Kodi - Retired Royal Standard Poodles

Retired Royal Standard Poodles - brown "Kodi" 6 yrs old in above picture is now retired :-)

The books were right when they said they come with as varied a personality as people! That is why I name our poodles after personalities from my Fantasy Novel "A Perfect World-Tatriel" www.fantasybookaperfectworld.com AKC, he received his name from a strong female falcon being character in the novel.


  • Retired January 2010
  • 9/25/08; 75 pounds, 27" at whithers
  • 12/20/08; Baseline tests done, everything normal
  • Sabaceous Adenitous biopsy done - Nothing found
  • Lineage includes champion AKCs from England and Denmark
  • AKC #PR02318501
  • OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) rated "Excellent" #PO-13977E24M-PI
  • AKC DNA registration #PR023185/01
  • VWD clear
  • Golden eyes, brown nose and paws
  • Every new person met is a new friend to him
  • Confident, not arrogant
  • An eye for playing as if he were still a few months old, see the glimmer in his eye
  • House raised and enjoys the snow, cows, and female poodles :-)
  • Pet contracts only

Above - 5 yrs old.


Below 14 months old.

12 months old


Here he is with Zain

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