Royal Standard Poodles - Black Apple-Jax 

Last updated 5/13/14

"We are both SO photogenic, I love being apart of my happy family! :0)"

Royal Standard Poodles - Black Apple-Jax at home in St.Paul, MN. Parents Cleopatra x Daniel. I sit like such a good boy :0)

Tracking Apple Jax stats:

  • 8 months old and now 61#
  • A 50# but I'm still growing!
  • 24 lbs at 3 months old


My mom shares: "He is my pride and joy, is always making friends where ever we go.

I am also very proud of him in regard to his training - he has done a great job and has passed through ALL of his classes with flying colors. He has mastered hand signals and has learned to "point" from my roommate's Daughter - quite a good hunter he is!

"I am watching over my mom's daughter. I love this girl to the end of the world. :)"

"I have to go to the vet today... but I'd rather stay home and cuddle with my kitty cat..."


"I don't know if you can see, but the arrow is pointing to a cat. See, you humans, dogs can get along with dogs. :0)"

"My mom shares that laying around the house is my favorite pass time :0)"

"I sometimes get carsick, but my owner told Tes that I am getting better"


"My goal is to learn how to play the guitar. How do you think I am doing? ;0)"

"My afternoon of resting before I go to see the kids."

Christmas, kids, and poodles, what gets better than that? :0)


"I sure make that Christmas sweater look good!" 

I'm sitting on top of Nala, a Great Dane


I'm so photogenic. Look at me ladies ;0)

I don't want to smile for the camera, but I still look just as good!


My wonderful mug shot

I am getting so big and handsome.

What's that thing flashing at me? 

Nap time. Those boys sure wear me out ;0)


Cool colors in this picture :0)

This is my chair now. I'm not sharing


Cuddly car ride. That's what I think every ride should be like. ;0)

They are so much bigger than me, but I can take them on! ;0)

I see you lookin' at me. Come on, bend down and pet me. You know you want to