Leo Brown Standard Poodle

Updated 3/28/17 (DG)

Leo Brown Standard Poodle born to Zeddy x Bruno 4/16. I was the smallest in the litter, yet NOT small in personality! My new kid friends believe I'm a great addition to the family - Woo-Hoo!

Tracking Leo stats:

  • 9 months old 56.6 lbs
  • 9/23/16 32 lbs, 5 months old
  • 7/28/16 now 21 lbs...I won't be a large Royal yet HUGElove to give ;o)
  • 5/27/16 his 7 wk wt was 6 lbs

We are sure having fun on our play date!

Play date with Sophie, another spoo that came from Tes!

I sure don't look so small anymore!

Is that a squirrel, should I chase it? :0)


Peek-a-boo, isn't this ADORABLE?!?!

Hmmm, Tes likes my side burs...I guess the groomer wanted to try something different...

Oh, Oh, I got a haircut...and bath...and blow out ;o)


It's growing....along with me!

Lets watch me grow in comparison to my alligator bud...

I'm groooowing...and so is my hair...whennnn do you think he'll get me a haircut?

Leo is enjoying his new home in downtown Minneapolis, MN :o)

Leo was called MacGyver the survivor...just because it's fun to call the little guys that according to Tes ;o) LOTS of character at this age!

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