Royal Standard Poodles Black Yarrow

Updated 4/2/15

Yarrow is getting to be a big Royal girl, big bone structure, with full her spring hair cut :o)  She is now with her new family in Excelsior, MN and making them laugh!

  • Yarrow: Born 4/8/14 current weight > 52lbs 12/27/14 - 8 months old
  • Parents Cleopatra x Bruno
  • I kept Yarrow for breeding to Daniel
  • by 8 months old I have determined Yarrow is not structurally what I wish to keep for breeding happens
  • Yarrow has an interesting concern on shiny floors...she has really overcome her nervousness on them with Cesar Millan's technology and daily better on walking on them...if one has mostly carpets, she'd be absolutely thrilled :o)


Yarrow is a happy girl with growing up in the many parks :o)

  • I always observe, that's what research is about in being a breeder to Yarrow grows I have observed her right shoulder bending outward. Dr. Andy  has showed us how to work and strengthen it. This may be a consideration of her feeling uncomfortable on smooth floors...
  • Yarrow's grandfather back story: Jupiter Fenning; I picked up Jupiter cowering under his breeders kitchen table, linoleum floor that I can remember, piddly submissive in bringing him out...considerations by some of us might be; a) kenneled too much; b) abused some? first starting out I would have never thought body structure.

           Jupiter was fidgety on shiny smooth floors at our home, just                thought he was nervous in public. I retired him after his first                litter due to throwing pups with cross bites.

  • Jupiter was bred to Zain and among them came Cleopatra who I kept.
  • Cleopatra had started out being nervous on shiny floors but not obvious that she didn't adjust in her aging to not being very bothering to her anymore. Chiropractic care has maintained a very stable structure for her. I thought it could something like this be hereditary? No way? Dad Jupiter nervous on smooth floors, Cleopatra nervous on smooth floors?
  • Could it be a bit of their structure? Their foot sensitivity? Maybe a shorter neck creating a sense of imbalance? 
  • Cleopatra has thrown some wonderful offspring, thus I kept Yarrow for future breeding...yet alas...Yarrow's definitely showing the same symptoms of nervousness on smooth floors, a third generation? Oh so odd, interesting, research! 
  • Thus, I have decided not to continue this line of hereditary considerations on possible structure imbalance.

Above, her shoulder is stable and comfortable outside while playing. Niki and Yarrow always play, play, playing ;o)

I'm groiwng > 5 months old.

We love drinking from the running fountain...10x more then a bowl!


Learning to walk with the big kids.

Niki has become her best friend while growing up :o)


Yarrow growing up in the office with mom and the other spoos.

Yarrow at 5 wks old below and 7 wks above with Cleopatra's Spring 2014 litter with Bruno.

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