J x E 2017 Royal Standard Poodles

      J x E 2017 Royal Standard Poodles           Puppies For Sale!

Still available 1 Female and 2 Males                 Brown Jewels x Brown Eagle (son of Bruno) had a litter of 2 Females + 5 Males = 7 AKC brown puppies :o) Born Monday 9/11/17 

Mark your calendars - Ready to go to homes/fly Monday 11/6/17 at 8 wks old. Keep in mind any hot/cold weather embargo's that one would need to take puppy as carry-on...plan accordingly > Click here to learn "Traveling" for your pet  and watch the weather when much closer.

Watch their story and stats here as they grow up in Dani's MN home awaiting your loving arms. Youngest puppy pictures start at the bottom with new puppy ages added to the top as they grow up-onto the page

Tracking Jewels puppy stats:

  • 7 wks old 2nd bath, nails clipped, anal glands expressed
  • 6 wks old vet Parvo vaccination, Pyrantel deworming
  • 5 wks old first bath, nails clipped, anal glands expressed
  • 4 wk deworming 
  • 3 wk toenails clipped
  • 2 wk deworming
  • 1 wk old toenails clipped
  • 2 days old Due claws and Tails done, tail docked 1/3 from tip for AKC poodles
  • Born Monday September 11, 2017


Remember to start at the bottom and watch us grow upward :o)

J x E 2017 Royal Standard Poodles brings you to a new litter's journey :o)

1 Female For Sale

For Sale"Hocus" Brown Female - 7 wks old 5.6# mc 0556. I will trick my way into your heart, won't you pick me? I have a tiny white abstract/mismark on my chest.


SOLD"Pocus" Brown Female - 7 wks old 7.8# mc 2894. I will put a spell on you with my cuteness! Going home to JD > Mentor, MN

 5 Males (2 For Sale)

For Sale - "Boo" Brown Male - 7 wks old 6.2# mc 1887. I will spook my way into your heart, watch out!! I have a bit of white on my toes.


For Sale - "Frankie" Brown Male - 7 wks old 6.6# mc 0741. No tricks here, I am the treat won't you bring me home? I have a white abstract/mismark on my chest.

SOLD - "Jack" Brown Male - 7 wks old 7.4# mc 0514. I will light up your life AS > San Marino, CA! Thank You for picking me :o))) I have a small white abstract/mismark on my chest.


SOLD"Ace" Brown Male - 7 wks old 6.4# mc 4635. I really am a hoot to be around, I will make JB > Waynesboro, PA laugh with joy in picking me!!

SOLD"Guillermo (Gee)" Brown Male - 7 wks old 7.2# mc 3909. I will complete DJ > Santa Fe, NM autumn and help them celebrate Thanksgiving in picking me.

We love to go outside but Dani watches the weather it is getting colder here.  We love to run in the leaves though such fun!!

Puppy play time 

Oh man those leaf things really blow in the wind run AWAY!! 

Hmmm.....what are these crunchy things??


I caught one, I caught one!!

You will notice some black puppies mixed in with us, Dani decided since we were so close in age that we all could play together.  Momma Angel and Jewels each take turns with us outside!


We are six weeks going on seven and soon to be coming home to you!

Hey! Over here...there's lots of leaves to play with!!


I've got a white toe as you can see...very unique from grandma Zeddy :o)

COOL, the weather is cooling down here in MN, the leaves are falling, lots for us to play with and in :o))

Woo Hoo!!! OUTSIDE to learn "Potty Outside" :o))


Hi there! Are you going to bring us home soon?

Our noses are in high gear, our eyes are opened and we're checking as much as we can out...and now our ears are opened to listen to Dani and the kids as she comes in to sit and start us socializing...just after a meal we're going to get her pretty sticky ;o) Come down here Madison, come down here!


Crates are added to start getting smells for our flight travels at 8wks of age...and Dani has moved us out to the family room for a LOT more space as we then learn to go potty outside :o)

zzzzing is oh so good for us, love your warm leg momma Jasper :o)


AND THIS is why we need our first bath at 5 wks of age for those individual pictures!! Coming Wednesday for you as Dani keeps handling three litters right now and handling a sciatic nerve kicking in. She'll get the pictures for us tomorrow...stay tuned...

Tastes mighty good to me!


...this is our circle of life, now learning to eat slurry. It's a blend of baby rice cereal, buttermilk with Nuvet Plus powder supplement and Healthy Bones as they gear into accelerated growth to gain from up to 60-90+ lbs by one year of age. Within the week a canned dog food mousse is introduced, then canned dog food, then wetted dry dog food :o)

We're now going on 4 wks old and then into 5 wks old. Dani has moved us out of the nursery into the family room (heated garage) where we have even more to experience in climbing, playing, smelling and SPACE outside to be inquisitive :o) 

Our noses are working...It's time to start eating "Slurry"...a blend of baby rice cereal, buttermilk powder to avoid loose stools, blended with water :o)

Woo Hoo - Lights, Camera, ACTION!!! Our eyes have opened up by 2 wks old...and by 3 wks our ears start to give us clear sounds and we learn the noises around us :o) We're starting to see more clearly and definitely like hearing our voices so Dani can come and see what we're doing ;o)

Dani apologizes in that the main computer has been problematic and the pictures she loaded didn't take...these few were sent to Tes to work through via email, and the computer is back to Geek Squad...a new computer has a ton of new software uploads and updates to work through...so sorry for the incomplete pictures we usually provide by 3 wks old. A new flash drive will be sent to Tes with the pictures to see if she can get them on for you...but it will take another week...so you'll be getting out of order pictures once Tes can sort through everything...we stay tuned...

Peek a boo, we see you ;o) Our eyes are only blue for several months...they transition to another color when they develop more and more :o)

So much milk, nummy, zzzzz...


Jewels corralling her pups, such a good momma :o)

Tes came back for another load to take back to TX...ahhh I sure do miss the puppies...oh not soon enough to be able to snuggle and love them for you :o))) I never knew how much love it would bring me in my life.


I'm the little male with a little white on his chest and toes.

Above, we're going on 2 wks old. We're sure getting to be little tubbies already! Just chunkers!!


Snuggling with each other, warmth, heartbeat, ahhhh...

The wool blankets gives our toenails something to grip and allows us to push into nursing :o) Our tails are docked and due claws done now. Tes waits until we're doing well with some ounces gained.

Stay tuned for Dani's computer to be fixed as she adds more pictures during their first week through the woods of Mother Nature...


LOOK! We're already really getting to be scooters ;o)) Our tails were docked 1/3 from the tip per AKC protocol, with due claws done at 2 days old.

Ahhh, yes, snuggle, cuddle, look at us little tubbies doing well...Sorry you have to miss out on this part, yet we hope the pictures help you enjoy us ;o)


Look at how cute we are, so little...the storms in MN caused the barometer to drop where this throws people and animals into labor, thus they did come 3-4 days early so a bit lighter in weight to what she usually produces...weight averages were around 9+/- ounces compared to 11 +/- ounce average. Cameras and computer coloring are always difficult to provide true colors.

We're excited to come home to you :o) We're just arriving for you, still a little wet...Dani keeps the room around 78 degrees as we can't develop our own body heat for a good week. 


Born 9/11/17 Jewels' first few pups arrived in minutes of each other! We have them whelp in our bedroom to help them arrive...usually throughout a night and we can do our best to rest in between pups. Whelping (giving birth by canines) is very tough on a body...thus pups will get their first adjustment around 5 wks old. 

J x E 2017 Royal Standard Poodles puppies For Sale - if you're interested in one of these pups please fill out and send the form below for an interview where Tes will contact you...Tes does the interviewing for MN and TX pup placements, Dani picks up communication at around 5 wks old when getting closer to travel time if coming out of MN.

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