PxD Royal Standard Poodles Winter litter 2017/2018

Ringing in the NEW YEAR 2018!!! 
$2,000 a pup
2 Pups still FOR SALE

Heart with Uncle Ranger :o) NICE Red ;o)

2017 / 2018 Winter Pickles (Red Fire x Bruno daughter) x Daniel Litter - 8 puppies born,   Black male; 1 Brown Male, 3 Red Males - 2 Red Females and 1 apricot/golden female for a total of 8 puppies!!

Pickles puppies born 12/23/17; 2/24/18 - 9 wks old; Puppies are ready for homes now :o). Austin, TX is the preferred airport, try to find direct flights where possible. 

Start at the bottom of this page and watch them grow up as pictures added to the top with each update.

Customer down payment list:

1. 3/27/17 paid M "Marvels" - Black - JP > Santa Rosa, CA

2. 8/22/17 paid F "Ruby" - Red - RG > Manitoba, Canada (Pickles x Daniel)

3. 12/23/17 paid M "Red Baron" - Royal Red PM > Lakemont, GA

4. 1/23/18 paid M "Austin" - color open - BH > Spring Lake Park, MN ($200 discount returning Pickles pup customer, loves temperament ;o)

5. 1/27/18 paid F "Dalla" - Apricot - SB > Duluth, MN

6. 2/23/18 paid M "Bruno" - Red (Bear) - NN > Charlotte, NC

 7. 2/26/18 paid F "Heart" - Red - DL > Bluffton, SC

8. ____ (date) taking down pymt for M Brown

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*


Tracking Pickles x Daniel Puppies:

    • 9 wks nails clipped, 2nd vaccination
    • 7 wks old second bath, nails clipped, first hair clip
    • 6 wks old dewormed Pyrantel, nails clipped, 1st vaccination
    • 5 wks old first bath, nails trimmed
    • 4 wks old dewormed Pyrantel, nails clipped
    • Tails and dew claws done 
    • Born 12/23/17

Start at the bottom of this page and watch them grow as pictures added to the top with each update.

Standard Poodle Puppies

Repaired Umbilical Hernia.

FOR SALE - "Heart" Red Female mc #4263, 9 wks, 16 lbs ready to fly into your life with hugs and kisses. White abstract on her chest, nice dark red female. Can I fill your heart with my love? I did develop an umbilical hernia, Tes has had it repaired.


FOR SALE - "Jack" Brown Male mc #2453, 9 wks, 14 lbs is ready to pirate your love forever ;o) Bring me home soon, I'm ready!

SOLD - "Bruno" Red Male mc #4132, 9 wks, 15 lbs is ready to give you lots of bear hugs with his readiness to love...NN > Charlotte, NC has chosen to take me home!!


SOLD - "Marvels" Black Male mc #8001, 7 wks, 11.2 lbs is going to be that jetting star in JP > Santa Rosa, CA life. Who'll be star struck for me. Oh, that's pyrantel de-wormer on my lips as Tes weighed, micro-chipped and de-wormed us, taking our pictures for you all at the same time.

SOLD - "Red Baron" Red Male mc #4144, 9 wks, 16 lbs is one really red boy! He knows how to rule your world with love PM > Lakemont, GA...and his scepter to reach out and pick you to bring him home ;o)


SOLD - "Austin" Red Male mc #2728, 7 wks, 9.6 lbs is another nice red boy. We've got pyrantel dewormer on our lips...really does have a yummy taste, kinda like honey :o) Thank you BH > Spring Lake Park, MN for sweetening my life in choosing me :o))

SOLD - "Dalla" Apricot Female mc #3453, 7 wks, 9.4 lbs I'm worth my weight in gold and will spend all my time filling you with my love :o) I'll be spending my time with SB > Duluth, MN who picked me.

SOLD - "Ruby" Red Female mc #8019, 7 wks, 10.2 lbs is a jewel to be looked upon :o) You'll treasure me as I'll treasure you forever RG > Manitoba, Canada.


Remember to scroll to the bottom and watch the pups grow up onto the page. We're 7 wks old now! Coming home to you soon :o))

Tes places pools for us to play and keep cool in...of course this is winter in TX and we'll sure enjoy them in the summer :o)) ...and of course the pet beds you can buy keep us cuddly warm and comfortable. We're getting good smells on it for going home. Totally machine washable lasting for years!

a...and of course, play play play beside zzzzzz...


We sure zzzzzz...in different positions ;o) This is how we grow 2-3 lbs a week right now...then double, and that's what Tes calls accelerated growth ...

Jack, Tes calls me a Momma's boy ;o)

Hey, Tes is here!


Tes has decks in every park for us to get out of the sun here in TX...and for older spoos to get away from younger puppies ;o)

Oh boy, Hi You guys :o) Get ready to love us ;o)

Hey pile on TES!


a...and then we got more weight on us that we learn to push through all on our own :o) These are $200-300 dollar doggy doors Tes invested in. Growing us the best way possible for you doesn't come cheap. Tile will be placed along the base to keep clean as the house transforms into completion.

w...we piled on top of each other and pile through the door to get her, screaming all the way to let her know we're gonna get that milk (Ooftah Tes says) - TEAM WORK! WOO HOO we say!!!


And here's how smart poodle puppies are...learning the doggy door...Momma Pickles is our Pied Piper...we wanted her sooooo bad...

The best thing for our teeth are raw beef bones, good raw beef knuckle bones are best...the one shown here could get caught around an adults lower jaw, Tes has seen it happen. Even when she cuts them in half...thus once us puppies are gone, these get thrown away. Remember, good RAW beef knuckle bones are GREAT for teething puppies and keeping adult teeth cleaned!


Is this how we're to learn from these steps Tes built for us?

Hmmmm, step or no step...that is the question...OOFTAH - no step!

Lots of steps around to learn with...and play on...


I can drink this...and that's what dogs do...and this is how they can potentially get parasites...sorry to tell you that, it's Mother Nature at work in this cycle of life. So do get your vet appointment set that you can baseline any parasites with a stool sample. Tes de-worms us every other week, yet as you can see, it's not hard to pick up something Mother Nature has out there.

The hole we dug - it's filled with water! This clay in TX doesn't let the rain seep very fast compared to MN soil...Tes is debating, does she start planting rocks as in MN? Growing rocks is an interesting pass time.


Hey - what's over here!

Hey - Life is Good! Royal Pet Beds & Kuranda pet beds. We stay warm and cozy on them - get yours today :o) They get smells for Tes to ship out to you next week for our arrival.

The pea pile of rocks for landscaping is great to play on, play play play at this age with 8 brothers and sisters :o))

The above pictures are taken of pups up to 7 wks old...through the Looking glass (glass double doors ;o) This is Tes's TV :o))


Here is how all of us have grown to nurse by 5.5 wks old! Momm's been a GREAT momma! Good milk, attentive, and LOTs of LOVE :o)!!

Which do we like MOST...Tes's Pet Beds or Kuranda Bed? The puppies speak louder than words...buy your Pet Bed today! Ships out the week before flying, or travels home with you :o) 

Tes has been watching our eyes, LOOKing GREAT ;o)


Crates are starting to be added to get smells for flying :o) Play, Play, play, and zzzzz.....

We LOVE chewing on good raw beef bones!!!


and then there's bones!

And now its's time for Tes to teach us to go potty outside...reach, reach, reach for the interesting world out there...she'll be teaching us the doggy doors next week when we have a bit more strength to push it open...


We want to climb under the Kuranda pet bed...just what we want to do...until we can't...

We'll keep her busy working toward those goals for growing great puppies for you ;o)


Lookin' good!

She's looking, watching our eyes to see if any of us are developing entropian eye, the rolling in of the eyelid, NONE so far - Woo Hoo!


Okay...Tes finds it time to climb in and sit to socialize us, well we have to climb all over her giving her the wish ;o) Lots of space here...lots of work Tes has in the coming year...

And when we're not playing...zzzzzz....


Lots of toys are added to play with, a Kuranda pet bed, Tes will get a couple of crates in here next week...she's got a lot to do ;o)

We're growing fast, feeling our oats, playing who will ever play back...at least the great Health Extension dog food is doing its job in providing great nutrients, rotated with Lifes Abundance where you can purchase by clicking on the link.


So Tes has been working non-stop trying to get The Wing ready for us...Woo Hoo, here we go! She's moved Falcon II's remaining 5 pups to the other side of the pool going out into Blue Bonnet Park, we get to learn to use the doggy door to go out into Royal Introductions Park! She has to find the file for the winners who named the parks though, we stay tuned...

Momma Pickles has been a fantastic momma for us, taking her time, playing with us, feeding us, nurturing us...Thank You Pickles!


We're now eating dry dog food, it's blended with buttermilk, probiotics for boosting puppy growth and bone supplement to help strengthen our bones as we grow at such an accelerated rate. Then Tes blends canned dog food to help moisten it and man do we want to eat it!!!

We sleep every which way on them, and play with those that are ;o)


Pet beds are being purchased and added for us to get some good smells to go home with...pick one for your pup > Pet Beds For Sale . Tes layered the bottom of the 16' trailer with all of them to bring the older spoos from MN, keeping them warm :o) She hasn't done inventory, and hopes your pick is available...do ask for yours soon...

The above pics are of us growing through our 5 wks of age...for now we're still in Tes's living room, but tomorrow we'll be moved into what Tes has dubbed "The Wing" where we'll fly into accelerated growth and start to learn to go outside and reach for the stars...at least reach for more space ;o)

Thank You Momma Pickles for being a wonderful momma :o)))


Hey there Tes, why'd you wake me?

This is what Tes calls the circle of life as we transition from nursing to solid dog food. It's blended with buttermilk (to prevent diarrhea), probiotics, and calcium to strengthen bones during their accelerated growth. Then I blend a can of wet dog food to help moisten the pellets, softening them to be more digestible. Water is available to start moisturizing us other then momma's milk.

Here Tes climbs in and socializes while we climb all over her to enjoy the many smells she has :o) She's got her paint clothes on, ready for a mess with us as she clips our toenails.


I've got my eye on you Tes ;o)

Hey Tes, we love you being in here with us!


Tes wasn't ready for us, yet she's set us up in her living room, expanding rapidly for our fast growing legs. Toys and climbing steps has been added to keep us busy as she prepares the wing area for us. Tes builds the steps to learn with and challenge us. Infrared heat is a nice welcome warmth to have around us.

Wool blankets wick away any wetness, keeping us dry and warm, a heater is underneath keeping us warm as well. Look at that dark red face!

Mmmmmm, curly, huggy little balls of love, zzzzz ;o))

These guys, nose to nose, pile on, it all works for us ;o)

Momma Pickles, You're great! Hey that's a leg I got there, momma's leg, my leg, hey you have a leg up when you bring one of us home :o))

We're really becoming scooters now, definitely get around and climbing onto things.

We're going on 4 wks old in the above pictures, now in TX.

Look at those sweet baby faces!


Ahhh puppy love in a puppy pile!

My red brother makes a great pillow!


Check out the white on my chest and chin....Dani thinks maybe the chin has gotten darker....Hmmm....we are always changing...

As we get bigger Dani get's to turn down the temperature to her room, we still have the heat pad and of course it is still pretty toasty.  Above picture is a red female with dark nose and white on chin and chest.


Nothing beats a foot to the face....we are always dropping and zzz....ZZZ...zzz The red with the paw on the face is a solid red female with dark nose.

Our eyes are not open and we use the colorful wool blankets that Dani puts down to pull us around.  We rely on smells when we are this small.  Momma Pickles does a great job at keeping us clean and always seems to know when the right time to potty is.  


Pickles x Daniel puppies have arrived just in time to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year!!! At just a couple of days old they will get dew claws and tails done. Look at those reds!!  Date of birth is 12/23/17.  Dani aids in the whelping and keeps them in her room to control the temperature and humidity.  When you have to sleep in 90 degrees in the winter its not too bad...summer well that is a different story. ;0)

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