's such an interesting phenomenon...stops when they get older...

Okay, with eating slurry we do get quite messy...and so does Tes ;o) So she wants to take pictures of us for the 3 wk update and it's all a part of socializing us with her loving touch, wetting and wiping us down for the shoot for you :o)

With 10 pups, Tes starts us on slurry feeding several days sooner then the usual 3 wks. With us singing, she knows we're hungry and momma Enya is not keeping quite up now, though she's doing pretty good ;o) We make quite a mess as we're learning...slurry consists of baby rice cereal, Royal Canin puppy mousse, and powdered buttermilk to keep the runny stools abay.

Tes comes in and starts to really pet us and hold us to socialize even more. We like watching her as much as she watches over us :o)

Okay, it's happened! Tes has now moved us to the wing to do even more reeeaaching!! Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!! Temps are dropped as we can create body heat now...and it stays pretty warm in here anyway with lots of TX sun coming in to warm us and gives us LOTS of natural light for our eyes are open and adjusting to see that we HAVE LOTS OF ROOM!!!

We'll be instinctively reaching to move onto paper to potty, then we'll reach to learn about the doggy door in time to potty outside...all in time as our legs get secure beneath us :o) Tes has built a stepping stool for us to learn on, and a crate is here to introduce us to what they are. Momma has lots of room to stretch out for us, and soon Tes will put the step ladder down where she can climb up on the deck to get away from us if she wants...when it rains outside :o)

Here's wanting you to look at us and decide who you'll choose to bring home before you know it :o) We'll bring some music into your life ;o)

AND, as we grow, we're certainly taking up the space now shrinking to our size and wanting to move around and play with each other...and reeeaach for more...

HI! Here's looking at you ;o) We can see now and our ears are opening to hear ourself sing to Tes...and Momma Enya - COME FEED US :o)))

Okay, momma's going to get tired of eating all our excrement soon...10 of us!!! So, with getting legs under us we're starting to move off of the blanket instinctively to potty out of our area...and climbing over things is something we're figuring out too :o)

It's a leg thing, we love hangin' out on the leg ;o)

And, with more zzz's and nummy, our ears are starting to open.

LOOK carefully, our eyes are starting to squeak open! As they squeak open we start to get our leg strength beneath us. We've been little scooters, as Tes says, up to now.

Nummy nummy, and lots of zzz's...every two to three hours...with time we cry less to where it's rare with full tummies  - Thank You Momma :o) Tes says Enya is making a SUPER mom!


4 legs up with zzzz's all around...

We're putting the weight on, growing, growing with lots of zzzz...

*Royal Standard Poodles ExB Enya x Bruno*

We're now going from 1 wk to 2 wks and into 3 wks old for you soon. First we have smell, next our eyes will be opening into the second week, then our ears open up into the third, and Tes will do her best to share growing points with you...enjoy watching us grow! 

There we all are, growing FAST with momma providing milk for us :o)) Pick me, Pick ME - Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale!!!

Royal Standard Poodles ExB *

See, I have white on my back toes, and some on my chest. I'm a female Tes has named "Angel".

Tes calls this my bow tie, male, thus I'll be ready for any "Season"


Tes has clipped our toenails as you may see some blood in the pictures. They get hard after several days, like cat claws and will shred momma's tummy so she must take care of that to protect her...good plan :o)

All browns are males, My name will be "Peace"

A lot of us have white abstracts on our chest. Tes has named me, a male, "Good Will". Some of us have white on our back toes. She will show you pictures the best she can at this age of our differences...when we've grown and at our 3 wk individual pictures you'll be able to see a whole lot better as we grow to Royal - Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale. Our ears will open around 3 wks old where we really start to sing for her ;o)


At just a few days old, we're already starting to scoot around. Momma's arms are a great hang out area ;o)

3 brown males, 2 black males and 5 black females, Tes uses colored wool blankets to help wick away any moisture and it keeps us warm. She's placed special pet heating pads underneath to keep us warm, yet if we're too warm we're spread out to stay cool and she's already taken them away to help us group...that allows momma to circle around us better :o) It's a PUPPY PILE!!!


With lots of zzz...and nummy...we just keep adding ounces and soon us grow...

When done, zzz....zzz...Momma licks licks licks our genitals as we don't defecate or urinate yet on our own, this warms our area to move for us...Thank You Momma :o) Tes has given her a fresh bath and clipped her down to stay cool in the warm room.


Tes was super surprised to see us keep coming - GO BRUNO ;o)

It's important to get a good suction grip and movement to draw out the milk, getting it flowing to fill our tummy's.

Tes is here to extract the sack quickly, to get us nursing in minutes of being born. That is the essential colostrum needed for our healthy start in life as quickly as possible to be Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale. Enya IS thankful I'm there to help ;o)


Tes warms her bedroom to 80+ degrees as they come out of the womb in even warmer state, too cool can kill them. Tes slowly starts taking the heat down as we develop...and we grow FAST!! We snuggle and stay warm, and lots of zzzz's...

A good bumper system helps prevent from exhaustion of mom sleeping on a pup getting behind her, clean up, and of course my bed next to them allows me to awake if I hear crying or screaming, which they certainly do when they want something, especially 10!

Enya's licking clean her second puppy :o)

* Royal Standard Poodles - ExB *

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