Beauregard Black Royal Standard Poodle

Beauregard Black Royal Standard Poodle born to Zeddy x Bruno 9/22/15. I was the 2nd biggest in the litter!

Tracking Beau stats:

  • 1 year old 80 lbs
  • 11/09/15 his 7 wk wt was 12.4 lbs

I am now 1 year old, and still just as handsome! :0)

I have really grown to become a Royal Spoo!

This white stuff and a ball.....what could be better....:0)


Look I can build sand castles too by using my nose!

Such a Handsome boy


Mom do you think this stick will work for fetch? :0)

Hey mom I think there is a squirrel over there...


I'm on the look out for that squirrel

What did you say? Did someone say treat?? :0)


Lots of puppy love

Ahh, so happy to be at my new home!

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