2015 Spring
Royal & Standard Poodles


We have our fresh bath, new haircut, new Lupine harness on, and of course we're enjoying the pet beds we're getting smells on for our new home - SO CUDDLY!

2015 Royal & Standard Poodle Puppies 

Now 7 wks of age 5/16/15

5 Females + 1 Male = 6 colorful puppies! 

Start at the bottom and watch them grow up-wards onto the page as pictures are added for your enjoyment.

Born 3/28/15, ready for homes Saturday 5/23/15 - That allows puppies to fly out on Tuesday May 26th (will research for one of these days) - please mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

These will be larger "Standard"  Puppies! Females 50-60 lbs, male 65+lbs? 

Cleopatra x Daniel Customers

1. Breeding F "Neopi" Apr/Crm for Tes  (for Bruno ;0)

2. PAID F "Georgia" - Red or Apr/Crm > DB > Middleton, MA

3. PAID F "Quisp" - BL - DW > Brandon, SD 

4. PAID F "Hadley" - Royal Apr/Crm - NB > Chattahoochee Hills, GA  ++ Tes will be picking between the two Apr/Crm at 7.5 wks of age when their structure analysis is done for her to choose the best structure for breeding. Thank You NB for being patient :o)

5. PAID M "Pete" - Standard Brown - JHolley > Auburn, AL

6. Down payment F "Isabella"- BL - CCook > Mound, MN


Tracking C x D puppies:

  • 7 wks, 2nd bath, first haircut, toenails clipped, sprayed with cedar oil and away we go into the park to play :o)
  • 6 wk dewormed, Parvovirus vaccination with vet wellness exam ALL HEALTHY HAPPY Puppies ;o)
  • 5 wks old first bath!
  • 4 wks old second deworming, nails clipped
  • 2 wks old first deworming, nails clipped
  • several days old nails clipped, their main sense is smell to find teets to nurse from
  • 2 days old tails and due claws done. Tails 1/3 from the tip per AKC poodle standards.
  • born 3/28/15


Start at the bottom and watch us grow up :o)

Here are our individual 7 wk old pictures...we're all freshly washed and our first hair cuts for you and smelling like cedar oil to protect us from any bugs.

My name is "Isabella" . I'll be going home to CCook > Mound, MN. I'm a Black/Blue female puppy weighing in at 5.6 lbs 7 wks old > mc #3954 The brooch is a peacock feather showing how I can really stand out with my wagging tail :o)


My name is "Pete"! I'm the only male, a brown boy weighing in at 6.6 lbs 7 wks old > mc #8973. The brooch is a jeweled staff with a crown showing how Royal I am ;o) My new owners will love to cuddle me > JHolley > Auburn, AL.

My name is "Quisp" I'm a Black/Blue girl weighing in at 5.6 lbs 7 wks old > mc #8441. My new owners are DW > Brandon, SD. The brooch is a flower water container that can hold a real lily :o)


My name is "Georgia" weighing in at 7.6 lbs 7 wks old > mc #5762. I'm going to be a hopeful breeding girl for my new owner DB > Middleton, MA. I'm a star waiting for a loving owner :o)

My name is  "Neopi" I'm an Apricot girl weighing in at 8.2 lbs 7 wks old > mc #4389.  I will be an up and coming breeding girl for Tes. The Falcon brooch is one Tes wears on her coat during the Winter...watching over us all is what she shares ;o)


My name is  "Hadley" I'm a cream girl weighing in at 6.4 lbs 7 wks old > mc #8430. My new owners are NB >Chattahoochee Hills, GA The ruby brooch came from Europe...was it Royalty?

We're getting use to this Potty Outside stuff at 7 wks old...you'll have to be patient with us when we get to you as we learn where we should be going in our new homes...

Tes has given us fresh bones - Woo Hoo!


zzzz...this is the life...warm cozy pet bed...warm cozy momma...warm cozy nursery...zzzz...

Welll...I like what I see :o)


Wait Momma...Momma, wait!

Playin' out...weeee....


Hangin' out...zzz...

Tes has added the crates for flying...getting lots of smells for us to be comfortable for the flight...no doors are put on though...we freely go in and out whenever we want.

Here's the bunk...we've been able to work our way up onto the Kuranda bunks...and down...hey momma what's next...ohhh, the steps...up, down...on, off?

We've been drinking water, eating dry dog food, mostly Vet's Choice Health Extension sold mostly on the East Coast. Tes has to order it in from on-line....and it tastes...natural :o)

Sniff, sniff...it is me momma!


Pete here...I'm lookin' at you for some loving - how can you NOT ;o)

ahhhh, there she is, nummy ;o))) She's sooo loving to us!


hmmmm...what happened to momma? He'll do for playing with ;o)

Not for long you can't!


Okay, I can take down Georgia...

Look! It's Tes's pants we can pull her down to us, pull, pull!!


Dr. Mark LaVallie has arrived for everyone's chiropractic adjustment - Woo Hoo! There going on 6 wks old now. It would be great if you can keep them maintained at least once a year for their health :o)

You can do it Georgia...umphhhh, drink some Sobe Tes to keep up with us now that we're 5 wks old :o)


Getting the steps down is getting better and better...yet Neopi or Hadley isn't liking it very well - AaOooooh!

One way she trains us to potty outside is to bring us our slurry calling and saying "Potty Outside!" Sneaky!!!


To go outside we have to learn to maneuver steps...but we figure it out lickety split as Tes and Dani hold their breaths watching us take tumbles.

Wow! So many new smells out here for us to check out...hey here's Pete! Let's play!!

Growing right into...Tes has now moved us to the play room with a lot more space! Here we start to learn to go outside and...potty...Georgia is getting it figured out.


Mmmm, mmm good, we sure are growing...right out of the nursery...

Do we look like we could use a bath yet? We think so :o)))

Lick, play, enjoy life...life is good - SMILE :o)


Truly getting to know each other...hi Tes! You sure take a lot of pictures for everyone to see us:o))

Are you talking to me? Sure, you can play with us :o)


Play, we're to learn to play - Okay :o)) Pete is the brown boy on the far left, then red Georgia, is that black Lily or Quisp, and then either Hadley or Neopi :o) Tes is teaching us our names already.

Okay, what do we do with these?


...and enjoys finish cleaning us off :o)))

...then momma finishes the bowl for us...while we try to snitch some drink...


Now you can see why we need a 5 wk old bath! As we transition from slurry to dry dog food, it'll definitely be time for a bath.

a...and then we eat more slurry made up of baby rice cereal, canned dog food, and buttermilk or milk replacement :o)


Now it's time for a drink :o)))

See our tummies grow? They can expand 3 times better then humans when we eat lots :o)


Tes is trying different bowls...this one works for now, we're really getting into eating more and more of this slurry stuff!

...and eat...then mommy licks, licks...licks...us clean! ...stay tuned for the next updates at 5 wks old 5/2/15.

And then it's time to zzzzz....play...zzzz...


Look at us...we're starting to walk and get about...pottying on paper...playing, toys :o)

This is what Tes calls the circle of life :o)


Here we go...nummmmyyyyy! Let's get filled up!! Tes has added more space for us to feel our oats ;o)

We're going on 3 wks old now...time to learn to eat some slurry! Slurry is a mix of baby rice cereal, water, and buttermilk to keep them from getting too loose of stools in shifting from Momma to more solids. It gets pretty messy at first, until we learn to eat from the bowl ourselves :o)

Happy, Happy, Happy


I am wore out! :0)

Now Tes and her staff sit with us so we can smell them and start socializing.

With our eyes open we are checking out everything, hey Tes we can see you!


ZZZZ....nummy nummy.....zzzz

Our momma makes a great pillow!


Dreaming of milk.

Puppy puzzle!


Even Momma Cleopatra gets hot and does the 4 legs up, wait momma were hungry!! :0)

Our eyes are open and we are exploring our surroundings. Hey what are you doing, I am laying here! :0)


We tend to sleep where we fall, this looks like a good spot!

When we aren't nursing we love to snuggle close to momma Cleopatra, she keeps us warm.


Almost time for our eyes to start opening.....



Look I have the 4 legs ups down already!!

Happy Easter for those who celebrate this holiday :o)

What puppies do best as they grow...zzz...and stretttcchh when we awake...smile, happy happy :o)


We're growing for you! Never fast enough...zzzz where we drop...zzzz .... ;o)

"sniff, sniff, sniff...Momma was JUST here!"


Snuggling, snuggling warmth brings us growth :o)

*Here's our line up ;o)*

lick, lick...To help you learn some more as we grow, the first sense we have is smell. We need to smell momma's teets to get to the milk we need. In the next several weeks our eyes will open to see a bit more of this wonderful world. THEN our ears open to hear all around us :o))

Momma's milk is flowing for us to grow...we're getting to be little tubbies :0))) Snuggling up into each other for body warmth allows us to stay together so mommy can curl around us to allow us to not get laid on, so we can squirm to her for nummy nummies :o)


Momma licks and licks us to make us urinate and defecate as we can't do that on our own either yet, until we're older and more developed.

It's a famous 4 legs up picture!

Our tails are docked 1/3 from the tip to AKC poodle standards and due claws removed at 2-3 days of age. Tes use to do the double knuckle removal but felt it caused too much stress on us, sometimes losing one of us :o( - so no more, just the quick removal. We're all doing great!


The wool blankets gives our toenails something to grip and allows us to push into nursing :o) We've already had them clipped for the first time to not scratch our mommy's tummy like cats claws as that's how sharp they get. LOOK - I can climb...more gently ;o)

What the customers miss out on, I hope to bring to you in pictures and story boards...the quiet atmosphere I try to provide provides a hopeful more loving and calm pet for you during the first several weeks :0) They actually can't hear until around 3 wks of age, yet the vibrations and energy level around them CAN be felt and sensed with those other unique senses we/they have.


Mommy is doing well, taking care of us so lovingly. Tes uses the colorful wool blankets to absorb moisture and a colorful viewing hopefully for you to see the difference between ages in weeks to come as we grow.

Mm hmm...Nummy Zzzz, Nummy Zzzz, all as we grow to get big and strong to come home to you :o) Our first sense is that of smell...to smell where we can get our milk...nummy zzzzzzz...

*We're excited to be coming home to you! :o)*

Wool blankets are used to absorb liquids and hold heat wonderfully. Heating pads underneath help keep everyone warm besides the 78 degree temps maintained in the room until they can develop their own body heat. Sorry Cleopatra, that's why we shave you down - to stay cool :o) We need lots of rest as we gain our strength...zzzz...zzzzz.

Tes keeps the special family room humidity at an average 55% because we don't develop our own body moisture balance for some time.


Welcome to 6 growing puppies born to parents Cleopatra and Daniel! Watch their growth upwards as I add them to the top of each week. I add story board writing between pictures to hopefully bring you a smile and Happy Happy days :o)

Cleopatra x Daniel puppies born 3/28/2015

6 growing spoos 1 Red Female, 2 Female Apr/Creams, 2 BL Females, 1 Brown Male 

Ready for homes 8 wks later May 23rd, Flying out 25 or 26?

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