Royal Standard Poodle Hunting Dogs

Standard Poodle Hunting Dogs

Updated 8/27/15

Potential buyers ask if our dogs are hunters....


See pheasant run across our farm yard....


What you don't see is momma Zain jumping the electric fence to get a pheasant to hopefully catch and feed her pups...

Now see Zain with the pheasant she caught to her delight and doesn't want to give up!

It is my knowledge, females instinctively hunt more to feed their litters.

Poodles can be a great hunting dog. Whenever we go hiking or walking, they continually shoo up pheasants, partridge, and yes, deer. On our acreages, there are many types of wild animals and we enjoy watching and when the season is right, hunting.


You can see some of our spoos being hunters on the customer page >

Customer pictures with Hunting Spoos


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