Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 Puppies

Magic x Dash Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 puppies born 11/1/19 - Woo Hoo! This leaves puppies ready to go home Friday 12/27/19, your Christmas puppy :o) Please plan accordingly with the busy holiday weekend. I'll plan on fly out from Austin on Friday and my good friend Sue D'Antonio will be able to take and fly pups out of Houston, TX on Friday the 27th. 

NOW; visiting your pup at the 6 wk time-frame...Geo is due that very weekend 12/13/19, so I'm bumping Magic customers to 5 wks old to decide please, where people can come and choose weekend of 12/6/19. Pups will have their vaccinations for you to visit early! That means you'll need to book 2nd vaccination right away upon getting your pup the first week of January 2020 :o)

*Travel Plans - Try to find direct flights where possible*

Magic had 5 Males + 6 Females = 11 > Males; 2 Black, 1 Red (Tes keeping), 1 Apricot, 1 Brown + Females; 2 Red, 3 Black, 1 Brown I will be watching for any umbilical hernias in the coming weeks, some don't show up until 5 wks old. If found I may decide to repair around 6 wks of age, where pups are ready and healed by going home. If NOT large, I prefer customer to to have repaired when getting pup fixed (if needed, could close on it's own). 

Tracking Magic Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 Puppies:

  • Toenails clipped 2.5 wks old
  • 2 wks dewormed Pyrantel
  • Toenails clipped 6 days old
  • Full Tails and due claws :o)
  • Born 11/1/19

Remember, start at the bottom and scroll up as they grow up onto the page in the coming weeks :o)

*Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 Puppies*

Check out some great dvds on how a breeder may do their best to bring you A Perfect World pet > Puppy Culture or Puppy Puzzle

Puppies For Sale!

Males SOLD OUT, Females for sale, Blacks for sure...customers must choose at 5 wks of age, call for interview to walk through variables...see current down payment list...


Each litter I choose a theme to celebrate in creating their names until chosen by customers. The names this time are dedicated to my all star dam Magic, pups are named after starsconstellations in her honor. An all star momma producing fabulous pups :o) Look for them to have their temporary name in individual pictures.


Females - FOR SALE
Owners choose at 5 wks of age...we stay tuned...

For Sale; "Star" mc 3666, 3 wks old 2 lbs. I'm a solid black female. I'll be your star this Christmas Season. Bring me home for your Christmas present :o) The Star of Bethlehem, or Christmas Star, appears only in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew, where "wise men from the East" (Magi) are inspired by the star to travel to Jerusalem. 


For Sale; "Siri" mc 1573, 3 wks old 3 lbs. I'm a solid black female. Choose me to bring lots of dog days into your life. Today, Sirius is nicknamed the "Dog Star" because it is part of the constellation Canis Major, Latin for "the greater dog." The expression "dog days" refers to the period from July 3 through Aug. 11, when Sirius rises in conjunction with the sun.

For Sale; "Cassi" mc 2103, 3 wks old 2.4 lbs. I'm a solid black female. Beauty is what I'm all about :o))) Cassiopeia is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the vain queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivaled beauty.


For Sale; "Swan" mc 4965, 3 wks old 2.4 lbs. I'm a solid brown female. Ugly ducklings turn into gorgeous swans. I'll turn into a gorgeous Royal Standard Poodle for you :o))) Cygnus is a northern constellation lying on the plane of the Milky Way, deriving its name from the Latinized Greek word for swan

For Sale; "Lyra" mc 6306, 3 wks old 2.4 lbs. I'm a solid red female, although I have an umbilical opening that has not closed, which does not allow Tes to keep me as she had planned :o( Lyra constellation lies in the northern sky. It represents the lyre, a musical instrument with strings used in antiquity and later times. The constellation is associated with the myth of the Greek musician and poet Orpheus. Tes purchased the wood Lyre art from Bulgaria to you'll enjoy my music when you bring me home.


For Sale; "Delphi" mc 2253, 3 wks old 3.4 lbs. I'm a red female with some white mismark on my neck and a tiny bit on my lip. Delphinus constellation is located in the northern sky. It is one of the smallest constellations. Its name means “the dolphin” in Latin. The constellation represents the dolphin sent by the sea god Poseidon to find Amphitrite, the Nereid he wanted to marry.

Males - SOLD OUT
Owners choose at 5 & 6 wks of age...we stay tuned...

For Sale; "Cephe" mc 0759, 3 wks old 2.6 lbs. I'm a solid black male. I'll be chosen by one of you on mom's down payment list, will you pick me? I'll be king for you. Cepheus constellation lies in the northern hemisphere. It is one of the Greek constellations. It was named after the mythical King Cepheus of Aethiopia, husband of Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda, both represented by neighboring constellations.


For Sale; "Ori" mc 3952, 3 wks old 3.6 lbs. I'm another solid black male. Marvin the Martian from Warner Brothers is a good play Tes thinks as I hunt for my new owner here on Earth. Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky. It was named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology. 

For Sale; "Bear" mc 7570, 3 wks old 2.8 lbs. I'm a solid brown male. I'll give my new owners bear hugs of love :o) In mythology Ursa Minor is Arcas, the son of Zeus and the maiden Callisto (Ursa Major). Arcas and Callisto were changed into bears and placed in the sky by Zeus in order to be protected from his jealous wife Hera. 


For Sale; "Taurus" mc 6873, 3 wks old 4 lbs. I'm a solid Red/Apr male. I'll be a bull in getting your love :o) The constellation Taurus is hard to miss as he charges through the northern winter sky. "The bull" is one of the most noticeable constellations and one of the oldest documented constellations, with descriptions of Taurus going as far back as the early Bronze Age. Taurus is most famous for its red giant star, Aldebaran, as well as a star cluster known as the Pleiades.

Tes has plans for me :o) "Draco" mc 5598, 3 wks old 3.4 lbs. I'm a solid Red male with black points. She's got hopeful plans for me being an upcoming stud :o) Draco is a constellation in the far northern sky. Its name is Latin for dragon. Sounds like a good play for her second fantasy novel "A Perfect World - Azza."

Next is the 5 wk update Friday 5/12/19 where they'll be moved into the Wing to begin reaching even more, learning to use the doggy door and start figuring out how to potty outside. 

*Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 puppies*

See you at the 5 wk picture update ;o)


Do you have the Nuvet supplements in place for when we come home to you? It's like you take your vitamins, getting us through the ups and downs in life - great treat!

Ahhhh, we're certainly figuring out that we can play with each other...wake up and play with me ;o)


Ahhhh, we're certainly getting our legs under us! In 2-3 days we all got up and going :o)))

Ahhhh, we're certainly getting bigger!


Ahhhhh, the joys of raising puppies...

It's fun climbing in and starting to work with puppies...when I rub behind their ears they always want to give a is a bit hard to take pics of this for you ;o)

A bridge is added...we gotta get to momma!!!

With our eyes open, our ears are certainly opening up into the three weeks age and we're starting to make music for Tes ;o) Scooting around, starting to play with each other



Hey there...I see you now ;o) Our eyes open into the two weeks age.

Hey, our eyes are now opening! We can see a bit, and our legs are starting to strengthen under us to get up onto them - Woo Hoo!

I'm a big red/apricot male, and the other, I'm a nice red female for you to choose :o)


I'm a brown male and I'm a brown female for you to choose among.

We mmmmf mmmmf good nurse and then zzzzz....believing the colored wool blankets bring a smile to you and momma as it wicks away the moisture, there's two layers...and laundry is done almost every day...I should take a picture of my super huge washer and dryer for you to see ;o)

Black power :o)))


Yeah, now that's snuggling together to stay warm while momma takes a break...see all the red coloring we bring to the pack :o)

And of course hugs and cuddles are super important for sure!


Remember to always provide your arm for us to snuggle on ;o)

Four legs up tells Tes it's warm in here...time to cool the room down so we snuggle together and momma can lay around us.


We're growing for you...

Mommy, I love you!


Peek a boo...

We got rhythm...if only you could hear us slurp the rhythm...mmmf...mmmf...mmmf...mmmf ;o)))

It's still an arm thing, hangin' out at the arm while the others suckle ;o) IF we truly were that patient when we wake and want more!

We're little tubbies, growing just for you :o)

We're latching on great to get lots of yummy nutritious milk. We only go by smell right now...we do feel loving vibrations as well...that keeps us happily loved and growing calmly :o)

We're now going on into our second wk of growing, and into three wks old in the above us grow :o) Our eyes are just barely squeaking upon in the above picture.

"Work it sisses and bros! Let's grow!!!"

*Get your NUVET order in today! Code number 89093*

What a video would show you is their tails waggin' away, adorable ;o) Now usually I like around 8 pups, but as much milk as Magic produces I've been happy to see her milked down appropriately with the 11. You'll see their certainly chubby pups with all they're receiving. They get a great suction, pull back and the milk just super flows as you'll see in several of the puppy pictures :o)


Ahhh, your my momma...cuddle...Thank You for giving us life...

Your first paragraph ...

Two...always better then one ;o) Hangin' in there...

It's a puppy pile! One wants to keep the temps just right that they aren't too hot spreading all over that momma Magic can circle around them to lay down and let them nurse :o) With the warmth here in TX, it's nothing like my concern in MN where I thought 80 degrees was hot....I've become use to it now...LOL, how my life has changed ;o) The heating pad has been removed to help them gather together again.

And there's always the 4 legs up pics!

There's always time to nurse nummy nummy and time to zzzz....

A nice array of Red/Apr, brown, black above...a few have white mismarks on their chest.

ALWAYS time to snuggle in and zzzzz....what puppies do best...zzzzz...and nummy nummy nurse ;o) Their first sense is smell. They come out ready to smell for the nipple and start nursing. In 11-14 days the next sense is the opening of their eyes, then around 3 wks old their ears open up to start hearing which THEY start VOICING sounds to let me know things aren't as they use to be...Quiet...

*Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 puppies*

The milk is flowing beautifully to grow these pups FAST! Look at the  tummy in the black pup below, already working those legs to pull to momma.

There's always the leg pictures...always adorable ;o) You can see their nails, these (as their bones) get harder and stronger each day that goes by. I clip their nails around 4-5 days old as now they become like cats claws on momma's poor tummy...I learned the hard way when I first started out...poor girl looked like a cat attacked her tummy :o(

Take a look at some of the pictures with their ear leathers back, one can see they're ears are closed down tight.

What they do sense, are vibrations, thus I do everything I can to keep life relaxed and calm for them :o))

Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019  Puppies*

"Momma's leg is soooo comforting :o)"

As pups cannot pass their bodily fluids yet, it's momma Magic's responsibility to lick them, warming them, creating their passing of fluids until it becomes a pup's natural excretion. At two days old, their umbilical chord is drying up, soon to fall off.

I'm soooo happy I do not dock tails or remove dew claws any more, usually done at 2-3 days old. Why? The past 14 years, it was not uncommon that I would lose a pup or more from the stress on having it done (and other variables)...the days after having this done contained crying pups and a stressed whining momma of concern for her paining pups...that's why I would wait One Week Through The woods of Mother Nature to let people know numbers. Non-docking, taking due claws from pups, the opportunity to not have stress and keep focused on their nourishing milk to help them recoup from birth has changed so much. A relaxed momma is sooo healthy! And I can sleep soooo much better from concern :o) Now 1 week is just good protocol to assure all are healthy for you - and they're doing GREAT :o) 


The corner where pups are gathered below has a large animal warming pad underneath to help maintain the "just out of womb" warmth for the next week. Bumpers keep momma from sleeping on top of us from her exhaustion, and having soooo many pups is exhausting...she's still got a big tummy that I know more pups are still coming...

Momma Magic is doing great and has LOTS and LOTS of milk for them. When I occasionally need to pull a pup off from nursing, the milk pours out of their mouth, thus I see she's doing great as are they...and I am always checking teets to assure they're all being taken down so mastitis doesn't occur. Always checking so many things... 


It's vital that pups begin nursing within the first hour to get their colostrum to help their immune system. The picture below, 6 new pups, the motion and nuzzling of the pups starting to nurse help bring the other pups forward to be born...and, I of course, can see their doing well in just having been born :o) Magic looks ABSOLUTELY huge here and I know to expect a number more!!

Here we come! As we arrive Tes is looking for her next solid red male and a brown or red female for future breeding potential...hurry up and wait...

In raising Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 Puppies, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated to 80 degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. I have a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you ;o)

If you're interested in one of my pups, please fill in the form below. I would look forward to hearing from you :o) See my Customer page to observe how many have grown with their loving families.  

Large Standard Poodles MxD wtr 2019 Puppies

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