Large Red Standard Poodle Royce

Updated 2/11/19 - Large Red Standard Poodle Royce: parents Pickels x Daniel. He lives with his human in Aurora, CO and here at only 8 weeks old loves sharing playtime and planting smooches on a cousin.

Tracking Stats for Large Red Standard Poodle Royce:

  • at 02/24/2019 69#
  • at 02/12/2019 67# and 28" tall
  • at 06/06/2018 60#
  • born 06/02/2017 

Hello everyone!  I invite you to follow me on Facebook  ;0)

There you will be able to view my four photos which earned EB a handy and handsome stainless steel mug he can take with us when we go out.

Wow! Am I photogenic.  I like the flowers in the background, I was happy to add spark to their day.  I am 1 year and 2 months and I just keep growing.

Gotta admit, we make a stunning couple ;o)

This is my favorite picture to showcase my long legs and breadth of hugging range.

"Ok, the sun is shining and I am ready to go, your shoes are right here EB, and grab my leash, please."

I am one year and 4 days old.  My human's idea of a great day was taking me to the vet to get neutered.   Happy Birthday to me....

Relaxing in my favorite chair.  Am I laying on the remote?

Big blue sky, a sunny day, and me sitting pretty on the sidewalk is the perfect way for me to demonstrate my excellent manners

I am a large red standard poodle Royce, translation = Superman (in canine disguise).


Hey, we live in Colorado, I deserve a warm hooded sweater ;o)

And I am plumb tuckered out from all the excitement at the park, however, I'm not letting on and just making it look like I'm checking out the shade provision quality of this carry-all.


We went for a walk in Washington Park, it's really beautiful here.  Lots to see and smell for an 8 week old like me.   Am I just the cutest pup ever??

On the road home to Aurora after my plane ride.  We are both smiling so big at each other.  I've got smile lines ;o)

This is the first day I met my human, EB.  Tongue out, ear flapping back (#1 picture toward winning a mug, 3 more to go ;o), running gait, want to be sure he knows I am happy to join him in life.

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