Royal Standard Poodles - Jasper

Royal Standard Poodles - Jasper, parents Brown Falcon x Bruno.

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Tracking stats of Jasper:

  • Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) Clear > For more information Click Here
  • COI 10 generations .58%
  • 2 yr 65#, 25 3/4 inches
  • 3/20/14 PennHip > Laxity Profile Ranking 90th percentile (Vet shared best hips she'd ever x-rayed! :0)) No Degenerative Joint Disease.
  • 1/23/14 Canine Eye Certification Registry Foundation (CERF) - found free of observable inherited eye disease, this is done on an annual basis as much as possible due to it being done by an animal eye specialist 3 hrs away. I pile all the spoos into the mini van and away we go for the day...OMG! 
  • 1 yr & 1 mo. 65#
  • 9 months old 62#
  • 4 months old 40#
  • 3 months old 24#
  • 8 wks old 17#
  • 7 wks old 11# 8 oz
  • 2/7/13 Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - DNA test - not affected
  • Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - both parents, Falcon x Bruno, DNA tested clear/normal
  • VWD tested clear: as well as both parents Falcon x Bruno tested clear
  • Parent hips; Falcon OFA Good, Bruno OFA Excellent, will OFA Jasper at 2 yrs old, with chiropractic care there should be very positive results
  • Born 1/1/13, parents Falcon x Bruno

Don't we make a great pair? :0)

All snuggled in next to Yarrow


Look at my huge beef bone nummy!

So much fun in the fall lets find some leaves to jump in!


I dare you to move....:0)

Hey how come Jasper gets to be over there?


Growing up with Black Zeddy (front) and Blue Cleopatra (back)

These bones are all MINE!! :0)


Spoo family photo!

Dreaming of some wonderful beef bones! :0)


Such a beautiful girl

"Happy Happy"


Another picture really??

She's got those poodle hunting skills :0)


"Dr. Mark adjusting my body - we just MELT in his arms - keeps me in GREAT shape!"

We're eyeing you Tes, Daniel, Cleopatra, Valentine, and me (Jasper) are waiting for our yummy it apple, carrots, popcorn?


"I love showing off my Pom-Pom's!"

Learning early! 7 months old in the Summer 2013

Cuddling with momma Falcon :0) 


Tearin' up the snow! Winter/Spring 2013 snow piles so high the spoos were easily jumping over the park fences. Jasper loves to play Queen of the hill!

Jasper showing her great structure evaluation. 3 months old now.

Jasper loves playing with momma Falcon....and momma loves playing with daughter Jasper :0)))

And there's always time for cuddling and sleeping with whoever you can snuggle into ;0)...Momma...

Jasper has turned 7 wks old. She weighed in 11# 8 oz...she was not the biggest girl yet now she is :0)


Jasper at 5 wks old is gaining fast in size...

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