Standard Poodle-Large Brown Lola

Take a look at GORGEOUS Standard Poodle-Large Brown Lola, at home in Valley Stream, NY.

Lola's current status: Solid 75# what a big girl!

"Just doing a little golfing, I make a great caddy!"

"Brrr! This stuff again!"


"Okay, it's not so bad." :0)

"I've got you in my headlights!"


Ahhh, life is good here in NY :0)

"Having some fun outside!"


"Don't I look good with my fresh haircut ;-)"

"I'm 9 months old now and about 60 pounds. I definitely have my daddy's thick hair! Thick, soft, and cuddly :-)"


"I love getting the ball at the park! I'm on the run to get it!"

"Tes sent us some Christmas bone $$ for pictures we send her over time. THANK YOU! Norman and I are enjoying our present :-)))"

"Sitting pretty"


"I want in on some fun too!"

"I love watching people from the couch...interesting viewpoint :-)

"Norman" (that's my pet buddy) he's not so interested."



Look at those eyes!

"Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder :-)

Here's my before and after pictures!"

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