Royal Standard Poodle Edgar

Last updated 03/08/2019  (PJ)

Royal Standard Poodle - Edgar at home with new owners in Mound, MN. 

Parents are Angel x Daniel   

Tracking Edgar stats:

  • Update in Spring 2018   80.0#  
  • Update on 05/20/2017  37.0 #
  • Update on 04/30/2017  29.4 #
  • DOB  01/12/2017    

My smile picture was so cool we decided it would be the headline photo; as you scroll further down you'll find my 4 legs up picture, ears back and my mug shot which won my family a really cool mug :o)

Whew!, I am fast in this Minnesota snow!

Perfect profile!  Boy, am I handsome

Watching to see how it's done, next training is for my driver's license ;-)

We are both smiling ;o)

My Ears back picture... and ... my mug shot... :o))))

We Won the MUG - Woo Hoo!!!

Groooooowing! Fresh haircut!! Fresh grass...ahhhh...

Fresh grass, walk, go for a walk, come on...walk walk walk :o)))) or roll roll roll whichever you prefer

Wellll, the gray hairs are already growing in :o(  This trait is rather common with black poodles and since I am male - I believe you call that 'distinguished'

Ahhh, a relaxing stop by the home hanging out with KH in my fresh haircut...

How FAST we grow up! Hiking, swimming, loving, love love love, all a part of my life with my loving family :o)

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