Royal Standard Poodles - Black Dany

My parents are Cleopatra and Daniel. I was born during fall of 2013. I enjoy being with my owners and sleeping. I am getting bigger!


"After a busy day, nothing beats laying on the couch relaxing." :0)

"Such a beautiful girl!"


"Just patiently waiting."

"What a face!" :0)


"Can't you tell that I am happy, look at my smile, I must've gotten that from both my parents!" :0)

"This face......priceless." :0)


"It may be snowing outside but I don't care!"

"I love to play in the snow! Woo Hoo!"


"See look, I am a good girl!" :0)

"I am one good looking Spoo!"


"It's my mug shot!" :0)

"Helping with the yard work!"


I wanted to wear my owners spectacular shoes :0)

The couch makes a good back rest for me. It's just my height too. :0)


Ahhh, the smell of leaves and fall... So great :0)

Laying, what I do best :0)


Well, and maybe playing :0)

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