Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi


Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi x Red Daniel has

1 ROYAL Female left - "Hope"! 

Now 11 wks old 11/27/23 picture updates below under her picture.

DOB 9/11/23. 4 Males + 2 Females = 6 puppies. This is Jaxxi's first litter with Red Daniel frozen semen pups. TI is excited as these are growing TRULY ROYAL in size for you. Everyone WILL be of Royal size accept the red male Felix who is doing very well.

* Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi*

Each litter TI chooses a theme to celebrate in creating their names until chosen by customers. The names this time are after Various Diamonds and information of them. Each puppy TI does her best to cultivate for you to develop that perfect diamond to treasure.

Tracking Royal Standard Poodles For Sale Jaxxi stats: 

  • 2nd DHLPP-C vaccination 11/27/23 for Hope & Rafael
  • 9 wks face and toes clipped/groomed
  • 8 weeks Pyrantel dewormed
  • 7 wks toenails clipped
  • 6 wks vaccination DHPPL, Pyrantel deworming
  • 5 wks first hair clipping and grooming, toenails clipped
  • Pyrantel dewormed 4 wks old 
  • Toenails clipped 3 wks old
  • Pyrantel dewormed 2 wks old
  • Toenails clipped 7 days old
  • Full Tails and due claws :o)
  • Born 9/11/23

Customer List

1. Breeder - F Phantom "Luna Blaze", KB > Mason, TX; Travel driving

2. down pymt 8/14/22, Royal M, Apr/Cream "Dash", RR > Barnesville, OH; Travel AA carry-on Noon Austin

3. 2020 down pymt, Royal M Black with white on chest "Hunter", JM > Clear Water Beach, FL; Travel driving 11/11/23

4. 10/20/23 down pymt size M, red standard "Felix", __ > Chicago, IL

5. 10/23/23 down pymt size M, Royal Black/White "Rafael", TDW > Kansas City, KS

6. ____ down pymt size F, Royal Black/white, name > city, state


Ready for homes NOW!

Remember, start at the bottom and scroll up as they grow up onto the page in the coming weeks :o)


"Hope" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Female 3 wks old mc 3508; 3 lbs 6oz.


"Hope" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Female 7 wks old mc 3508; 10 lbs 7 oz.


"Hope" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Female 5 wks old mc 3508; 6 lbs 9 oz.



"Hope" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Female 9 wks old mc 3508; 16 lbs.


For Sale - "Hope" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Female 11 wks old mc 3508; 16 lbs. I'm going to be a big Royal girl, estimated 65-70+ lbs as an adult. The Hope Diamond

"Hope's" teeth are growing in normally as she grows and her jaw and head grow with her teeth :o]. VERY HEALTHY happy girl :o) 2nd vaccination done 11/20/23. Heartworm monthly deworming.

I'm the last one left. You can watch me grow directly below.

* 11 wk Royal Standard Poodles JxD picture update 11/27/23 *

I'm certainly growing and Tes is teaching me how to walk with her. She sees me doing quite well already :o)


Rafael in the back, he doesn't want to go walking, WHY!?!? This is great!

Reach Rafael, REACH!


We're introduced to E-Glae who's 6 months old and wants to play with us, good learning socialization with other spoos :o)

Rafael  says Hope's tail is fun to play with! E-Glae gets to play too.


This cooler TX weather makes being outside GREAT FUN!

Momma Jaxxi has some kind of allergy that's affecting her ears. She shakes her head because of the itching, yet vet shares no infection or bugs, just itching and inflammation that is relieved with the product Zymox Otic Enzymatic solution for itching due to irritation and inflamation. The tube collar helps her stop her head shaking causing her ear leathers to accumulate blood on the ends called hematomas. When she flaps too much, they burst blood and spray all over the walls looking like a forensic scene :o0

The statue Tes calls Joy. "Something smells good here," Rafael says. Rafael is here until late December when owners are able to get him. At least he has his sister Hope to keep him company until she's gone to her new owner. Give Tes a call to get your next Royal Standard Poodle Female.


If Hope is still not sold, next picture update every 2 wks, 13 wks old -  12/11/23.

4 Males 


"Taj-Mahal" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Male 3 wks old mc 1015; 3 lbs 12oz.


"Taj-Mahal now Rafael" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Male 5 wks old mc 1015; 8 lbs 7 oz.


Now "Rafael" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Male 7 wks old mc 1015; 12 lbs 13 oz.


SOLD - "Taj-Mahal now Rafael" Black with white abstract on chin, chest and paws. Male 8 wks old mc 1015; 18 lbs 12 oz. I get to go home to TDW > Kansas City, KS January 2024. Taj Mahal is going to be one GIANT Royal! Estimated adult weight 90+ lbs!!! Already showing a laid back personality like mom Jaxxi. The Taj-Mahal diamonds is a gold and ruby pendant by Cartier, circa 1627 – 28, which was a present from Richard Burton to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor.

* Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

SOLD - "Dresden now Hunter" Black with white abstract on chin, bit on chest, and back paw. Male 7 wks old mc 3448; 12 lbs 5oz. My new owner is JM > Clear Water Beach, FL. The Dresden green diamond originated in the mines of India.


"Dresden" Black with white abstract on chin, bit on chest, and paws. Male 3 wks old mc 3448; 3 lbs 10oz.


"Dresden now Hunter" Black with white abstract on chin, bit on chest, and back paw. Male 5 wks old mc 3448; 7 lbs 10oz.


"Fancy" Red with white abstract on chin, chest, paws and the very tip of his tail. Male 3 wks old no mc at this time; 2 lbs 3oz.


"Fancy now Felix"  Red with white abstract on chin, chest, paws and the very tip of his tail. Male 5 wks old no mc at this time; 5 lbs 2 oz.


SOLD - "Fancy now Felix"  Red with white abstract on chin, chest, paws and the very tip of his tail. Male 7 wks old no mc at this time; 8 lbs. The name Fancy is given to diamonds that are of various colors other than the clear/white diamond. This male Fancy is a survivor and has proven his survival to live is strong. Right in there playing with the others and holding his ground when he sees he wants to.


SOLD - "Dash" Apricot with white abstract on chest and paws. Male 7 wks old mc 7727; 12 lbs 3 oz. Dash Diamond sells diamonds wholesale in Michigan. My new owner named me Dash and Tes played the name into the diamond theme :o) RR > Barnesville, OH


"Dash" Apricot with white abstract on chest and paws. Male 3 wks old mc 7727; 4 lbs 3oz.


"Dash" Apricot with white abstract on chest and paws. Male 5 wks old mc 7727;  8 lbs 1 oz.

2 Females

 * Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

SOLD - "Blaze" Phantom Black and Red with white abstract on chest and paws. Female 7 wks old mc 0202; 11 lbs 2oz. I'm going home to KB Mason, TX to be a potential breeding dam - YAY looking forward to bringing Phantoms to you! The Blaze is a square-cut diamond that signifies a dramatic departure from traditional diamond cutting. It has only 13 crown facets, and it produces bursts of vivid colors (fire) 10X larger than any other diamond cut. My new owner named me and Tes played the name in with the diamond theme :o) Blaze is CERTAINLY a beautiful departure of color from normal standard poodle genetics! What Tes has continued to work to add to her program and bringing to you down the road as TI retires.


"Blaze" Phantom Black and Red with white abstract on chest and paws. Female 3 wks old mc 0202; 3 lbs 14oz.


"Blaze" Phantom Black and Red with white abstract on chest and paws. Female 5 wks old mc 0202; 7 lbs 12oz.

9 wk picture update with Rafael and Hope 11/12/23


Momma Jaxxi and Rafael. Jaxxi is wearing a wrap to keep her from flapping her ears. She has some irritation going on inside her ears from getting out :o( Slowly calming down and will post picture and research on ABC's tab.


Rafael is SO ROYAL in size! HE's going to be one GIANT Boy! Hunter caught up to his weight! WOW!!!


7 wk picture update 10/30/23


Dash has already figured out the steps to be ON TOP with Momma :o) Oh so soon...Come and get us!!!! 


Oops, not Gabriel but "Rafael" with lots of white :o)


Tes encourages us to learn to climb up onto the steps with her.


I see you!


LOOK! We're learning to climb steps...and climb down :o)))


We like posing for Tes ;o)


Look at us grow, play, become curious with all around us.


We've certainly figured going in and out. Momma's starting to wean us at 6 wks, then Tes took momma out at 6.5 wks to wean us for going home. Momma's been WONDERFUL in not snapping at us, letting us nurse as often as we like :o) Certainly makes Tes happy happy :o)))


Lot's of pet beds purchased for us - YAY! Let's get them having smells to go home with!


Tes always gets to clean first, then sits and socializes us. Now she teaches us to be "CALM" until we settle down and she then leaves to Geo's pups for socializing. 

* Bruno Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale *

Tes has to stop the paper now as we become paper shredders, eating it as well which is dangerous to our health! The gray mats are machine washable so there's always a lot of wash going on. The dog crate is added to get smells and us use to going in and out of it for those customers who may want to use one. This prepares them for more comfortable cargo or carry-on flights if we go to our new homes that way.


YES, Tes is teaching us "Potty Outside". It's a daily morning chore event to take care of the parks. Scoops are placed into the empty dog bags for recycling into the garbage bin.


We LOVE to Reach out to the back of Puppy Park and tunnel through the cement funnels and not be afraid of this type of Reaching :o) If it rains, we run into them - COOL for Tes to watch and see how we handle life ;o)


Felix LOVES to Reach and check EVERYTHING out!


Rafael takes it easy in life, observing all things around him, then goes and checks it out :o)


Momma Jaxxi helps us want to REeeeach out into Blue Bonnet Park to play and find out about the world we're living in. The first week we're out the doggy door we only go so far, then eventually, all around the park into 6th week and on.


Fancy, now Felix, enjoying a fresh drink of water. He's doing phenomenal in growth and personality.


Kuranda beds keep us off the floor/ground, air flow around us, bugs away, and we LOVE our pet beds our owners bought for us to bring lots of smells to our new home :o) Thank You!



Circle of Life

* Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

See you in the next 7 wk update 10/30/23!

You'll see us Reaching into our Puppy Park, playing and romping more with each other, AND GROWING ;o) Stay tuned...


Zzzing wherever we find cozy :o)

 * Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

I'm Dresden, now "Hunter," is my new owner's given name - Life is Good!


In and out we start to learn with "Potty Outside" being called out by Tes. THEN we're strong enough to push the doggy door open on our own - Woo Hoo! Then Tes hollers "Come In," with slurry to teach us to come in :o) Funny, for many years Tes thought she had to have cut wool so we could go out easily...until one year she saw us all pile behind each other and push out on our own. She's never used the wool door since!


We nurse and ZZZZzzzzz a LOT to grow for you :o)))


We've definitely reached into the Wing and love Tes coming in to snuggle and kiss us. Very soothing for EVERYONE! We're eating dry kibble more and more.


Fancy is doing GREAT, eating, Zzzing, and growing well now on slurry and solid kibble. He's a survivor ;o)))

* Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

Dani in MN taught Tes to rub behind our ears and we YAWWWNNN! Always a cute trick to get a picture for you ;o)


Tes comes in and sits with us, letting us crawl all over her, we bumble over her...and Momma LOVES to lay next to her and get petted too, which we take advantage of and get some nursing in ;o)

* Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

Tes has turned down the heat in the Wing to be around 72 degrees. We slowly acclimate every week and for some reason after slurry eating we get to shivering and snuggle in to each other.


Ahhh yes, our eyes are open, our ears are open, yet Tes finds because we have LOTS of milk and food, we're not making lots of music like she's use to with the bigger litters. We like to snuggle, PLAY and Zzzzzzz more...


After a slurping good meal, we are watching Tes take the bowl away where she comes in and sits with us, socializing us, and why she has to change her cloths several times a day ;o) She likes to challenge us by putting Momma Jaxxi on one side and us on the other making us climb over to get to her :o))) REEEEAAACH!


Tes is now feeding us a slurry, includes Royal Canin Mousse with ground dried kibble for our developing tummies adding water to be soupy. She's figured to grind down the dry dog food and stir in to help our stools NOT be diarrhea like from slurry before...REALLY helps make a difference...and prepares us for eating dry dog food. She grinds up the kibble and leaves it for us to check out...which TRULY works out great!


And they learn commands fast with the food now they're starting to eat!

Okay, I have to add now, I purchased Dog Training 101 by Jean Donaldson from click here "The Great Courses" this month (February) in keeping up with my annual education. TOTALLY recommend for those that have no clue in training your new pet. Now I certainly have my viewpoints in being labeled a Professional Breeder vss those who are Professional Dog Trainers. Remember, I use Cesar Milan's technology for the base of my program, keeping good control of hormonal canines. I need them to feel safe and comfortable...from each other! Dog Training is a totally separate entity in my view. So, I finally got what some consider essential to a dog's training...after 15 years! These are Two TOTALLY different animals ;o) And then standard poodles are soooo much smarter that I honestly fast forwarded through 3/4 of the classes, picking up what I needed. AND, I CERTAINLY DID PICK UP SOME TECHNIQUES! And it was SO COOL to see my instincts in raising them to my protocol was validated in Donaldson's considerations in looking at breeders that one should get pups from or NOT!

I teach them to REACHHHH instead of crate training. Just my viewpoint in helping create a more outgoing pup. As one can see, the back space can become like their den, slowly reaching off of the blankets to learn feels under their pads as they grow.



The next 5 wk picture up date on 10/16/23 will see them learning to go in and out the doggy door, learn the outside feel beneath their paws and so much more REACHING again :o) And of course growing in size with lots of love! 

* Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

Just as Tes thought she had the last picture for the 3 wk update, she walks in to see the below picture and laughs. What she calls "Picture Perfect!" What they're learning already, walking around and talking lots!


See our eyes squeaking open ;o)

 * Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

WOW! Tes moved us to the Wing with our eyes open now, and moving around she wants us to start getting lots of sunlight which the Wing definitely has!! AND LOTS of room to start Reaching into, to learn to potty on paper and eventually find the doggy door to learn to go outside and potty. AND lots of room for momma to lay around us to nurse with Tes coming in and sitting to socialize us :o)


Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning is a huge part of keeping everyone healthy and happy! As they grow and start to get their legs under them, they need the room to reach into for learning.


Four legs up tells Tes it is warm enough in the bedroom and temps can be turned down! Yet it does give her the opportunity to capture the white mismarks for you :o)


Tes loves to sit with us, cuddling, petting, and calmly visiting to socialize us while she captures lots of pictures, choosing some of the adorable shots she could possibly share with you in watching us grow.


With the variety of colors, there are more pictures capturing some of our white abstracts and our size next to each other. Of course we Zzzz A LOT!


Our legs are getting stronger beneath us! Pulling us up onto momma Jaxxi. Our ears open up around 3 weeks old and we start making a LOT more noise. Tes calls this our making music time although she REALLY wonders about how quiet and happy we are, being so quiet. GOOD milk, GOOD temps in the room, GOOD love, NO tail or due claw dockings make us OH SOOOOoooo HAPPY HAPPY!!!

* Royal Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale Jaxxi*

Our eyes are ever so slightly squeaking open as we're also getting up on all 4's trying to learn balance to get around...MOMMA's OVER HERE!


Here Tes shows the various colors we all want to show you :o) Almost everyone has white on one paw or more, with some on chin and chest.


See what little tubbies we are :o) The arm thing is favorite, we're keeping nice and warm with full tummies. 


Years ago I had a customer tell me the pictures sang off the page for them. I pondered, looked at the pictures, and especially when I'm working the pictures, I go, "Oohhhh, Aaaah, aaaaaaahhhhh"...and just melt at some of them. Then I knew what she was singing about. Hoping some make you sing :o) ENJOY


Most of us are going to be Royals from a Jaxxi x Daniel litter. The red puppy "Fancy" is having some trouble, yet we'll see as he's feisty. You will see by the picture weights above as we grow...never a guarantee on size...yet both parents are Royals. They're storyboard is with information on diamonds and names reflecting TI looking for names. 

* Royal Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

Here are the 1-3 wk picture growth of us for you :o)

Here's how it works, some of us nurse, some of us zzzzzz.... We're FULL of milk as momma has SO MUCH for only 6 of us...and she has TEN teets, not just the normal 8 for standards. Thanks momma, and Jaxxi's doing well, tired, yet smiling...and cuddling me when I sit with them :o)))



Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi x Daniel next 3 week picture update Monday October 2, 2023 will be seeing their eyes open, starting to walk on all fours, ears open and making music :o) They'll have their storyboard individual pictures with weight, above, "Diamond" name and microchip last four numbers for you to know who's who.


Different sizes from Standards to BIG Royals!


Suckle and scoot, scooting right onto the top of Momma Jaxxi ;o)


One wants to keep the temps just right that they aren't too hot spreading all over that momma Jaxxi can circle around them to lay down and let them nurse :o) With the warmth here in TX, even in the winter, it's nothing like my concern in MN where I thought 80 degrees was hot, how my life has changed ;o) The #4 phantom pup is hidden underneath the pile of pups nursing.


TI climbs in and sits with Momma for her petting, Jaxxi misses that :o) Puppies snuggle in between her legs as she clips all their toenails as they now start to become sharp like cat claws shredding a momma's tummy, so every two weeks now they'll get clipped.



As pups cannot pass their own bodily fluids yet, it's momma Jaxxi's responsibility to lick them, warming them, creating their passing of fluids until it becomes a pup's natural excretion.


Pups sure bring a smile to TI with some of the pictures she can catch and share with you :o)

She's soooo happy she doesn't dock tails or remove dew claws, usually done at 2-3 days old. Why? In the past years, it was not uncommon that TI would lose a pup from the stress on having it done (and other variables)...that's why TI always wait one Week Through The woods of Mother Nature to let people know numbers. This gave pups the opportunity to not have stress and keep focused on their nourishing milk to help them recoup from birth :o)


Take a look at some of the pictures with their ear leathers back, one can see they're closed down tight.

This male has LOTS of white on chest, paws, and even his chinny, chin chin :o)


This male has a tiny white on his chest with small white on his back toes.

What they do sense, are vibrations, thus I do everything I can to keep life relaxed and calm for them :o))

*Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi *

Here is the Phantom Female Kate Bauer is potentially going to get for a future breeding dam to bring some wonderful phantoms to you. We're doing Embark DNA on her now to assure everything is good to start her testing protocol.


What we do a LOT of,. "Nummy nummy...Zzzzzzzzz..." This HUGE cream male puppy was born the largest in the litter with white paws and a tiny bit on his chest.

ALWAYS time to snuggle in and zzzzz....what puppies do best...zzzzz...and nummy nummy nurse ;o) Their first sense is smell. They come out ready to smell for the nipple and start nursing. In 11-14 days the next sense is the opening of their eyes, then around 3 wks old their ears open up to start hearing which THEY start VOICING sounds to let me know things aren't as they use to be...Quiet...

There's ALWAYS in every litter "The Arm Thing".




Let's see, NOTHING up here!!!!


Their umbilical chords are drying up and shortly falling off. Look at them going at it immediately! That shows some healthy born pups ;o)

Momma Jaxxi is doing great and has lots of milk for them. She actually has 10 teats for them compared to the normal 8 teats TI has always seen. I am always checking teats to assure they're all being taken down so mastitis doesn't occur. 


It's vital that pups begin nursing within the first hour to get their colostrum to help their immune system. The motion and nuzzling of the pups starting to nurse help bring the other pups forward to be born...and, I of course, can see their doing well in just having been born :o)


A variety of colored puppies just coming into the world as TI helps Momma Jaxxi along the way. They instinctively head immediately to the smell of a teat and start nursing. Momma has milk coming in for her 6 pups.

In raising Royal & Standard Poodles, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated to 80+ degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. Humidity is essential too keeping it around 55+ in moisture. Too little dries their body out. Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. I have a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you in the coming weeks ;o)

If you're interested in one of TI's pups, please fill in the form on the side tab. She would look forward to hearing from you :o) See my Customer page to observe how many have grown with their loving families.

Bruno Royal Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale 

Interested in purchasing a puppy? The side tab "Contact Form" will get you in touch with TI for an interview :o)

Thank You for wanting to love a Standard Poodle!


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Royal Standard Poodles Puppies For Sale Jaxxi

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