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Updated 7/6/17 (TI)

MN Pet Lemon Law - Your Pet Consumer Rights! "Must Read if you are buying a Poodle from Tes Ingebritson (TI)!"

Please have a dictionary at hand.

Click here: MN Pet Lemon Law

Sections for your review below:

#1 MN Pet Lemon Law (clarifications)

#2 Helpful Books and Legal website information for pets

#3 State laws as they come in


Notes to my Standard Poodles customers for further clarification:

Pet Consumer Rights law in buying Standard Poodles from TI, here in MN, as well as any other breeder in MN, or any other state — check their state laws — for your protection. Please feel free to send any friends or "pet website owners" to this site for their awareness. I would have appreciated it. These things can be hard to find (among billions of web data).

  • A law stands for your rights only from the state in which you live...yet I stand behind the MN Pet Lemon Law no matter where you live...some states do not have any laws for your protection.
  • By USDA Regulations, I am a Retail Store selling directly to the public.
  • Assure you read through the Pet Lemon Law definitions.
  • Subd. 1. (a) …USDA license number…I am not a Dealer or Kennel as defined in the MN state law due to my limiting the number of breeding adults living with me, therefore TI does not have, nor need, a USDA license. It is my responsibility as a breeder though to maintain the USDA health standards set forward in their rules and regulations for my health as well as my standard poodles. I have on average 3-4 breeding females in my home at various times of their breeding life. My standard poodles live with me in my home with doggy doors with mostly free access to the outdoor parks. Some kennels may call me a "Back Yard Breeder," yet my vet says "No Way!" I attend canine classes, symposiums, and university workshops to continue learning of health and care. I will post key information I digested at that particular seminar, workshop, or meeting below. Will continue to update...
  • Education Posts: 2/17/15 MN Pet Breeders Assc > speaker on Brucellosis...we will lose our entire breeding spoos as there is NOTHING that will heal it, only carry it forward...even to other states in sending a puppy out as a carrier of it. Speaker on Giardia and Coccidia deworming protocol. 2014 UC Davis University CA on canine reproduction - EXCELLENT! 7/21/12: MN Pet Breeders Assc. > USDA Supervisor spoke on the new proposed changes to the USDA and Animal Welfare Act.1/12: MN Pet Breeders Assc. seminar with AKC and vet workshops > Puppy warmth and humidity key!2010: Attended U of M canine symposium > Thin is In for healthy pets.2008: Attended a two day canine symposium at the Iowa State Animal University > Research on canine structure by Pat Hastings. SUPERB!MN Pet Law - know your Rights - enjoy your standard poodle!
  • Questions on why a Minnesota pet is taxed within the state can be found in: MN Agricultural Production #100 Sales Tax Fact Sheet - ...MN Sales and purchases of pets are taxable...TI pays the MN sales tax out of the MN pet purchase price.

  • #2

  • Standard Poodles - Helpful Books and Legal sites: Find out more on Your Pet Consumer Rights
  • US Legal on Pets (Multi-state Animal Pet Laws Handbook link available)
  • Puppy Lemon Law States This references current states, yet new states may adopt laws each year, so I would like your research to locate the actual website pages for me to link to for the public if you have time to research. (Several sites a customer checked out said that only the following states have actual "Lemon Laws": AZ, AR, CA, CT, DE, FL, ME, MA, MN, NV, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA.)

  • #3

  • Standard Poodles - USA State Pet Lemon LawsHas your state data been found below? Help me find Your States Pet Consumer Rights if not listed below or if you find any pertaining law link.
  • Alabama ?
  • Alaska ? does not appear to have a "State" wide law, yet has for specific cities.
  • Arizona?
  • Arkansas ?
  • California
  • Colorado ?
  • Connecticut ?
  • Delaware ?
  • Dist. of Columbia ?
  • Florida ?
  • Georgia ?
  • Hawaii ?
  • Idaho ?
  • Illinois
  • Indiana ?
  • Iowa - Iowa has no pet lemon law, but improved legislation for inspecting puppy mills. Iowa has around 400 puppy mills at this time 3/15/10. My relative in Iowa is on her second poodle from Iowa and again has spent another thousand dollars on the health of this second loved pet.
  • Kansas ?
  • Kentucky ?
  • Louisisana?
  • Maine ?
  • Maryland ?
  • Massachusetts ?
  • Michigan ?
  • Minnesota Pet Lemon Law 
  • Mississippi ?
  • Missouri ?
  • Montana ?
  • Nebraska ?
  • Nevada ?
  • New Hampshire ?
  • New Jersey ?
  • New Mexico ?
  • New York NY Better Business Bureau 
  • North Carolina ?
  • North Dakota ?
  • Ohio ?
  • Oklahoma ?
  • Oregon ?
  • Pensylvania ?
  • Rhode Island ?
  • South Carolina ?
  • South Dakota ?
  • Tennessee ?
  • Texas ?
  • Utah ?
  • Vermont ?
  • Virginia ?
  • Washington currently 02/24/09, this state has no pet consumer rights pet lemon law. They have animal cruelty, or harm done by an animal to one's person, but no Pet Consumer Rights lemon law. Write your congressman if you believe there is a need for this in your state. Share the MN laws as an example.
  • West Virginia ?
  • Wisconsin ?
  • Wyoming ?
  • Your Pet Consumer Rights! Be Aware :-)


    Your Pet Consumer Rights! - Puppies available