Jack Brown Standard Poodle

updated 12/23/16

Jack Brown Standard Poodle born to Zeddy x Bruno 9/22/15. I was the smallest in the litter, yet NOT small in personality! 

Tracking Jack stats:

  • 10 months old 52 lbs
  • 11/9/15 his 7 wk wt was 4.4 lbs

Woo Hoo Let's play in the snow!!! :0)

Happy Happy

Woo Hoo look at me go!!


Butt in the air, I'm ready to play :0)

Its my mug shot!


Hey lets go!

Hey don't you be grabbing my tail back there!! :0)


Ahh after a busy day it's great to relax on my pet bed....

I started small but look I am getting taller than my friends!

Uh oh is this the time out spot?? :0)


I'm going to catch you!

Look at us all go!

I am now 6 months old have made some great friends and my doggy day care!

Mom and I love to go for car rides, where are we going today?


Getting bigger I am 2 months old!

I was such a cute little boy, I was the smallest in the litter but had a great personality!

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