Royal Standard Poodles Belle

Royal Standard Poodles Belle at home in Dawsonville, GA.

Princess and her Belle are going to grow their kingdom together - girls Rule :-)

Tracking Belle stats:

  • 11 months, 78 lbs...Princes is 44" tall and to the top of my head I am 40".
  • 9 months, 65 lbs ;0)
  • 7months, 27" at shoulder and 50 lbs -Truly that Royal girl
  • 5 months old 41 lbs! Just what we were hoping for :0) A new bed for Princess is in the forth coming future ;0)
  • 15 wks 28 lbs, 17" at shoulder...bit of a finicky eater and prefers the other dogs bowls :-) Final booster, rabies shot, kennel cough, de-worming
  • 3 mo old, 22 lbs, 17" at shoulder
  • 2 mo old, 14 lbs

    Where's Princess? My master will assure she's safe :0)

    Now it's getting tight at 9 months and a Princess who loves being by my side...


    "The Chair" - 5 months old now, right now I fit in here ;0)

    Finding Belle...somewhere...look closer...actually, climb into bed and maybe you might find me snoozing :0)


    Making myself at home...

    Watch me grow faster then Princess, then she'll outgrow me :0) makes me fall asleep...which is a big part of life :-) and night....soon a queen size bed!

    Who said the laundry didn't smell good!

    This toy should last awhile...until the next one...

    Belle's 7 wk picture while at Tes' me grow into Royal Standard Poodles Belle!


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