Large Standard Poodle Dash

Large Standard Poodle Dash now at home with Tes in TX was purchased at 1 yr of age having been a stud already to a litter of 10 :o)

Tracking Dash stats:

  • 2/14/19 Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS) test - Clear/Normal
  • 1/29/19 No evidence of Congenital Cardiac Disease test - Normal
  • 1/29/19 Thyroid test - Normal
  • 1/2019 - 64# 1yr 2 mos old
  • 1/2019  PennHip test - No radiographic evidence of Osteoarthritis for either hip; Interpretation in the Mild Risk range
  • 11/2018  Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) test - Normal
  • 11/2018 Von Willebrand's Disease Type I (VWDI) test - Normal
  • 2/2018 AKC registration
  • born 11/19/2017

This is me at 1 year old

I'm growing up.  I sat perfectly for my 7 month portrait ;o)

Dash at 6 months

Dash at 5 months

Dash at 4 months

I am 3 months old and Mom caught me sticking out my tongue.  I am simply happy to see her, really! ;o)

Dash at 9 weeks

Dash as a 7 week old pup.

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