Standard Poodles Red and Brown 
updated 02/26/2019  [pj]

Standard Poodles Red and Brown; now Red Jasper has joined the family with Brown Jada. The cute napping one is red Jasper and I am the sophisticated brown lady, Jada.  We are at our home in Stillwater, MN. 

   To see more of "A Perfect World" Red offspring see Monniet at

We are determining which is our most favorite place, the kitchen - for all the obvious reasons or the sun spots - also for all the obvious reasons

I have done some growing!


You may think this is a 'funny' look. What you don't hear is the parrot squawking, I mean talking, in the background!

At 10 weeks I have ventured out to the driveway.  Obviously I have to keep at least one eye on my human, one never knows where they might run off to should I dare look away, (for even One millisecond).  


I'm now 9 weeks old and taking advantage of Dad's warm, soft human leg pillow.  This is the life for Standard Poodles Red and Brown ;o)

Now, I could have sworn someone called me.  Ah, decisions, decisions, do I get up and go to them OR start the selective hearing process early?


Red Jasper, that's me.   Here I am at 7 weeks old.  Coyly listening to what's going on around me....Standard Poodles Red and Brown have a lot of fun no matter what!!!

Hey!  Wait a minute, what is that furry red ball bounding toward me?

I call a snow day......  outside vs inside..... think I'll simply muse on it awhile...still waiting on those booties....


I know it's not four feet of snow; my four feet are still chilly however.  Christmas present request:  dog boots ;o)

It is ever so nice by the fire.  Where can I order a toddy, please.


Come again?.....

Oh my gosh, I never heard that one before and it is a real hoot.  Next, I'll be rolling over laughing.


You can put any words in my mouth right now.

Look at those cloud formations! That one looks just like a poodle...


I understand you like telling me everything.  I am a great listener.  Perhaps we should speak about a more equitable distribution level of those healthy dog treats in exchange for my soulful visage.

Unlike the actress Jada however, I have long legs I will grow into.


Born a rich, deep, luscious chocolate color, my humans named me after a famous and also beautiful actress, Jada.

Standard Poodles Red and Brown

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