Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh

Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh, now that's one HAPPY puppy!

Love Loving life!

Updated 12/6/20

Shiloh lives at home with GM and family in Austin, TX. Born to Brown Geo x Red Dash 08/02/20. Start at the bottom of the page and watch him grow up onto the web page :o) How big will Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh grow to? We stay tuned...

Tracking Shiloh stats:

  • 18 wks 35.8 lbs 23" at whithers
  • 11 wks 21.6 pounds
  • 10 wks 16.1 pounds
  • 8 wks 11.13 lbs
  • DOB 8/2/20

I'm definitely adding height and weight to this growing thing ;o) It's a beautiful thing to watch :o)

Fall is coming upon us with the wonderful colors around.


I think I can? I think I can? It's a fish? Can I Dad and Mom? 

Wait for it...here I come!

Checkin' life out in Austin, TX!

ON THE MOVE, and time to rest...then zzzz....

Reach to see what's around me like I did at Tes's, Play, and Zzzzzz...where I use to curl up and zzzzz isn't so easy anymore!

Be curious, Play, and Zzzzzz...with snuggly toys...zzzz....

What puppies do best while they grow...zzzzzzzzz....


Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh is 7 wks old below, growing, growing, growing, watch me grow up onto the page for you :o)

I was "Clove" at Tes's house, until I came to my new home :o) 3 wk picure below and 5 wk picture above of Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh.

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Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh