Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021


see more of their growing up pictures below

4 Males + 6 Females = 10 Puppies - Cream/Apricot to Red pups with most having white abstracts on chest and toes. 

Ready for homes 8 wks old 9/19/21.

Harrison's Transcervical insemination didn't take :o( No Black pups only Cream/Apr to Red colors thus I know they're ALL Draco pups. This is called a DUAL SIRE litter even though Harrison didn't take I still have to do DNA testing on entire litter for you, then await results to get individual AKC papers.


Tracking Enya pups:

  • 8 wk Pyrantel deworming
  • 7 wk nails clipped
  • 6 wk Pyrantel deworming, DHPPL vaccination
  • 5 wk hair clipped, bath
  • 4 wk Pyrantel deworming, nails clipped
  • 2 wk Pyrantel deworming
  • 1 wk nails clipped
  • DOB 7/25/21

Each litter I have a theme for naming the pups. Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 litter will have Car Names given them until owners choose and provide their forever chosen name. These will be placed on their 3 wk picture update :o) 

Remember to start at the bottom of the page and watch the pups grow up onto it :o)

Umbilical Opening (UO); three pups have UO's and are now noted under each pup as it has NOT closed at this time 8/22/21. Not noted before as they weren't there. As they grow exponentially every week, they show up, or not. This is NOT to say others MAY develop or the ones noted will close...I stay tuned. Please see Checklist on UO's!

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 

6 Females
Tes has groomed and given us girls all booties :o)

 "Porsche" Red Female, white on chest mc 7634; 5wks 6lbs 1oz. 

3wks "Porsche" Red Female, white on chest mc 7634; 3wks 4lbs 1oz.pors

Tes for breeding - "Porsche now Queen" Red Female, white on chest mc 7634; 7wks 11lbs. I should grow to 60-70 lbs?

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

SOLD - "Sierra gets to keep her name :o)" Red Female, white on toes. Small UO hasn't closed. mc 7645; 7wks 8lbs. I'll be a "Standard" :o) So SO happy happy to be going home to my new owners BJ > San Antonio, TX!

"Sierra gets to keep her name :o)" Red Female, white on toes. Small UO hasn't closed. mc 7645; 5wks 4lbs 14oz

3wks - "Sierra" Red Female, white on toes. Small UO hasn't closed. mc 7645;  3lbs 4oz I'll be a "Standard" :o)

 "Mystique now Barley" Red FemaleSmall UO hasn't closed. mc 7091; 5wks 6lbs 8oz.

3wks - "Mystique" Red FemaleSmall UO hasn't closed. mc 7091;  3lbs 13oz. 

SOLD - "Mystique now Barley" Red FemaleSmall UO hasn't closed. mc 7091; 7wks 11lbs 3oz. Soooo excited to go home to my new owners MDP > Westminister, CO who's Dad is a chiropractor and TOTALLY understands why pet care :o)

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

SOLD - "Rubicon - now Sake' " Red Female, white on toes. mc 0874; 7wks 12lbs 10oz. I'll be a "Large Standard" :o) My new owners are bringing me home to TW > Zachary, LA

"Rubicon - now Sake' " Red Female, white on toes. mc 0874; 5wks 7lbs 10oz. 

 3wks "Rubicon (Ruby)" Red Female, white on toes. mc 0874;4lbs 12oz 

"Jetta now Asta" Apr/Crm Female. mc 7481; 5wks 5lbs 12oz.

3wks "Jetta" Apr/Crm Female. mc 7481;  3lbs 3oz. 

SOLD - "Jetta now Asta" Apr/Crm Female. mc 7481; 7wks 9lbs 5oz. My wonderful loving new owners, where I'll be going home to are CD > Fulshear, TX. My new Dad works from home so I'll have someone by my side ALL the time :o)

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

SOLD - "Tesla now Abigail" Red Female, white on neck. mc 7062; 7wks 10lbs 10oz. So soooo happy to be going home with returning customer BBS > Seguin, TX to be with "Aspen" and becoming a service spoo like her :o)

"Tesla now Abigail" Red Female, white on neck. mc 7062; 5wks 7lbs 1oz.

3wks "Tesla" Red Female, white on neck. mc 7062; 4lbs 5oz. 

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *
4 Males

"Barracuda now Casper" DARK Red Male, a bit of white on chest. mc 7736; Small UO hasn't closed. 5wks 5lbs 14oz. 

3wks "Barracuda" DARK Red Male, a bit of white on chest. mc 7736; Small UO hasn't closed. 3lbs 4oz. 

SOLD - "Barracuda now Casper" DARK Red Male, a bit of white on chest. mc 7736; Small UO hasn't closed. 7wks 10lbs 10oz. My new loving owners are GK > MN former customers, at home with "Lissou" :o)

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

SOLD - "Firebird now Jinx" Red Male, white on chest. mc 7879; 7wks 11lbs 3oz. YAY! My new owners are returning customers KK > White Bear Township, MN and my new sister "Ice".

"Firebird now Jinx" Red Male, white on chest. mc 7879; 5wks 6lbs 13oz.

3wks - "Firebird" Red Male, white on chest. mc 7879; 3lbs 13oz.

"Titan now Franklin" Crm/Apr Male, white on chest. mc 7722; 5wks 7.04lbs.

3wks - Titan" Crm/Apr Male, white on chest. mc 7722; 4lbs. 

SOLD - "Titan now Franklin" Crm/Apr Male, white on chest. mc 7722; 7wks 11lbs 12oz. My new loving home and owners will be with JM > LA, CA   

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Tes - "Lamborghini now King" Crm/Apr Male, white on neck. mc 7191; 7wks 13lbs 8oz. 

"Lamborghini now King" Crm/Apr Male, white on neck. mc 7191; 5wks 7lbs 12oz. 

3 wks - "Lamborghini" Crm/Apr Male, white on neck. mc 7191; 4lbs 2oz.

We're anxiously awaiting for you to come to us...oh so soon we'll be Happy Happy and ready to Play Play with you :o)))

The huge washer and dryer handles several loads a day of wool pet beds, towels, and pads to keep everything sanitary.

Once scoops are done, Tes then "Flushes the toilet" :o)

*Just a bit to show you some daily chores and work behind raising your puppies.*

Every morning Tes goes out and does "Scoops". With 10 puppies it adds up fast now that they're growing so fast and she'll be doing twice a day. Recycling the dog food bag works great to place the scoops in and haul off in the weekly garbage.

Look at us grow, eat and Zzzz....

Woo Hoo! Pet beds have been purchased to get smells to go home with us. It's such a nice transition we truly appreciate. Thank You!

Crates and carriers are added now too to get smells for flying and travels. It helps us relax and become familiar for those owners who may use to train us...just remember not to over crate us causing bladder infections.

LOOK! We dug our first hole!!!

Ahhhh, stretch, run, feel the breeze, warmth of sun to help us grow :o)

Tes shares, "This is why heavy duty denim is important in being around these kids! Too many holes in weaker threads.

I call it puppy shuffling when I have to walk through them congregating around me, and here's where they learn, BACK BACK, Excuse me, DON'T, Tsss and other commands to do my best in training them before they come home to you." Check out the Commands on the ABCs tab.

We've reached into the tunnels! They're fun experiences in growing up! And play we do!!!

We've reached beyond the canopy now and play with each other, and reach, and learn as we grow :o)


Tes has to get the deeper pan for us to eat from as we climb in the short one and dig spraying the food everywhere. She sweeps it up and we go in and spread it around again ;o)

It's 6 wk pick out time and we now have our new owners and names - Woo Hoo! We're reaching for you to come and get us at 8 wks old!!!

A Perfect World mural scene from Tes's fantasy novel book was painted and moved from MN to TX to create the canopy from the sun for the pups to enjoy the shade, with snowy mountains to create a cooling atmosphere in the hot TX summer :o)

Life is good! Zzzzz....

We go in and out freely now with the doggy door. There's been no poo poo inside for a week now. Tes is smiling!

Tes comes and sits with us, puts us on her lap and does her best to pet each of us until we come home to you...hurry up! We're getting sooo big and playful it's hard for her to keep up. We're smiling enjoying it as she kisses us on our muzzles, her favorite thing to do besides rubbing our chest and tummies :o)

Tes found some new mats. She gets to the point she has to stop laying the paper down because we become paper shredders, shredding, eating it which DOES cause us health issues. These new mats have rubber on the back, absorb well and machine washable! Tes REALY likes them, but we still pull them up...at least we can't eat them.

Here we're going from 5 to 7 wks old in this picture section.

Soon Momma Enya is going to kick us off, or at least Tes will take her away so she doesn't snap at us and hurt us in her weaning us off. Our teeth are sharp and we do hurt her, not on purpose though.

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 

Get a Kuranda bed for your spoo!

On Saturday 8/28/21, Tes shaved us all down for our hair was keeping us quite hot in the Texas heat, now you'll get to see our butt naked confirmation, smile, and pictures showing you all about us :o) We've reached to the canopy in the middle of Puppy Park. By wk 7 we'll be to the back of Puppy Park checking out how far we can reach until we come home to you....stay tuned...

Sleep...all helping us grow to be that loving poodle for you!

Play, eat...circle of life...

Well I'm crawling and reaching out here...I know, funny way to do it, yet I feel secure :o)

We're reaching into the grass now, feels different on our paws...I need to crawl a bit to make sure it's safe out here!

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Hmmm, we're use to cement under our paws, now pea gravel, soon grass! 

With the heat of the Texas Summer day, Tes has a swamp cooler to fan us, keep us comfortable, and brings us in around 11am calling us out to Potty in the evening. We've figured out the doggy door too, that we do go out on our own to potty...some of us :o)

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Pet beds are great out on the deck, so wonderfully machine washable!

And now Tes is teaching us to "Potty Outside". We're now reaching onto the deck, seeing, smelling and learning to figure out more of life out here.

We're eating so well from the dry dog food, we're easy to please and soon momma's going to start kicking us off to wean, REALLY :o(

And a good snooze while I grow does me good :o)

Mmmmm, mmm good! And, with that we definitely want to start drinking more, this is water, Hmmm, tastes okay!

And, as we watch momma eat the dry dog food, we are enticed to eat it too.

We've graduated to a larger bowl ring for eating our slurry.

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

We're nursing, eating, playing, and love living life with Tes, and soon coming home to you :o)

Lickin' good...even Momma thinks so to clean us up afterward :o)

Now we have to learn to eat food?!?!?

She has us bite, and chew on her fingers so she can see where our teeth are at in coming in...some of us more then others :o)

We're 5 weeks old and this section shares our growth up to this age. Tes sits with us, letting us climb, figure out challenges of trying to get to momma on the other side of her ;o)

See! I've headed out and pottied away from the blanket instinctively...we'll get it figured out yet Tes is still washing blankets several times a day until we do so!

The next 5 wk picture updates will show us learning to eat slurry mix of food, learning to go out the doggy door, and venturing to Reach in the Puppy Park. Stay tuned...

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Tes moved us out to the Wing last Friday...WooHoo! Time to start REACHING and learn how to potty on paper, and soon outside!

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

When they reach 3 wks old their eyes open as well as their ears and with that they start to make music!

Here's an interesting phenomena that's starts to take effect, yawning...when Tes rubs behind our ears we want to yawn, or below, it's yawning from simple plain mystery of this big new world our eyes have opened up to?!?!?

Ahhh, Zzzz where we drop...and growing we are! Tes will move us to the Wing soon from her bedroom as we're running out of room for momma to circle around us and pottying on our own is now taking effect where the Wing will teach us to go on paper.

Tes shares, what you don't get to hear or watch is the "MMmmMM" while suckling and our tails wagging back and forth while doing so :o)))

With our legs getting stronger, our eyes getting open, we get a lot more curious and climbing on momma to see if I can play or get on the other side, I'm not sure which.

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Hey there...we're doing FANTASTIC in our growth for you...momma has lots of milk for us all...some of us sleep, some nurse, sometimes Tes helps and around she goes throughout the day and night...

My eyes are opening...and I'm getting my paws underneath me strengthened to soon get up on all fours...you just wait and see :o)

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

The small DARK RED male really stands out among the others! Certainly looks like he'll take after his dark red dad Draco!

LOTS of milk to create little tubbies!

Hey, our eyes are squeaking open...and we drink in our sleep :o)))

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

And you think your busy? Momma, you don't have enough teats for us! Where is one? Where is one? Where is one???!!!>>!?!?! Okay, after a bit Tes pulls a large away and let's us smaller ones in :o) Thank You ;o)

Love the fur blankets to drop and Zzzz on :o)

Your my sister, we can do this together ;o)

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

A lot of us have white bits on our chest, toes, or neck.

It's a puppy pile! We're full of milk, Thanks momma :o)))

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Momma always licking to help us potty, but soon she won't be able to keep up and we can do it on our own...oh so soon...Tes is already changing wool blankets 2-3 times a day.

Tes will label us for now Apr/Cream until we really start to show our growth color in the weeks ahead. The AKC papers will have to have one color designation...and she's the one who has to decide.

Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 *

Ahhhh, the snuggle into arm/paws thing :o) Zzzzzzing to grow zzz...white toes are among many of the pups paws.

The next 3 wk picture update above for our web page Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021 will show our eyes opening and starting to stand and move around...making a lot more music for Tes. Definitely getting ready to move into the Wing with 10 of us by 3 wks old :o) 

Having lots of room for momma to circle around us is important. Some of us nurse, some of us zzzzz....a LOT ;o) Guess what we're doing...zzzz....our eyes will be opening next week, usually within 14 days, then our ears will open too ;o)

Every litter has us doing the leg thing.

We're the two cream/apricot males. Tes is pretty sure she'll be keeping the big one for the future.

Order your Nuvet supplements to keep us pups growing healthy and staying nutritionally balanced, especially our first year with you.

NuVet Plus​ Natural Dog Vitamin Supplements

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We're already starting to crawl...then drop and zzzz any way we can ;o)

*Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021*

We can't excrete on our own right away, so momma warms our groins by licking us and away we goooo.....

As we latch on we do our best to get a good grip for a good suckle to draw the milk :o) What you don't get to see is our tails a waggin' and to hear the drawing of milk rhythmically going down. We grow and grow and grow each day that goes by. You'll see our tummies fill in the coming days and pictures.

*Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021*

A range of cream to red with small to large white mismarks on paws, chest or neck, from Royal to Standard Poodle puppies for sale. 

4 legs up is telling Tes we're plenty warm and she can start turning the heat down, whew ;o) Our umbilical chords dry up within a day and fall off shortly after.

Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. Tes has a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you ;o) An electric pet heater is under the upper back right corner of the blanket to keep us pups in an even warmer area for the first several days. Such scooters we are...and zzzzers....zzzz....

a...and kept coming...to equal 10 in all!

Here we come...

Already trying to sniff out that nipple to start suckling, getting that colostrum right away. We always look redder when we're wet ;o)

*Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021*

The first one has arrived...a rare snapshot in momma's arm (leg ;o)

In raising Standard Poodles Enya x Draco 2021 Puppies For Sale, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated to 80-90 degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. 


Enya x Draco Standard Poodles 2021

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