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Large Standard Poodles 

Idaho  AKC breeder Janis Prothro

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updated 1/13/22

Large Standard Poodles Idaho, in Boise can provide Large Black and Red Standard Poodles for your joy and love from "A Perfect World" line. These will be truly gorgeous holding black and reds in size from 45 - 65? + lbs. Never a guarantee on size, yet larger standards is the focus.

I have known Janis Prothro since 2015 when she came on board purchasing a Black Pickles (Bruno daughter) x Red Daniel's Black boy named "Marvels" (Bruno grandson) to start her Large Standard Poodles breeding program. 

At Janis's website you'll be seeing similar/same language, formats from TI's website, as well as using TI's protocol in working with you the customer (interview, checklists, etc), all given with TI’s full permission as TI plans to cut back in the upcoming years and mentoring Janis as a new Large Standard Poodles Idaho breeder, doing her best for you and the future of the spoos.

Janis's background (read more on her website "About" page) and why TI sees her ready and able to grow A Perfect World line to a high professional standard for you.

She started out:

Janis Prothro: Throughout the years spanning both my careers and college, all while raising a family, there were few hours left in the day for anything else. 

- Yet I never forgot about the stamp on my heart called “Poodle” - 

So here we are in the present day. My children are in college now. After many long years of working and raising a family, I am ready for the next chapter in my life and now can do something I have always wanted to:  After all these years, I’ve come back to poodles!  

In 2015, I began to study and search for a breeder who is responsible, educated in the field, caring and reputable, with excellent references. My research brought me to Tes Ingebritson of She has been breeding Standard Poodles since 2004. The wealth of information on her web pages, the university symposiums she travels to for continuing education, the studies of canine health and nutrition she has been part of -  all together made up my mind that I had found the right breeder. In 2015 I put down a deposit for a pup. Tes’ poodles are in high demand but worth the wait! In 2017 I brought home Marvels of A Perfect World with the goal  of creating a great poodle line of my own. 

So how does my life and work experience qualify me as a breeder for Large Standard Poodles Idaho, in Boise

  • Growing up: 17 years with poodles. I love the breed. I know about how to care for them. I know their unique qualities and I am familiar with many poodle specific health issues. My current poodle, Marvels I’ve had for 3 years. Scarlet, age 2 joined the family in September. I co-own her with Tes Ingebritson.
  • Quality Assurance background (NASA):  Instilled in me the importance of building from a solid foundation: following the rules, industry specifications, careful deliberation, analysis, testing, corrective measures, maintaining a clean and ordered work environment are instilled in my work ethic. I am dedicated to quality and the highest standards in everything I do. It lead to my success in college and my next career.
  • College:  Bachelor of Science Business Management. Cum Laude. I can set a goal and achieve it with excellence. I have a strong work ethic and I’m dedicated. There’s no other way for me. I know how to run a business ethically and efficiently.
  • Financial Advisor: A financial advisor is what’s known as a fiduciary. A fiduciary is legally obliged to act in your best interest. A fiduciary, by law must treat their clients’ assets and the investment of those assets as if those assets were their own. I take this very seriously. I treat each puppy (your asset) as if he or she were my own. Testing the parents to confirm that they will produce healthy offspring with a stable temperament. Training and preparing the pups with proven methods to be the most ideal representatives of the breed. This is what I would want in a puppy. I don’t make careless decisions about investments. As a breeder I understand, respect and follow the laws governing me. I take my responsibility to you and the pups as a fiduciary would.
  • Breeder Mentorship Training: With Tes Ingebritson of Royal Standard Poodles in Texas: I witnessed the whelping from live video conference of Geo x Dash’s last liter. I learned about breeder protocols in the whelping and care of newborn pups and record keeping. Caring for and recording their lives from the first few moments they’re born through the first critical hours and the all important environment necessary for healthy striving pups. I traveled to Texas 5 weeks later to complete my training hands-on. I learned and participated in microchipping, vaccination protocols, nutrition for weening the pups, grooming, cleaning and also breeding. Marvels and Scarlet were paired and we are looking forward to their litter expected in November at Large Standard Poodles Idaho.

*** Tes is flying to Boise for the whelping (birth) of the Pups! ***

That's Dedication!

...Should you decide you’d like to move forward in bringing a puppy home from Large Standard Poodles located in Boise, Idaho, please fill out the Contact Form on my website to get started. I look forward to talking with you soon!

Janis Prothro

Marvels Standard Poodles

Large Standard Poodles Idaho

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Large Standard Poodles Idaho

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