Zeddy Fall 2014 Royal Standard Poodles

SOLD > "Luna" mc 6335, weight 11 lbs 2oz Brown Female 7 wks old - JP > Nesbit, MS


SOLD > "Ruffles" mc 0650, weight 9 lbs 4 oz, Brown Female 7 wks old - SB > Reddick, IL

SOLD > "Snickers" mc 5677, weight 10 lbs 4oz, Brown Female 7 wks old> SG - Centennial, CO (parents: Zeddy x ?)


SOLD > "Lammy" mc 3878, weight 7 lbs, BL Female 7 wks old > MJ - St. Cloud, MN

SOLD > "Babette" mc 5221, weight 11 lbs 2 oz, Cream Female 7 wks old > EB - Oklahoma Citiy, OK (parents: Zeddy x Daniel)


SOLD > "Chica" mc 5561, weight 9 lbs, Brown Female 7 wks old > born with an already docked small tail > EL > Lawrence, KS

SOLD> "Amelia" mc 1478, weight 7 lbs 6 oz, Brown Female 7wks old> - RS > Rosemount, MN


SOLD > "Royal" mc 1524, weight 9 lbs 8 oz, Brown Male 7wks old > - DJ > Minneapolis, MN

SOLD > "Royal" mc 1524, weight 9 lbs 8 oz, Brown Male 7wks old > - DJ > Minneapolis, MN


Puppies born 9/18/14 - 1 male and 4 females (waiting on DNA for breeder potential) FOR SALE looking for your loving home!

Royal Black Zeddy x Royal Bruno will have ROYAL Black/Blues and Browns, with Daniel there was one Cream from dual sire mating with Daniel (bad boy!). Ready for homes Thursday November 13th, this is the set flying date. DNA testing to be completed on entire litter to show definite dad.

Keep in mind any cold embargo's that one would need to take puppy as carry-on...plan accordingly > Click here to learn "Traveling" for your pet - See notes just below list to combine with Cleopatra's pups traveling at the same time.

  • Click here to Zeddy stats & pictures
  • Click here to Bruno stats & pictures
  • 1a. Down Payment Breeding (must be Daniel DNA) F - BL (Structure) - DB > Middleton, MA 

    or, if not Daniel DNA...

    1b. Down Payment F - size open - Black/Blue (no abstract) "Quisp" - DW > Brandon, SD

    2 Paid F - Royal "Snickers" mc 5677 Brown - SG > Centennial, CO 

    3. Paid F - Royal "Babette" mc 5221 Apr/Cream - EB > Oklahoma City, OK

    4.  Paid - M "Royal" mc 1524 Brown - DJ > Minneapolis, MN

    5. Paid F "Chica" mc 5561 - EL > Lawrence, KS

    6. Paid F - Royal "Ruffles" mc 0650 Brown - SB > Reddick, IL

    7. Paid F - Royal "Luna"  mc 6335, weight 11 lbs 2oz Brown Female 7 wks old - JP > Nesbit, MS

    Zeddy Fall 2014 Royal Standard Poodles - M/F $1,450 

    Zeddy x Bruno x Daniel? puppies arrived 9/18/14! AKC DNA to begin wk of 10/6/14? then takes 2-3 wks in time for 6 wk decisions of puppy pick.  1 brown M, 5 brown F, 1 cream F, 1 BL F - very healthy stable pups...stay tuned. 

    Ready to fly on Thursday 11/13/14; area customers can come Wednesday morning, Friday or the weekend. Keep in mind any cold weather embargo's that one would need to take puppy as carry-on...plan accordingly > Click here to learn "Traveling" for your pet ...I will be adding additional information here over the weekend for customers to know about for this litter...stay tuned.

    Watch their story and stats here as they grow in our home awaiting your loving arms. Youngest puppy pictures start at the bottom with new puppy ages added to the top. Do start at the bottom and watch them grow upward...Enjoy :0)) Next picture update 5 wks old 10/23/14, then 7 wks old 11/06/14.

    Tracking Zeddy puppy stats:

    • 1 wk old micro-chipped and DNA swabs sent in
    • 1 wk old toenails clipped
    • 4 days Due claws and Tails done
    • Born Tuesday 9/18/14

    Click here to Zeddy stats & pictures

    Click here to Bruno stats & pictures


    Watch them grow in the coming weeks below... 

    Here we are, growing, growing, growing!!!!

    below-Sleepy time! :0)

    We love to sleep in our crates!

    Do you want to play with me? :0)


    With a face like that you won't be able to resist me, Tes and staff member Dani sure can't! :0)

    We sure do like these pet beds that Tes makes, they are so comfortable!


    I wonder if Royal knows that this is his pet bed, he sure does like it! :0)

    Is it time to go "potty outside"?


    So sleepy from all of that playing with my siblings. :0)

    (Yawn) Do you really need to take my picture, I was sleeping! :0)


    I'll give you a smile if you let me play with your shoe laces! :0)

    Smile! :0)


    What is staff member Dani doing with that thing in her hand.....I wonder if we can play with it! :0)

    Tes added the pet beds this way we can get them full of our smells, this will help us feel a little more comfortable for when we go to our new homes!


    Tes moved us into her new heated garage and added the crates, we love to snuggle in them! :0)

    Momma Zeddy will you play with us? :0)


    We love to play in the leaves, who knew they were so much fun!

    Tes has added bricks to help us step down easier


    Tes is working on a brick walkway along the heated garage...we'll watch her :o)

    Boots here, I can blend in pretty easily and not be seen...they've looked for me several times to find me among a bunch of leaves :o)


    Ahhhh, sunshine to enjoy...and a Kuranda bed to get us off the ground outside...

    Here we go...these leaves are fun to play in and chew on...


    "Hi!" Tes is teaching us Potty Outside and bringing a blanket with smells to help us adjust :o)

    shucks...the camera's card is going bad, but Tes will share some that she couldn't resist...sorry about the green stripes outside...we're all learning to potty outside now...running out whenever she calls.


    Ready to GOOoooo :o)

    Look at me, seeing, walking, and hearing for sure when Tes calls us to "Potty Outside!"


    ...and of course playing with each other now!!! oh, the temps have certainly been lowered to normal in the room as we now create our own body heat and are acclimating to new temps all the time.

    We're really enjoying playing and getting around...many toys and bones to chew on...and a stump to practice climbing for steps!

    I'm called "Boots" zzz...a VERY big girl...zzzz...a 4 legs up picture for me!


    after we're done, it's more zzzz....

    And now you see why we REALLY will need a bath in several wks!!

    The slurry is slowly thickened in time as we acclimate to more solid foods all the time.


    hmmm...momma Zeddy's licking us pretty clean afterwards :o))

    ...and soon you'll see why we have to be washed in another several weeks :o))


    We're going on 3 wks old now, starting to eat now, and play a lot more with getting around :o)

    Hi, waking up here in my brothers loving arms :o)


    ...where ever we land...zzz....zzzz...

    We are really moving around now, we love to climb on momma Zeddy.  "I wonder what's back behind her, I'll find out!"





    "Look at the tips of my toes, that is why they call me Boots!"

    "Puppy Pile!"


    See our legs working to get strength under us? Soon we'll be walking on them...

    Our eyes are opening and we are starting to see the world. "Hmmm, what is that thing in her hand?" :0)


    We love to cuddle with each other, it helps us stay warm...and doing what puppies do best...zzzzzz....zzzzz....

    We are starting to become little noise makers now.  Look how big we have gotten!


    Momma Zeddy has some delicious milk, it is making us grow so fast!

    Share - SOMETIMES ;o) Momma has lots of milk as you can see our tubby tummies and the comparison picture of us during 1 wk old above :o))

    Here's how we all grow...some of us sleep, while some of us eat and around we go...we share ;o) 


    Momma Zeddy's leg makes a great pillow for us! (Yawn) Nap time!

    Smell, lick, where is it?!?!?!


    Above are the 2-3 wk time period since the 1 wk pictures...Tes thinks we're waaaay toooo snuggly that she kisses us all the time :o)

    You can see we're looking gooood ;o) Big tummies getting filled with goood milk :o))) zzzz afterwards...and a snuggle always works for warmth...


    Hmmm, Puppy Pile!

    Mommy Zeddy, aren't you loving :o)) Let's see if she's really as tired as we think she is after having all of us!


    Is that a toe I smell? There are warming heating pads underneath the wool blankets to keep any chill off from the floor...maybe that's what mommy's toes are sweating from - heat ;o)

    MMMMmmmm, what we do best as we grow...NUMMY!


    The wool blankets gives our toenails something to grip and allows us to push into nursing :o) Our tails will be docked and due claws done soon. Tes waits until we're doing well with some ounces gained.

    Mm hmm...Nummy Zzzz, Nummy Zzzz, all as we grow to get big and strong to come home to you :o)


    Mommy is doing well, taking care of us so lovingly. Tes uses colorful wool blankets to absorb moisture over the coming weeks. It wicks moisture away, yet keeps us warm...and a colorful viewing hopefully for you ;o)

    We're excited to come home to you! :o) Tes keeps the special family room around 78 degrees as we can't develop our own body heat for a good week. Humidity must be an average 55 % humidity.