Royal Standard Poodles - Maggie

Royal Standard Poodles - Maggie at home in N. Liberty, IN.

Loves camping, hates the briers! (who wouldn't with that hair) The sun makes it look red.

Tracking Maggie stats:

  • 58#, 25" at shoulder, 11 months old
  • 56#, 25" at shoulder, 8 months old
  • 52# at 6 months old, 23" at the shoulder - Going to be one BIG Royal Girl!!
  • 28# at 15 wks old, 19" at the shoulder
  • 21# at 12 wks old, 17" at the shoulder

    I, Maggie, am growing into one beautiful Royal girl :-) I'm 6 months old in these pictures.

    Here I am in January 2012 with my super long hair - LOTS of work too!


    It's time for a haircut ...see my go-go boots :-)

    My Ball!!

    * Royal Standard Poodles - Maggie

    Chasing/flying for her ball. She is very driven to get what she's going after!

    Wasn't allowed to shoot real ducks so she got a stuffed one. She is excellent at retrieving though and she knows how to carry game. She is center of attention wherever we take her!


    At 6 months old, I enjoy and love the beauty around me :-) as it is given back to me two fold :-))) Visiting family in Florida...

    Really enjoying the doggy park > the ball for sure!


    Here I'm visiting a Florida beach...sure want to check out that water :-)

    I'm really curly after getting wet :-)


    I graduated from training class - YeaY!

    Here's my blanky from Tes, aahhh so cuddly :-)


    I'm a Houdini in knowing how to get out of her pen without anyone seeing! She's soon to grow out of it - what's to hold her next ;-)

    Learning to fetch with a tennis ball :-) We're havin' a blast!


    She loves playing with toys and her best friend Libby over arm when it's nap time :-)

    She is getting used to the smell of birds to start training for hunting and she is going to puppy kindergarten to learn her basic commands.

    * Royal Standard Poodles - Maggie

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