Royal Standard Poodle Red Ginger


Royal Standard Poodle Red Ginger at home in St. Paul, MN. Parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel born 10/05/12 - above - Here I am with my new older sister Zoey, who has been waiting for someone to play with!

Tracking Ginger:

  • 7wk. 8.6

Mom shares: "She is delightful and a joy."

"Very tired after that swimming experience, time to get some rest."


"First time swimming was so much fun.  Can we go again?" :0)

Play date with Watson the neighbor sheltie.


Leash walking class at Como Park.

"I really love my new sister Zoey and look how much I have grown now!!"

This is my new sister Zoey, she may be bigger than me now but just wait I'll catch up."  :0)


"This looks like a wonderful spot to sleep, I am so tired.  Its to early to be up yet."

"Here I am pictured with my new mom, I love to be snuggled!"


"Here I am at 7 weeks old, aren't I adorable?"