Royal Standard Poodles Waiting List

Royal Standard Poodles Waiting List where customers will be calling me when they are long as I am still breeding.

Contracts will change to the year one gets their pup, as the contracts are good for the year it was made in unless called out otherwise.


  2014 down pymt, Royal F/M "Hector" # 1 BL # 2 Brown - JV > Minnetonka, MN

- 2014 down pymt, Royal M color open,  SL  > Chicago, IL

- 8/9/16 down pymt, Royal F/M # 1 Phantom # 2 color open - AY > Upland, CA 

- 1/18/17 down pymt, Royal F open -  KD  > Cannon Falls, MN

- 1/25/18 down pymt, size open M Brown - ST > Houston, TX (Bruno frozen semen) 

- 4/19/19 down pymt, Royal M color open, EE > Waianae, HI (moving to Austin, TX $ 200 military discount)

- 1/31/20 down pymt, Royal F Red/Apr/Crm, SC > Rockville, MD ($200 discount returning customer, will call when ready)

- 6/21/20 down pymt, BREEDING F Royal, color open -  ED  > Ely, IA

- 7/9/20 down pymt, Royal M Black, JM > Clearwater Beach, FL (definite Royal)

- 7/11/20 down pymt, Royal M Color open, SF  > San Antonio, TX 

- 9/20/20 down pymt, Standard F color open, RB/KW  > Urbandale, IA (wait)

- 11/2/20 down pymt, Royal Cream F, RW > Seattle, WA

- 1/5/21 down pymt, M open, GW > Austin, TX (military disc $200)

- 1/23/21 down pymt, Royal M Color Black #2 open, PA > Lakeland, FL

- 1/25/21 down pymt, Size open F Red/Brown, TK > Austin, TX

- 10/25/21 down pymt, Royal F Brown/Red, JW > Weston Lakes, TX 

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