Brown Standard Poodle Jonah

Brown Standard Poodle Jonah is a WINNER in his owners eyes! Born from Jewels x Bruno 11/14/2016 and becoming a go getter in CARO Rally Novice title in 2018. Owners JGP of Regina, SK Canada. Jonah's a tall boy like his dad Bruno :o)

His owner writes: These (pics) were taken last year when he was in CARO Rally. He now has his CARO Rally Novice title and is working on his Advanced Level. For 2 of the required 3 runs, he received ‘High in Class.’ We are so very proud of him. As we now have a CKC number for him, we will be putting him in their Rally trials, as well. Jonah’s favorite though is agility. He loves it, but he can be a bit goofy at times and decide to run the course on his own, so we have yet to enter him in any trials. So far, he has just been doing ‘fun’ matches. He is an amazing dog! Thanks so much!

Tracking Brown Standard Poodle Jonah:

  • 3 yrs old: 65 lbs, 28" at whithers
  • Born from Jewels x Bruno 11/14/2016

Traveling from USA to Canada 2016When going through customs, it went very smoothly/quickly. It was quite late at night (we were sure to choose a 24 hour crossing to ensure they were open when we got there), and it was not busy. The lady asked to see the paperwork that Tes had provided us, we paid GST, and we were on our way. She didn't even look at the dog!

Brown Standard Poodle Jonah

He is a very ‘elegant’ looking dog and is constantly getting compliments. Jonah is by far the most intelligent dog we have ever owned. He keeps us on our toes, making sure he doesn’t ‘outsmart’ us!

I've been holding my brown nicely over the years of growth...and those that hold onto me know I'm pretty obedient ;o)

What a beautiful world I live in, especially with my owners :o)))


We put him into dog training about 4 months, and he has done extremely well. He does obedience training and puppy agility. Soon we will be putting him into Rally O classes, as well. He is very quick to learn and very smart! He is high energy and keeps us busy, but that is what we expected, and it keeps us off the couch! :-)

Jonah is a very healthy and beautiful dog. He is nine and a half months old right now and quite big. When we are out walking or in training, he is always getting compliments on both his looks and his behavior. We couldn't have asked for a better dog, and I can say that we are very pleased with Tes and Dani and what they have provided us with.

I'll be at your feet long as I can be your lap dog ;o)


How FAST I grow up!

Jonah was very easy to potty train. I was very diligent in watching him carefully and taking him outside frequently. The worst part was the extreme cold, but in some ways it might have been a good thing, as Jonah did his business quickly and usually beat me back to the door of our house! Within 2 weeks, he was fully trained and has never had an accident since. 

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