Standard Poodle FAQ

Royal Standard Poodle FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions, this web page is written by Tes Ingebritson with hopeful answers to your many questions sent over the years.

Vets, and others ask:

Why -doodle when you can "Poodle"? 

Poodles are the REAL thingwith the right breeder SUPER SMART, beautiful, and HEALTHY!

I provide Full Tails with dew claws to provide healthy structural balance.

Last updated 5/11/19

Royal Standard Poodle Questions...

The Royal Standard Poodle pictures shared on this page have been taken over the seasons I had in the parks in Minnesota. I hope you enjoy and may learn from the many questions asked me from around the world.


Q: Do you have gift cards of pictures found on your site?

A: YES! The picture above is one of Max who went to Australia Jan. 2016. "We've got fresh raspberries to eat in the park - yummm!"

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 Royal Standard Poodle gift cards sold here


Q: Do you have rules in place when people come to visit?

A: Yes, Please read the Home Rules sign before entering.

When coming to visit the Royal Spoos you must read the home rules! After reading, come on in and get ready to meet all of our wonderful Spoos and enjoy! The customers from Washington coming for their second spoo find a great opportunity to learn and enjoy our pack :o) 

  • Do's and don'ts: DON'T stop at pet stores, dog parks, or come from a vet to our home, disease is easily carried
  • DO wear tennis shoes and long pants, puppies climb and scratch, and love chewing on bare toes
  • DO instruct children to be CALM and NOT run where accidents could/DO happen with running kids
  • DO prepare for a good hour 

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A. About our Standard Poodles

B. Traveling Pets and Visiting

C. About Health & Grooming

D. About Pricing, books, and Other

E. Decisions

A. About our Standard Poodles

1. What are Royal Standard Poodles?

  • Answer: There are many viewpoints in the world of what designates a Royal. There use to be a great website that shared the sizes, sorry, no longer running :o( But I will do my best to cover it here...

The one book that actually defines Royal - the dictionary - you'll find the word "regal". This exemplifies these poodles size and temperament to a T!

All our poodles are AKC Standard Poodles, any poodle over 15" at the whithers, and are provided with their AKC papers that one agrees to register their pup in our contract.

Just remember - Royal is strictly a marketing term at this time referencing the larger size standards which I breed toward. Our Females may range from 55-80+ lbs, our Males may range from 65-100+ lbs. There is never a guarantee on size, yet it is our focus. See our Customer Poodle pictures to see the many Royal sizes that some customers have kept us abreast of.

An average "standard" show ring female will be around 40-50 lbs where the male will be 50-60 lbs.

2. What colors do you have?

  •  Answer: our Royal and Standard Poodles come in a variety of colors; brown, black, phantoms, red, apricot and creams. See what I've learned about coat characteristics here >

3. How big do your poodles get and do you have smaller standards?

  • Answer: We do have "Standard Poodles" yet "Royal" is what I enjoy and focus on breeding. "Our" Standard Poodle parents are between 55-85#, 25"-28" at the shoulder. I share 1/3 puppies will grow between 80-100#, 1/3 65-80#, and the other 1/3 50-65#. Check out the "Customer Poodles" tab for pictures and tracking data of their growth! When the girls or boys are spayed/neutered, on the average they grow taller instead of fuller when done within 5-6 months of age. Their hormones, when done early enough, do not focus on filling out masculinely or working to become a dam. Instead the body continues to grow in another dimension :-)

Below, the colorful leaves were taken after an early morning Fall walk in the back park. In the backdrop of blue, that is fog coming off of the swamp on our lower ground. The fallen maple tree leaves gave breath-taking color that pictures can't equal in real time, yet I hope you enjoy them as much as the spoos enjoyed chasing the fresh beet I'd pulled from the garden to get them to be in the pictures :-)

Royal Standard Poodle Questions

"Kodi Color"

4. Do the Royal Standard Poodles live with you?

  • Answer: Yes - they all live within my home and parks. You can see by the many pictures I try to provide to share our living together. Pictures say a thousand words :o)

5. What are the steps along the way in working with you? 

  • Answer: 1st I invite people to fill out the form at the bottom of most of our web pages. Tes replies, then see section #1 Protocol at >  standardpoodlepuppiesforsale - once you make a down payment Tes sends a checklist for you to know communication and steps along the way in working together. As important as the contract!

6. What commands should I know in bringing home a pup from you?

7. How often do you breed?

  • Answer: I only like to breed when down-payments are made, knowing the litter is wanted is key! I don't just breed to breed. So if I don't have pups at the time, your patient willingness to plan ahead benefits everyone. 

8. Do you have older poodles for sale?

  • Answer: Rarely. Generally my pups are all sold by the time they are 8 weeks of age. It may be that several might be with us for 3 months. Instead of dropping a price after 3 months, that I have now done more vaccinations and training, I donate remaining pups to service groups as a Vet group in Austin, TX to be trained for service dogs, paying it forward :o)
  • I invite people to watch the site for retiring dams, only placed in "My" surrounding state of residence TX.

I must be vigilant to assure all the breeding spoos will be the best breeder with offspring my customers desire. If the breeding poodle turns out to not be qualified for whatever the reason, I will seek to place them in a home in TX. If the poodle is several years old I like to go to the owners home and introduce the poodle to the home for several hours before we leave. It is within the next weeks time frame that I ask the potential new owner to make a decision as I do not want the pet to be jumping around from home to home.

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions...yummy bones to chew?

9. What are your breeding practices?

  • Answer: I do my best with the knowledge I have at the time. Here is a website at Bijou Poodles Canada, with permission, that covers a good perspective -  
  • I see many of my goals growing, education among them, above all I want to create a loving, structural healthy, Royal size line of offspring. I also see and work with Pat Hastings research on canine structure for the future health of our future poodles. Puppy puzzle at on my books link web page. Not every viewpoint understands the many facets to breeding healthy animals, thus each breeder must pull all of their knowledge to discern what works or is more workable then others, even combining knowledge to make A more Perfect World ;o)

10. Do you Line-breed or In-breed?

  • Answer: This question is answered with educating a consumer on the pros and cons of Line-breeding or In-breeding. This is an excellent article written by Jerold S. Bell DVM who was a speaker at a canine symposium I went to for further education. 
  • With the knowledge in this article, if I have found GOOD characteristics outweighing any bad, I have on occasion chosen to strengthen that in my lines. It is with educated knowledge in bettering the future of the poodle that this is done on my part...done in horses, done in cattle, and many animals for the best health, quality, and lines to be brought forward to life.

11. Why are some of your Royal Standard Poodles tails short?

  • Answer: Can you imagine in the momma's womb, being squished together with anywhere from 5-11 other puppy mates? A tail may kink into a position and upon birth, it is still kinked and won't un-kink. We dock it just below the kink...I know, too kinky!

12. Why do you not want to dock tails? (Starting in 2018? I must call all the customers on the current lists to know what they would like to do, dock or not dock.) Top 3 positions determine this.

  • Answer: after 13 years of working to produce healthy spoos, I find tail docking to be old school and should go by the wayside. Educating ourselves to why it started in the first place may assist one to understand why not to continue the practice > 
  • As we grow in knowledge to become better breeders, there are always variables that come into play...a puppy may be born with a kinked tail where we need to dock it at that joint to alleviate problems.
  • If a customer specifically requests a docked tail puppy, this must be done by 3 days old thus the customer MUST take that puppy that was docked as the others will not be.
  • A. I have had docked tailed puppy tail bones continue to grow and cause extensive pain to the spoo and must be re-docked later to more expense to the owner, and PAIN to the spoo :o( B. We have service spoos who will DOCK them when spay/neutering due to their needs of less tail to NOT knock the individual over, the very reason they're getting a Royal, to help them with balance and the long tail causes them problems.
  • So, there's always something to keep in mind...

13. Do you train your spoos to hunt?

  • Answer: Click here to see they are Natural hunterssorry I don't personally work to train them...but they do hang out when I shoot squirrels out of the trees for them or take to shooting practice :o)

14. Can you estimate: a) how tall pups will be?  b) Weight?  c) Is there any significance in the approximate 1/2 lb. difference between some of the litter mates?  d) Can you predict how dense or how dark his coat will be yet?  

  • It is my focus to raise larger/tall standard poodles (not always weight): Per AKC - standard poodles are above 15" at whithers. My focus is above 17", I focus on structure based on Pat Hastings research, and development from a combination of experts:  
  • a) tall estimation is derived from my grandparents and parents size I have had which can range from bone mass, weight, and height. My Royal tall pups will get that way with * tall lanky parents, *bone mass/more or less in parents, *Spay and Neutering being done under an estimated 8 months of age, which I DO NOT recommend. Doing at 1 yr of age allows hormones to help their health, and my work in parent combinations will gain a Royal pup. THUS, I estimate the height of a pup based on the parental combination.
  • b) Weight will be a combination of the above in parents.
  • c) Mother Nature has the last say in size and weight, 1/2 lb can in no way show one size will occur over the is the many combinations that can eventually create a pup size as: what occurs with DNA, when spay/neutered, good/bad food, love, and other variables. I do my best in estimating...then Mother Nature smiles at us :o)
  • d) Sometimes I can see a darker/lighter brown in several weeks after birth, then as they continue to grow I can see more of the color variation...although computers never allow for correct analysis on your end unless I place them side by side in the same picture. I can see ugly ducklings by 5 wks of age...yet curliness isn't noticeable until haircut after haircut ...the curlier hair tends to be thicker least that's what great great grandpa Kodi's coat was like.
  • See #3 Coat Clarification at bottom of >
  • ALWAYS a caution to NOT over work too young puppies...see research notes on bowing legs, don't over exert before 1 yr of age, do provide Nuvet and calcium + vitamin D if you see and back off any over playing and jumping! They grow soooo fast and tall. Be prepared!

15. How long do standard poodles live?

  • Here's a great write up from AKC > How Long do Dogs Live?
  • The book "Pukka's Promise" is excellent in understanding longevity! You can buy it from the side tab or as my customer you receive it as a part of your puppy package.


Our MN farm field was flooded with water one spring, in driving by the swans below were having a jolly good time, at which I dashed home to grab the camera and take the picture you see here :o)

16. Do you do temperament testing on puppies for customers?

  • Answer: Not generally, yet am familiar with most of them...Volhard aptitude test... if a  customer wants to do their particular choice of known testing I have no  problem with it. I've just seen so many, and from all my education of symposiums, seminars, vet professors, and all the various knowledge I read and researched, there's just too many hiccups in them that I do my best to raise them in a calm
    environment first, then watch as I  introduce various cycles of noises and stimulation in time, which has  led to some very happy customers...there's always going to be one to  come up and dominate, that's when we let them know - WE'RE the dominant, now make sure you take your place in our pack ;o)

    There are more variables to this then even those putting those tests  together can truly understand. This is my viewpoint from all my years of research, seminars and symposiums, yet do not dismiss them entirely.

  • Why:

    a) I KNOW chiropractic care works for humans as well as animals. If a canine's spine is subluxated during birth, playing with playmates etc, it will manifest unwanted traits...until adjusted, and you have a well adjusted puppy, at least in my breeding line that I am creating. I will watch a puppy go from hyper to melting like butter after an adjustment because his spine was causing him distress, and after the adjustment he's soooo happy and can relax :o) I see a pet's chiropractic maintenance essential for their longevity, even more so for certain service dog uses. I can do any particular testing, the pet gets adjusted and they are totally different - BETTER! All my puppies go home with their first chiropractic adjustment.

    b) on my books and links tab Dr. Jane Killion > Consumer and Breeder awareness: by Jane Killion: The Powerful First 12 weeks that can shape your puppy's Future.

    She discusses the ups and downs of learning during the first 8+ weeks. I have instinctively used the methods shown in the series developed by Jane Killion. There are many viewpoints and technology available at which I blend many to bring the best possible pup to you. It is MOST important that
    consumers become aware of how they should also learn to work to better the environment of their new pet. Coming from my home dynamic to a new home dynamic will totally shift a puppy again.

    c) I do my best to observe the pups, who is doing what...who becomes a stand out princess, or go getter not afraid of much etc...always keeping in mind if they've been chiropractically adjusted yet or not...I just do my best to observe observe observe to inform the customer of who is doing what.

17. similar to 16. above "... can you test puppies to determine there aggressive nature?

     Looker states as service dog trainers: if a dog lives in a one person home and doesn’t get out the ideal amount he could be pre-disposed to over protection.."

    Answer: My viewpoint/experiences and practices in my home:

    a) It is my practice to NOT kennel my spoos, parents and pups, in order for them to learn how to grow, reach, and learn "My" space in their development. They're my guests to love. It is my viewpoint, crates create too much of "Their" space in that they want to/can become dominant over "Their" space. It is their animal instinct, and as a breeder I must be vigilant to watch over these bubbling up, teaching them MY space...thank you for living with me with bones, walks, hugs etc :o) Using my parks for separation and Cesar Milan technology whenever I see their tension bubble up which always occurs in heat cycles for breeding.

    b) In crating, not allowed to reach, as pups/young, I have observed more fearful pups, which can lead to aggression to dominate their space and protect themselves. Thus I do not crate any of my spoos.

    c) "... if a dog lives in a one person home and doesn’t get out the ideal amount he could be pre-disposed to over protection.." LOOK at who you get pups from, to start that pups life out on the best positive note. YOU test by asking the breeder your questions, and if opportunity allows, visit the breeder environment to see for yourself and test with from the various canine tests out there. THE KEY to me is a) above from a breeder...always helping offspring to reach and grow in space many variables from 
    breeder raising to owner life style in your situation...this is where the owner needs to watch Cesar Milan and know what they need to do as well. EXERCISE, discipline, love... THEN KEY to me is a) above from a breeder...always helping offspring to reach and grow in space.

    d) they are animals...if they don't get their EXERCISE (Cesar Milan) they start wiring nervously up and that can certainly be shown in explosion of aggression, their frustration has peaked. EXERCISE, discipline, love!

    e) I do my best to only breed parents that have proven to be confident in themselves, less fearful, less aggressive as they have grown in the years of breeding...from my protocol of chiropractic care, having parks, separating them according to heat cycles, then re-integrating again afterwards with the pack are all a part of my viewpoint of managing healthy socialized breeding spoos - MY responsibility...along with Cesar Milan technology, being their 
    pack leader. If they seem too timid, too antagonistic, I let them go.

    f) Everything I have worked to accomplish for a pup can be turned on a dime in the new home and environment! I do my best from the start, yet will not guarantee results due to this environmental factor.

    g) Chiropractic care is sooo essential from my experience ...Structure testing, if they have bad structure, no chiropractic care they can be predisposed to pinching nerves creating pain, thus resulting in aggression >


* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

B. Traveling Pets and Visiting

1. Can I come and see your poodles?

  • Answer: Yes, ALTHOUGH - Starting 2016 I am implementing a new policy for those who want to "come to get to know us/meet to decide" before making a down payment. I'm hoping it doesn't deter you, hoping it allows your honest desire even more, yet must put it into place...and here it is and why...

    When one calls for an interview and wants to make a down payment in finding us someone you would enjoy working with, most of the following is moot:

    here it is...

    All "Visitors" must place a $100 deposit before coming to check us visiting and desiring to then move forward to get one of our pups, that deposit will go into their $400 pup down payment, if not, it pays for expenses incurred in planning for your visit.

    a) I am a member of the MN Pet Breeders Assc. They provide seminars to educate breeders and AKC provides some great training sessions along with other information like alerts when PETA and other anti pet groups go to breeders homes and do their best to dis-credit even good breeders...the past few years there has been a step up of anti-dog/pet breeders coming out in force more and more to take pictures of all breeders homes/facilities to do their best to discredit us and we're all being informed/warned we need to put plans into place...they tell us not to let anyone see our home/facility but that doesn't make sense to my environment and who I am and about.

    b) I do want people to come and meet us, I truly do and when you come a LONG distance (over 2 hrs) I always want to provide a meal as there aren't a lot of dining opportunities near me...I eat organic as much as possible and a pretty good cook ;o) People know this ahead as I always share it when they come a long distance. I've cooked something and upon arrival they have already stopped for a meal...thus my time has been wasted along with too much food that isn't going to get eaten. In one knowing a meal is waiting with their deposit, I will hopefully get their commitment to dine with us with that deposit. I'm a very cordial person preferring one visits and dines a bit longer with the spoos then to eat at a restaurant ;o)

    I think I will provide a menu for people to pick from, among a few meals:

    -organic homemade Beef stew
    -homemade shrimp/sausage pizza
    -not so organic Reuben sandwiches yet staff Dani shares "Oh so Delicious!"
    -sometimes walleye :o)
    -side dishes: fruit/vege salads

    c)  We house clean several times a week, with guests coming, it becomes more often then not an extra cleaning day taking away from other jobs that need to get done...yet truly want to meet you and satisfy your questions with hands on experience.

    d) Paying my full time staff member Dani for an extra day to come and help when I get lots of people in one day.

    Thus, a $100 deposit now will help assure all above considerations to be kept in mind, an appt. can be made and planned for, and decisions on the lookers part will go toward finding me and my spoos of true honest integrity and loving what I do for the new pet owner.

  • I truly enjoy visitors - keep in mind:

    Disease could easily be brought in if one doesn't take precautions; for protection NO "Visitors" during quarantine periods are allowed; other rules are to NOT stop at pet stores, dog parks, et al enroute.

    I  would look forward to hearing from you if you'd like to visit before making a commitment.

2. Is there a place I can stay if I'm traveling a long distance?

  • Answer: Yes - link see section #4.
  • I have a guest room for "Second" time returning customers that provides comfort if you would like to stay the night after traveling a great distance, supper and breakfast can be provided :-)

3. Do you fly pups?

4. When traveling my puppy throws up...can you help me?

  • Answer: From my experience as a car sickness person, I must either drive or when riding "sleep" on a trip. In recognizing that, there are two considerations I observe with the spoos:   1. I have observed the "puppies" always get sick up to one year of age no matter where I would place them during the day...not so much on short trips but yes on the longer trips...Holding them helps A LOT BETTER then crating them...Now when we travel in the dark and at night, like flight trips, they sleep all the way and I never have throw ups...amazing, the minute there's daylight they awake and start to lose their equilibrium and get sick :o( so I always try to do the early morning trip that I have very little traveling with them during the day time hours...otherwise towels, towels, towels, garbage bags at hand.                                 2. After a yr of age they are big enough for me to seat belt them into the front seat where they can look straight forward to keep their equilibrium...if in the back of the van I NEVER crate them, always giving them the opportunity to look forward to balance their equilibrium...I rarely if ever get the adults throwing up this way...they always do in a crate as they lose their equilibrium :o(

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

C. About Health & Grooming

* Can you share why you use Chiropractic Care?

1. Do you test your Royal Standard Poodles parents?

  • Answer: Yes, please look under each of our poodles' links on the side tabs to see what tests have been done at their current age... 

2. Do your poodles have hip dysplasia?

  • Answer: I test my parents either through OFFA or PennHip ratings matching parents with the best hips possible for your future pet. The following should help consumers understand further this question. In learning about good breeding practices:

Go to Pat Hastings dvd "Puppy Puzzle and purchase it for you and your friends to become an informed consumer.

3. Do you test your poodles eyes?

  • Answer:  Yes, we test all of the parents every 1-2 years for any eye issues with CERF (Canine Eye Registry Found.).  Only Daniel after all these years is known to have PPM. Persistent Pupillary Membranes (PPM) which are considered cosmetic strands of tissue in an eye.  They are pieces left from the blood vessels that supplied nutrients to the development of the eye before birth.  They usually disappear by 4 or 5 weeks.  It is cosmetic and not detrimental to their sight.  I have received feedback from customers that some of his offspring have this as well.

4. What do you feed your Royal Standard Poodles?

  • Answer: This is always this point in time see Vet's Choice Health Extension dog food down the page on this link >
  • Using can help you select your dog food.  Be sure to read the ingredients and not just look at the ratings!  
  • I rotate with Wilderness Chicken Blue Buffalo grain free dry dog food.
  • Also be sure to check out our research on dog foods!  We have the top 5 ratings listed in quality 3/4 of the page down. Click Here
  • Choosing the correct dog food for your poodle will require trial and observation.  Not all are the same, some will get ear infections from some of the best food, others will not. Every poodle's DNA is as unique as ours.
  • Going back to the wild, what would they be eating? Why not check into raw organic food for them. If you have time to feed your pets in this manner, why not?

5. My pet died of bloat, do you have information on this?

  • a) Answer: A customer sent me a Scientific Report that was excellent > in your google cut and paste in -> JAVMA vol 216 January 1, 2000, this second adds on this data - JAVMA vol 217 November 15, 2000. These studies discuss Gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV), eating from raised dishes CREATES more air, open feeding or frequent small feedings is far better with water at all times available and much more.
  • b) Try: some are finding vets that can have their pup's stomach stapled when they have the spay/neutering done, called gastropexy.
  • c) I emphasize to understanding that turned stomachs and bloat are two separate considerations...even if stomach stapled to body, bloat can occur from bad food. It won't turn but can bloat. 

           When a stomach turns, there is nowhere for food or gas to go,            thus bloat sets in. Understand? Do some YouTube googling on              how to avoid bloat.

6. My puppy appears to be getting/have a bowed front leg/s after coming home - HELP ?

  • Answer: Get them taking their NUVET Supplements RIGHT AWAY!!! Use code #89093. Keep them on their supplements until their bone growth has had a good opportunity to stabilize...6 months-1 yr? Go to this website to learn more about and purchase calcium and bone strengthening supplement to help for a good 3 days per vet recommendation if seen after their 8 wk-15 wk age - they need help right away along with their Nuvet supplements! They are GROWING SO FAST and bones are still developing with a big body above them!! Call me if you'd like to talk asap 218-414-0023 > Tes.

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

7. Why does my poodle have a dry cracked nose?

  • Answer: I googled this and found several different viewpoints...go ahead and do a google yourself. I noted before seeing this on my girl's nose that she had been on antibiotics off and on for over a month for deep cuts from digging and crawling under a fence...more then once. I found this site that provides some relief... ... all natural products used. After no more antibiotics, and using this salve, her nose has been normal for over a year now.

8. What do I need to do if I want to groom the poodle myself?

9. Can you tell me about the Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI)?

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

10. What do you recommend to clean up inside potty accidents? Carpet? 

  • Answer: #1 - Carpet > USE clean water, NO chemicals!!! #2 - then sprinkle a natural odor eater zeolite product such as Healthy World Pet Deodorizer powered by Sweet PDZ. #3 - take your broom and sweep it into the carpet allowing it to absorb the odors and moisture for 24 hours. #4 - vacuum :o) #5 - repeat if still too much odor. #6 Pull up all your carpet and replace with tile or a great glue down flooring, NOT wood flooring, urine will seep in and damage, eventually smelling...I have this great laminate glue down wood look flooring on the cement floor downstairs, people think it's real wood...see above picture...
  • People can find products at feed stores that take away odors in chicken coops, horse barns, et al., I sprinkle this as a natural enzyme eating product as above...
  • I use to promote enzyme eating products from Krueger Enterprize but they went out of business in May 2016 :o( I am searching for a company with similar products...let me know if you know of any?
  • Here is a link to understand bio enzyme eating products:
  • Here are some enzyme eating links I found:

11. My poodle has hot spots, dry skin, itching, or, my poodle has a bacterial skin infection which my vet has been unable to clear up. What can I do besides medical drugs?

  • Answer: Here are natural recommendations to work through with your pet…

a) WATCH the testimonials on ordering code #89093 to see what their natural supplements can help your pet with. Pictures speak louder then words! Honestly - My spoos RARELY itch with the following protocol I have in place: Nuvet supplements, Vets Choice Health Extension dog food, Cedar Oil spray for fleas and ticks, natural eucalyptus type shampoos and oatmeal cream rinse: below are many other variables... 

b) Has your pet recently been spay/neutered? Might they be reacting to something given them? Perhaps a little more time will flush it out of their system. Provide lots of water.

c) Do you have carpet? How is it being cleaned? With chemicals? Use pure clean water, hot or cold to clean it instead…or pull up that old carpet and lay a new floor that can be cleaned with hot water or vinegar water - naturally.

d) Is your pet’s skin dry, flaky, itching? Add Salmon or Omega oil over their food. This will improve their skin and coats from the inside out…eventually healing elbow callouses!

e) What dog food are you feeding your pet? Some may be lacking the nutrients your pet needs causing issues. I use dry kibble Vets Choice Health Extension adult formula for my poodles and find their skin and coats healthy. 

f) Fleas & ticks; are you protecting them with a chemical product? Help protect them with natural products such as Cedar Oil or Northern Eagle Organic Products “Mother Natures Defense for people and pets”, spray it on to keep the bugs from biting. Use their “Naturally occurring live Micro-organisms” in your pet water. This will prevent heart worm and help clear up skin conditions from the inside out. Using a eucalyptus shampoo will help prevent them from bothering your pet as well. 

g) Is your groomer using a chemical based shampoo and conditioner? Natures Specialties have natural products, found on my Books & Links page. I recommend the eucalyptus shampoo and conditioners. 

h) Has your pet been eating toxic foods? This company provides a great variety of herbal natural products

i) Essential oils: this has MANY great values in checking out the various oils to know what can help their health, there are some great books to check into to learn what will help with various conditions...see Essential Oils books on the Books and Links tab.

j) Find out if you have yard mites or a yard bacterial problem from dry weather or such. Find a yard service that uses natural products to handle any major issues in your yard. 

k) Is the harness he's wearing bothering or chafing him? Adjust to be larger, or take it off and use now only for his walks and such. 

l) Many of the above products can be found on my Books & Links page. There are many natural products out there to help you and your pet live without overloading their/your systems to all the chemicals found in products and left on surfaces that our skin can absorb or digest. Search the internet to help you.

m) All of the above examples have proven and helped clear up either *Bacterial skin infection, Hot spots, itching, or Dry flaky skin. Be patient. It took time for your pet’s skin and hair to become irritated, it will take a little time to get it cleared up again. 

12. What weight should I keep my standard poodle at?

  • Answer: one should be able to easily feel the ribs of your pet. This will keep the weight off the hips for a healthier spoo.

13. Why do dogs snort?

14. My poodle has bloody stools. What considerations should I review?

Remember; I do my best to simply observe, go from my years of questions, observation, google to review what's out their in the world, observe, use logic, what do vet's tell us, and then I observe, observe, observe for more information.

I. One consideration might be: where do you live? If around wetland has your pet gotten giardia? Have your vet test for this.

II. If not giardia, could it be they've developed "Idiopathic Inflammatory Bowel Disease" IBD? Idiopathic means; of unknown cause. Check out this web page to learn about bacteria that starts to build up that can lead to it - have your google dictionary at hand >

a) Poodles in general are known to have sensitive taking all dogs out of their wilderly environment; 1. eating the constant dry dog food is bound to disturb any normally healthy body in my viewpoint. Just as a human were to constantly eat dry foods without vegetables and fruit for fiber, they could/do develop colon problems. 2. Maybe they're being fed a raw diet? It still occurred...okay, in taking a look at the article ... bacteria, understand how bacteria can come into play with raw foods...

b) Yes, genetic factors are indicated, and today the many chemicals and pesticides found in foods are contributing to the irritation and non-digestion of them to our bodies, animal and human alike...these need to be kept in mind with one's research.

c) The trial and error of finding the right dog food is frustrating when we try to transition to help our takes months to reveal if it is helping to heal...and it could need vet assistance or naturopathic means.

d) I would personally get my pet started on Nuvet supplements as in your contract to start to help balance the nutrients in the body. Then vet assistance to know this is the probability. Then a dog food that is organic. Totally adding raw bits of fruit and vegetables for treats or including in the food. 

e) Do a google and see what research you can find...

I hope these considerations help you take a look at what may be going on...add more organic fiber to their diets and yours :o)

15. Why does my poodle have a red eye?

a) Is there any discharge noted?

b) Are you using a collar for his walks or a harness?

c) Has he had a chiropractic adjustment to help the nerves to the eyes, this would be the atlas getting out of alignment, this is where many nerves stream to the eyes and if the atlas nerves are pinching (subluxated) it can definitely be causing blood flow issues. 

d) This site helps take a look at red eye symptoms and eye structure - yet keep in mind that the atlas could be causing it! >

e) Look closely at the picture below, you can see that the one eye is very red.

f) For more information on Chiropractic Care click here and scroll down to #2

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

16. Do your standard poodles have health issues?

  • As much as I would love to say "We have PERFECT Poodles" No one can! I reflect to our Home Page article: Dr. John B. Armstrong writes it well, "All dogs (and living organisms) are carriers of multiple mutations. If a genetic disease is produced in an animal, it is not necessarily the result of poor breeding practices, but is the nature of inheritance as a random event. There is no such thing as a perfect animal". (Mutt, Designer breed or Purebred)
  • "Oliver" below had his lower canine start to grow in...

now, his parents Jasper x Daniel have already had 2 litters with no health issues of the mouth, this third litter, Royal Oliver's tooth definitely became a problem. I had not seen the tooth show problems while up to 8 wks old and shared the owner should get a second opinion as baby teeth can pop out and the new ones come in just fine. They did get a second and third opinion with knowledge of definite removal needed.

  • Key here is get a second opinion on baby teeth! I can't see them to know what is going on over the phone and this was certainly a valid situation.
  • So, one can do all the health testing, have great results in parents, and Mother Nature has the last never knows. So, just be ready...sorry as I can ever feel :o( It's just the roll of Mother Nature in all of life, yet believe me when I honestly do my best with research and matings appropriately and according to research from customer feedback, the science results of what is behind each pairing and what can be provided for customers...or not...your following up with me and your pup's situation is the science of creating a more perfect world :o)

17. What can I clean my floors and rugs with? 

  • Answer: I use to promote enzyme eating products from Krueger Enterprize but they went out of business this May 2016 :o( I am searching for a company with similar products...let me know if you know of any?
  • Here is a link to understand bio enzyme eating products:
  • At feed stores one might be able to find Pet Deodorizer powered by Sweet PDZ...I would sprinkle this onto a rug/carpet I just cleaned with water, sweep it in with a broom, let it set for a day (or more) then vacuum up...
  • ??soon to that sells enzyme eating products???
  • Here are some enzyme eating links I found:

18. Do you know why my spoo has developed a darker spot after he faded, not having it before? see pic below...

  • Answer: I've seen it happen sometimes after a fight/bite, then after several months the first years color comes back, hmmm, how else have I seen it come back...hmmm, sometimes a clipper burn caused the hair to re-grow afresh, an injury/puncture wound will do it...maybe after an insect bite or spider bite then a month later it comes back with healthy original color...Any body else know of an answer out there?

19. What should I know about puppies and children?

  • Answer: The following is from my research, intuitiveness, others research and thus the protocol I put together for my breeding program...which has led to some very happy happy customers and their positive feedback :o)

a) In nature/the wild, there are never humans around ;o) Momma keeps everything as quiet and calm as possible, remembering all canines are animals from the wild, they have chosen to agree with our affection...any calm relays instinctively to pups...if nervous, anxious, upset those vibrations DEFINITELY are picked up by pups.

b) newborn pups cannot "Hear or See" right away, smell only...thus if the momma's hormones are throwing out a) above - they are stimulated/or not by such...and OVER stimulated by the negative vibrations...

c) their eyes start to open and they See "SOMEWHAT" around 2 wks of age as they start to develop...their ears open at around 3 wks of age and begin to develop hearing...thus the calm brought about those first several wks with few nervous interruptions is far better then allowing children in with them during those wks...momma gets very nervous, stressed, wants to protect, she's disciplined not to harm all can build up in her...she JUST wants her instincts to work naturally, calmly...

d) I have found this protocol has kept my spoo pups to grow with a stable less nervous/hyper personality. Research available; next, shows development of socializing starts 3-5 wks old which now all falls into place with my research of the above. Now children can be introduced in a CALM manner, strict calm guidance, other noises implemented to stimulate brain functioning/learning...all in my own planned protocol of development which customers have thanked me with comments of the best pups they've ever had :o) It's working :o))

e) Now, as the pups get older, 2 months plus, children start to become toys to these puppies...especially because they no longer have their other family pups to play and tussle with...dogs in general get excited/like fast motion, if they see it (USUALLY), the target becomes game and ready to chase and instinctively attack to stop and, THAT is so important to know to keep children from running around them, as well as the fact the child can trip, the pup can get
twisted and tripped on...injuring both in one way or another, bites, twisted limbs et al...

THUS, children are always needed to be monitored, vigilantly watched over to assure careful play, not over playing to early on...until bones in the canine have stabilized at over 1 yr of age for the pup...protecting children right along side them :o)

20. What can you tell me about Addisons disease?

What kind of answer can I give you? So many considerations, research by many, and observing to come up with a logical answer. Thus, I will share a few things I have observed:

a) Watch this vet explain her knowledge/research first >

b) From my research in as simple explanation as possible to help understanding: As I have been breeding since 2004, none of the breeding spoos have ever had Addison's disease. Healthy lines have provided many with healthy pups. So, why did a customer in 2016 have a male offspring that was diagnosed with Addisons? From research and observation I can only determine that the mom Cleopatra was having health issues with having pups that her milk wasn't dropping...the second litter this occurred I decided to retire her. Several of her pups from these two litters have had health situations arise. Now, assure you've watched the above video by Dr. Becker: I can only determine from observation of what you watched; i. Cleopatra DID get into a girl fight while pregnant with the first milk drop issue, fight or flight hormones shot through her puppies; ii. Assuring you've listened/read "Pukka's Promise" by Ted Kerasote; if spaying/neutering too early the hormones are taken away that helps balance full development of a body, thus the necessary hormones are depleted AND over vaccination can play another HUGE roll in the body getting out of balance; iii. If the pet is in continual stress, only that pet and it's environment can tell you (of course they can't) thus one never knows the true amount of stress they can accept/tolerate before their body gives up and moves into Addisons; iiii. Nutrition depletion with bad dog food, thus my research on healthy dog food...So, there are MANY variables I have culminated to this point of observation.

The good breeders do their best to assure parents are tested to prevent health issues for customers. It's up to you the consumer to do your work with waiting to spay/neuter, provide a calm environment, provide healthy dog food, keep in check pet vaccinations with titre tests instead of just vaccinating when the vet says so, and many other considerations to not blame the breeder...Mother Nature ALWAYS has the last say when we've done our best with testing for the customer and future of the standard poodle ;o)

21. Do you cover the cost of umbilical hernias in your pups?

  • Answer - 5/7/17: TI/DG does any repair of umbilical hernias if they are detrimental to the growth within the first 8 wks with us. 
  • Puppies start out with their umbilical chord drying and falling, if momma does too much tugging it could result in an umbilical hernia later, yet may slowly close in time. Puppies grow at such an accelerated rate, they may have begun to close, then due to the growth rate again, not finish closing and grow at the ratio the pup grows. Once a spoo gets to a certain slowing down of growth, they are known to finish closing, yet most vets push to spay/neuter at 6 months and thus close them at time of being fixed, and why not? There are many sites that discuss canine umbilical hernias, here's one for you >
  • IF it is detrimental to the pups health - you bet this is done right away here by us that you would never have to pay for it. 
  • There are several types of umbilical hernias that breeders should never be breeding the parents. Our and/or other breeders to stop breeding the simple hernias occasioned by some puppies would eliminate the poodle breed by a huge amount. Thus we evaluate the type it is, and continue or not.
  • 5/7/17 TI/DG agrees to pay $100 toward any surgery to repair this hernia later in the spoos life upon being fixed, as we never know if it may heal on its own or a vet is trying to push for their own financial means...believe me in my years as a breeder I have had customers share of some very un-ethical vet situations! You must provide vet bill showing umbilical repair noted. 

22. My spoo is drooling excessively with the heat, what should I know?

  • Get them inside too cool down, relax them! Provide constant water, place ice cubes in it. Do you have electrolyte bottled water to give them and get this ordered Rehydrate provides electrolytes for that sports canine, replenishing them quickly. Great in hot climates. 
  • have a kiddie pool, don't fill all the way, just 3 inches that they can lay down and cool off in
  • they only sweat via their pads and mouth with panting, thus assure their pads are clipped down to allow air flow and cooling, long hairy paws don't allow cooling, their long hair becomes a blanket not allowing air circulation thus keep their hair shorter in hot weather to help them stay cool.

23. 6/18/18 What can you tell me about Lymes/Tick Borne Diseases (TBD)?

  • Lymes & other Tick Borne Diseases (TBD): TBD is certainly not new news. Doing a google for “where is lymes/tick disease most common image” will bring up pictures for one to review. The situation is in this modern culture of travel with our pets, a tick can be transported across the US at any given time carried by people or pets. There may be key regions, yet it isn’t uncommon for them to land in a state with no known problems of TBD. In this day and age it is something to be aware of when out-of-state visitors come with or without pets, or us traveling to these states and carrying one back. My article is simply to alert awareness to TBD, what transpires with some breeder’s parents (giving mine as an example), and what I am doing within my program protocol. It is up to you to discern your protocol for your pet/s. 
  • 2004 I started my standard poodle breeding program south of Staples, MN. I began vaccinating annually for “Lymes” disease when I learned of the dangers to health and found them heavy in my region. It is the only known vaccination supposed to protect against the “Deer Tick” Lymes carrying parasite. I researched on the internet and listened to my vet stating it was the thing to do. Right or wrong, I did it, annually to my poodle parents…until my move to TX in 2016. 

My TBD back story: 

  • 1. I brought Bruno to TX in 2016. Throughout 2016 and 2017 I saw no ticks, nor was I having any issues with fleas, and I wasn’t even spraying him with cedar oil. I was amazed – NO parasites were preying on him! He was going on 9 yrs old, vaccinated annually for Lymes in MN. I would test them if I saw symptoms, which he showed lameness in Dec 2014 in MN at which his test results came back with anaplasmosis. This is a TBD with no vaccination available for it. I medicated with the prescribed antibiotic/medication provided for a month by the vet, then tested later that year showing a definite drop of anaplasmosis with the vet sharing no more medication needed. In TX I saw not to continue testing or vaccinating as no ticks were observed in my area where staying. 
  •  2. My dam Magic was brought to TX in Fall of 2017 with daughter Geo 9 wks old. Magic was vaccinated in Staples March 2017, her second vaccination, before her second litter here in TX. As Magic was pregnant with her second litter and lymes vaccination was annually due March 2018, I did not vaccinate her per vet not wanting this with pregnancy and I was having no tick issues. Thus once litter was weaned I did not plan to continue the vaccination protocol. In Fall of 2017 I found fleas and a tick in bringing her back from a no-take planned mating to a stud in TX. I thought nothing of one tick and cedar sprayed for the fleas, handling within the week. LOVE the cedar oil spray!!! 
  •  3. 2018 I noted Bruno, now 11 yrs old, started to slow down with joint aches and knew he was diagnosed with antaplasmosis and medicated to good results. I decided to test him in May 2018 to see if a possible TBD. A blood draw was positive to Lymes and started him on medicine where I then felt to definitely test the other spoos. In not researching then for updates of knowledge, always something else to do, I went right into testing the next poodle… 
  •  4. Geo (now 1.5 yrs old), Magic’s daughter. Geo was clear, negative to Lymes in May 2018. Thus I saw her not having it transmitted in the womb from Magic. She had never had a Lymes vaccination. 
  •  5. Magic had not brought it from MN, thus I felt to test Magic next…she was positive (remember vaccinated several times)…must have picked it up in TX somewhere…1 tick at breeders? Which was shared they had a heavy tick infestation in their area. I had Magic tested end of May 2018 after her litter had gone home to their new owners, where results returned 6/8/18 as positive to carrying Lymes. My concern was had it been transmitted in the womb to her pups, or come on afterward? I contacted each customer to inform them, asking them to take their pup in for testing to base-line if they had contracted TBD or not and start a new protocol I now see valuable, as much as an annual worm test for our pets. All have come back negative but one came back with Anaplasmosis already in CT where it is heavily infested with ticks (seen on attached map). Magic was given the same medicine as Bruno to resolve the high positive. Remember, she was vaccinated annually for lymes, yet still contracted it, or was it the buildup titer numbers? 
  • 6. Research questions: a) When did Bruno or Magic contract TBD? b) Is it the vaccinations showing up in the titer (vaccinations helping to build up their blood system with the disease to protect them in the long run) and they really don’t have the actual disease? This is an actual fact in research. Bruno is 11 and very well could be his aches and pains of age with a very high titer, where Nuvet joint supplements (Or Call 800-474-7044 use #89093 to order) are so very helpful right now for him in his age. Magic is showing no symptoms of any aches or pains, just the results show a high titer number…from annual vaccinations, high titer? c) Do breeders stop breeding their dams, or assure customers are fully aware a TBD could be transmitted to pups if dam affected? 
  • 7. In contacting Magic’s eight litter customers, one was very upset with me asking many questions that I have brought answers together in this article. Sometimes our ignorance of a subject causes unnecessary anxiety, that I dub “Drama.” It can be and IS the phenomena when one doesn't fully understand - I understand thus I will do my best to help one understand the best I can with the knowledge I have at the time! So, research for answers MUST take place to eliminate anxiety where the drama drops away. My scientist friend Sue D’Antonio went into much on-line research to help me find information as I dug into all my spoo records for hours looking at the vaccinations, testing and TBDs of my poodles – A BIG THANK YOU to those who have brought this article to my site for you the looker! It all comes together for a reason, right or wrong, good or bad. We do our best to learn from it and discern.   8. On-line research links to check out: 


Tick Borne Disease knowledge >

Cedar Oil for natural protection >


  • 9. My Conclusions and New protocol in TX for TBD: a) As Lymes vaccinations are now known to build up a canine’s blood (titer to the disease, like rabies), I will NO LONGER be vaccinating for Lymes. One doesn’t know if it’s the actual disease, if testing for (unless symptomatic), or it’s the buildup of the vaccination in the body. b) I WILL be annually testing for the disease, observing for symptoms of lameness in my entire program.  Thus when I annually test, it won’t be the vaccination titer numbers; it will be an actual tick number in starting this protocol with my new younger breeders. c) In being ever vigilantly watchful of our pet’s health, to observe what might be physically slowing them down, we can care for them without over vaccinating or medicating for the wrong conclusion. Remember, very rare to see a tick here where I live, yet am spraying them weekly with cedar oil now. d) Antibiotics/medication brings about the handling of the TBD. I see there is no need to stop a breeding program as long as a breeder establishes an annual TBD testing program. It is so prevalent whether it comes from momma, or a customer’s region, or playing with another pet leaping a tick from another to their pet, or traveling/hiking and picking it up. e) Base-line your pup upon receipt from any breeder, as one would do with a stool sample for a de-worming protocol. EVEN if they come from a no-tick region! You are simply starting that base-line to KNOW! You can decide from there if you need to do an annual TBD test protocol. Be pro-active, a very important health plan for your new pup: 
  • BASELINE: 1. Take stool sample to baseline any worms/giardia; 2. Have a Lymes test done to baseline any possible TBD. 

 I hope you have found this article helpful, and Thank You to all who have contributed to it!


D. About Pricing, books, and Other

1. How much do your poodles cost?

  • Answer: As I develop my lines, spending thousands of dollars on tests ($10,000 in 2011), the right breeding poodle, and many other time consuming factors - it is true their cost will rise accordingly. This provides those who want a quality standard poodle in health, size and personality the fact they WILL get one :-)

2. Why the price?

  • Answer: a) Testing that needs to be done for assuring the customer I am trying to do my best to provide a good pet for them. b) Marketing pups on the internet (such as this website) and newspaper ads are very expensive. c) Grooming clippers and blades that constantly wear out. d) Maintaining parks for them to have lots of room to live, laugh, and be dogs bringing you happy puppies. e) Vet expenses are constant to be a good breeder and have healthy pups. f) Chiropractic expenses for the kids to stay healthy and a litter's first adjustment before they go to their new homes. g) Spraying the acres during the summer to keep mosquitoes away for healthy happy puppies. h) They do not eat cheap dog food. i) Home upkeep as puppies destroy chords and things I thought I had puppy proofed. j) Continued classes to learn on being a good breeder. k) Paper towels, paper towels, and more paper towels :-)

As you see the list could go on. It is my joy to provide you joy and the expenses do add up, as I want all customers to know owning a Royal or Standard Poodle pet is a high maintenance life, yet worth it beyond price in many of our viewpoints :-)

3. Do you give refunds?

  • Answer: ...under the following conditions...

a. At the birth of a litter, there is not the color or gender you desired.

b. Your down payment was my decision to breed my girls. Your non-refundable down payment will be here for your return in the future in purchasing your next pet from us if you so desire.

4. Do you know where I could get a rescue poodle?

5. What books can you recommend me reading on poodles?

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

After the Fall colors pale, it's time to vacuum them up - why?  So the beautiful green grass will grow instead of dirt in the spring :-) Here is our leaf mower vacuum unloading leaves from the 4 acres...see the pile building?

Below, I have pushed the leaves up into a pile for burning.

6. Barking; do you have ideas on how to stop it?

Many Answers yet here is one from a customer: In Hadley's "baby book"... it shall be recorded that from approximately 8 months to almost her 1st b'day, she turned into a BAD BAD BABY!.
Now that we're thru the worst of the storm, I can tell you about it.

  • I may never know if due to her age, or us spoiling her or combo why it seemed almost overnight we "lost her".... ie, she totally began ignoring me, she began nuisance barking (incessant for extended periods until I'd physically carry, bribe, or clown to get her attention. This wd be indoors AND out. I adjusted all MY behaviors, tried harder to keep her busy & going places with me, but I literally cd not leave her be for more than 2-3 min & it'd start up.  (Dear Helmut finally started completely ignoring her, and hanging with me or H.  Then it got worse.

She decided her 3 acres were way to confining and proceeded to investigate AND succeed in finding ways to escape her "confinement"...(and her beloved family including her puppy!) (she squeezed herself thru a 6.5" space between slats on the gate. When we discovered that, she began digging under the wildlife wires we buried to protect my little hens.

I was preparing myself to call you to ask your help in finding her a "better family", when H. suggested a last resort.

We invested in a very expensive E. Collar

I felt like a complete failure, and it seemed OBSCENE to use a training tool on such an intelligent creature. (Try to imagine almost dry-heaving with guilt)

So I played like it was "her "Radio"!!! so Mommy can talk to you Hads"... She's so precious, she totally complied with me putting it on her every time...

We used it for  a few minutes ea day, at the peak about 20 minutes.  I signalled her only when she ignored my call 3 X's (to be certain she heard my voice in between her barking at ????)...

(Ps she didn't respond at all to the vibrations nor the pinch, until I turned it up one digit at a time, to beyond what was comfortable to my hand. )

I felt awful we weren't using a "professional trainer", I thought we were hurting her & she wouldn't understand...

It took one strong pinch, she turned to me, &  heard me...

I pinched her with it 2 more times while she was "zoning out", that was it.  She sat sweetly to have her "radio" strapped on for total of 5 days, even tho I never had to use it again.  After 5th day, I experimented; no Ecollar.  She's "come back to me".... She still barks, more than most, but she stops herself now, before I even tell her.  She "comes" again when I call, and there seem to be no more escape attempts...whether she "outgrew it, or the training collar got her refocused, we may never truly know, but I wanted to share this with you in case you have anyone call you at wits end... (I might not have had the guts to try that collar if you hadn't given me Pukka's Promise")...

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

E. Decisions

1. I have 2 or more dogs already and would like to get one of your poodles. What should I be aware of?

  • Answer: Under Books & Links, I ask that people who currently have at least 2 pet dogs read the first chapter in  the book "Animals Make Us Human" by Temple Grandin. Absolutely the BEST book in understanding your dog pet, especially in a pack!!! A must read!!! 
  • Cesar Milan - WATCH his dvds to know how to be the pack leader, especially with more then one...

2. Do you have customers I can visit with on their purchase from you?

  • Answer: Upon your request, I will email several customers providing your contact information, at which you two will take it from there. 

3. I have a male/female already. Should I get a male/female?

  • Answer: That question must be personally analyzed with our conversations to understand the dynamics of the home. I personally like to see the spiritual aspect of a male and female they would be in nature.

4. Can you refer me to a breeder?

  • Answer: I have several personal breeder friends I may recommend at the time. It is difficult to recommend other breeders as I never know what they might have for a program, doing in tests for their pets, or are doing with their line at the time. 

5. I want to be a breeder. Will you sell me a pup for breeding?

  • Answer: One must understand the responsibility in being a breeder, it is not something to be taken lightly in my viewpoint, by the U.S.A. government, or MN state laws. Questions to ask yourself: a. What are my state requirements in being a breeder of dogs? b. What tests need to be done?  c. Contract, what will I have in it? ... is the individual I buy my breeding pet from willing to mentor me?

ALL our breeding pups sell for $4,000, no exceptions. A special contract would be sent you. I DO NOT sell Bruno offspring for breeding rights per his breeder contract with me.

If you are/intend to be a large kennel - NO, I will not sell to you!

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

Aahhh, here are the vacuumed up parks afterwards.

6. If I don't want a tail docked, will you not dock it?

  • Answer: If you were the first down payment customer, and my female poodle only had one pup, and you wanted that pup, I would not dock its tail. 95% of my customers want the tails docked and dew claws done. 

7. Should I use a bark collar or not?

  • Answer: Everyone has a viewpoint...I do, and here's a customer story for you :o)

Yup, she's still my doll-baby; I want to share a bit what we've been thru recently, in case it may help someone else!

In Hadley's "baby book"... it shall be recorded that from approximately 8 months to almost her 1st b'day, she turned into a BAD BAD BABY!
Now that we're thru the worst of the storm, I can tell you about it.
I may never know if due to her age, or us spoiling her or combo why it seemed almost overnight we "lost her".... ie, she totally began ignoring me, she began nuisance barking (incessant for extended periods until I'd physically carry, bribe, or clown to get her attention. This would be indoors AND out. I adjusted all MY behaviors, tried harder to keep her busy & going places with me, but I literally could not leave her be for more than 2-3 min & it'd start up.  (Dear Helmut finally started completely ignoring her, and hanging with me or H.  Then it got worse.
She decided her 3 acres were way to confining and proceeded to investigate AND succeed in finding ways to escape her "confinement"...(and her beloved family including her puppy!) (she squeezed herself thru a 6.5" space between slats on the gate. When we discovered that, she began digging under the wildlife wires we buried to protect my little hens.
I was preparing myself to call you to ask your help in finding her a "better family", when H. suggested a last resort.
We invested in a very expensive E. Collar
I felt like a complete failure, and it seemed OBSCENE to use a training tool on such an intelligent creature. (Try to imagine almost dry-heaving with guilt)
So I played like it was "her "Radio"!!! so Mommy can talk to you Hads"... She's so precious, she totally complied with me putting it on her every time... 
We used it for  a few minutes each day, at the peak about 20 minutes.  I signaled her only when she ignored my call 3 X's (to be certain she heard my voice in between her barking at ????)...
(Ps she didn't respond at all to the vibrations nor the pinch, until I turned it up one digit at a time, to beyond what was comfortable to my hand. )
I felt awful we weren't using a "professional trainer", I thought we were hurting her & she wouldn't understand...
It took one strong pinch, she turned to me, &  heard me...
I pinched her with it 2 more times while she was "zoning out", that was it.  She sat sweetly to have her "radio" strapped on for total of 5 days, even tho I never had to use it again.  After 5th day, I experimented; no Ecollar.  She's "come back to me".... She still barks, more than most, but she stops herself now, before I even tell her.  She "comes" again when I call, and there seem to be no more escape attempts...whether she "outgrew it, or the training collar got her refocused, we may never truly know, but I wanted to share this with you in case you have anyone call you at wits end... (I might not have had the guts to try that collar if you hadn't given me Pukka's Promise")... 
Helmut continues to be a gentle giant, more loving and attentive to me than any dog I've ever loved... And man is he smart, but that's another day!  Pictures after his next haircut!  

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

What's next? Minnesota Winter!

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