Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale 13wFB

13wFB = 2013 Winter litter by Falcon x Bruno

Litter now SOLD OUT!

 Sold - Minneapolis, MN - "Loki" mc7062, 7 wks old 8# 4oz. Loki enjoys squeezing under the board and coming into the office to be with the big spoos :0) Quite smart!


We have our first haircuts now!

Enjoy the pictures as they grow :0) Always more recent will be added to the top with some pictures dropping off. Remember to start at the bottom and view upward - Enjoy!


SOLD - Washington, IL - "Keely" mc9717, 7 wks old 11# 2oz - Keely has a non-docked tail...possibly some day it will be the norm. I enjoy climbing, playing and wagging my long tail ;0)


SOLD - Monmouth, IL - Breeding "Marley" mc9171, 7 wks old 10# 8oz, testing underway...dark brown, I enjoy going to Tes's pants and tugging to get her attention.

SOLD - Tes - Breeding "Jasper" mc5450, 7 wks old 11# 8oz,  -testing underway...chocolate. My tail is always wagging and I'm pretty much on the go all the time Tes tells me.


SOLD Maple Grove, MN - "Whoopi" mc7190, 7 wks old 9# 8oz. See how different we look with our haircuts! We were pretty darn good in having our first grooming!!

SOLD - Leeds, AL - "Juno" mc6927, 7 wks old 10# 2oz. My owner didn't want my face hair clipped as this will be my look. Tes clipped around my toes to assure messes didn't accumulate in getting potty trained. 

We're the 4 Sold Males

SOLD Rancho Mirage, CA - "Milo" mc6949, 7 wks old 10# 6oz. Tes gave me a mustach that she can differentiate me from the others. I can get it shaved off if my owners want :0{)


SOLD - Weston, CT - "Fritz" mc6029, 7 wks old 12# 8oz. I enjoy playing with the balls, chewing fresh bones and Tes's pants when she comes in. I have a mustache and goatee :0} Easily shaved off if wanted.

SOLD  Tulsa, OK - "Jake" mc8100, 7 wks old 12# 2oz. Getting pretty big aren't I. You should see me climb the snow piles!


SOLD - San Pedro, CA- "Lincoln" mc5674, 7 wks old 12# 6oz. See my goatee, Tes can shave it off...she thinks I'm definitely worth hugging and snuggling ;0}

Tracking Falcon's Winter litter 2013 stats:

  • 2/16/13 first haircuts
  • 2/13/13 dewormed
  • 2/5/13 first bath with eucalyptus shampoo to prevent critters. Clipping around eyes to avoid irritation and anal area to avoid dropsies ;0) Three pups during shampooing were found to have very small delayed closures > delayed closure link discussion. 
  • 3 wks old micro-chipped, DNA tests sent in on 2 potential breeding girls
  • 1/24/13 dewormed first time, anal area hair clipped away while nursing, this way they don't have any concerns ;0)
  • 2 wks old toe nails clipped while nursing, they never know what happened :0)
  • 10 puppies born January 2, 2013: 6 females, 4 males - 2 males, 2 females have a white abstract on their chest. These pups will certainly be Royals. 
  • day 2, dew claws removed and tails docked 1/3 from tip - AKC regulation...puppy owner of "Keely", top of the list for females asked for a non-docked tail, which I granted in agreement to her commitment...perhaps some day in the future this may be the rule not the exception.
  • Colorful wool blankets are used to absorb moisture, then easily washed.
  • Royal mating of Falcon x Bruno - M/F $1,450  This makes for a traveling/flying date > 8 wks > February 27, 2013. 

    1. Paid - F - "Keely" mc 9717 Royal Brown - LM > Washington, IL - Tail NOT docked

    2. Paid - Breeding F - "Marley" Royal Brown - VW > Monmouth, IL

    3. Paid - M - "Jake" mc8100 Royal Brown - SG > Tulsa, OK

    4. Paid - M - "Fritz" mc6029 - Royal Brown - LH > Weston, CT

    5. Paid - M - "Lincoln" mc5674 Royal Brown - SN > San Pedro, CA

    6. Tes breeding F This spot may open up for a "Pet Only" at 7.5 wks old once structure analysis is made. Sorry to make one wait yet need to know breeding potential - or not. It will be a large solid brown girl.

    7. Paid - F - "Juno" mc 6927 Royal Brown - SM > Leeds, AL

    8. Paid - F - "Whoopi" mc7190 Royal Brown - DB > Maple Grove, MN

    9. Paid - M "Milo" mc6949 Brown - MC > Rancho Mirage, CA

    10. Paid - F - "Sweetie" mc7062 Brown - AD > Minneapolis, MN

    #1 invited herself to be taken off the list in being the #1 placement that if her home situation opens up she will get from here as a last minute possibility, or an upcoming litter :0)

    11. "Hold" Down Payment M - Royal Brown - SC > Islip, NY (Spring/future)

    It's a 4 legs up pup, playing, and chewing on bones kind of time...


    Crates have been added for flying...getting lots of smells. Look for our names on the crates when you pick us up :0)

    More pet beds getting lots of smells while we snoozzzzze...starting to get our haircuts.

    And with playing lots, comes snoozing lots...smelling up our pet beds.


    When it's too cold out - like -10 degrees, Tes keeps us in and we find all kinds of things to play on, play with, and play the family room.

    We're definitely learning to potty outside on our own. We're deciding to go out by ourselves without Tes pushing us here...See how big the snow piles are getting :0)


    There she is! GET HER!!!!!

    Ohhh, some more momma to get us learning to potty outside...and MORE snow!!


    Our spinner toys have been added for smells, and more pet beds to get smelly...

    Our pet beds are being added to get smells...and they are fun to smell right now. We like to see how far we can pull them out. Gotta get that milk!


    Ohhhh, we play pied piper in following momma ;0))

    We've been pushed out the door to start to get acclimated to cold weather and to learn to go potty outside - and there's snow!!!


    Happy Valentines Day!!!

    The bigger we get the bigger the bone :0)))


    Tes continues to sit with us, cuddle us, and with our baths we're just too irresistible to snuggle and kiss ;0)

    This is a puppy cloak - I'm cloaked, you can't see me sleeping here, zzzzz....


    Tes has things to keep us busy in here, the stump sure beats -10 degrees outside!

    Dry dog food all the time now, sure fills my tummy good.


    And this is what it's come to now, standing!!!

    It's water, that's what water tastes like? Not as good as Mom, but she's not coming around us much so we'd better drink up :0)


    These balls are great to play with, easy to grab with our teeth growing in.

    So many toys to choose from...none as good as Tes's pants...heh, heheheheh!!!!


    We have more space added again - heh, heheheheh, the family room is ours!!!!

    Now that's a love story ;0))


    Playing with Mom...let's climb on her!!

    Such a good friend - LICK - you taste good!


    Warming up with a good snuggle with Momma :0))

    As we get bigger, we still like doggy piles to warm up in...


    And we're getting so big Mommy doesn't want to lay down for us, so this is the new nursing position.

    Mom tries to wash us real good ;0)


    ...which in a week we'll need a bath to wash it all off, dry food will be coming...

    This is our circle of life pictures :0)))


    ...and the slurry sticks to us a lot...

    Mom will lick the bowl ;0)


    And now we're learning to eat slurry :0)

    And after a good meal...zzzz....


    One of those dog piles ;0)



    These are called spinners, made by a customer, and we'll each be going home with smells from Tes's on one.

    Toys and starting to play with each other, Keely is having fun :0)


    A bone to smell and toys to play with - GET EM!!!

    Mom is soooo patient with us climbing on her, grabbing to nurse and all that puppies are up to.


    Tes is joining us so we can learn her smell, besides becoming climbers to check things out...

    Hi there Tes...and loving owners :0)))


    LOOK! Our EYES are open!

    In being scooters, we want to potty off the blankies, it's instinctive, so now Tes has added more newspapers.


    In becoming scooters, we're starting to make more noise...reh, reh...

    Sleep, scoot, climb...all a part of figuring out what's next in life :0)))


    We're having fun in figuring out how to scoot around.

    Temperatures have to be up around 78 degrees our first few wks as our bodies can't produce temperatures yet...there are large canine heating pads underneath the wool blankets to keep us warm as well.


    I'm a big girl compared to the smallest girl.

    Mmhmmm...our eyes are slowly slitting open.


    Here's an abstract male with 4 legs up :0)

    Keely is really starting to be a scooter...smell...there you guys are! scoot...scoot...

    *Remember - start at the bottom and work your way up to watch us grow....

    6 females on the left, 4 males on the right

    We're the two boys with white abstracts on our chest :0)

    We're the two girls with white abstracts on our chest, just small whites and big size!

    How do 10 of us nurse? Some of us sleep while others take to it ;0 We're definitely able to get the rhythm down now!!! Tes giggles in watching our tails wiggle back and forth while nursing :0))

    *Royal standard poodle puppies for sale 13wFB

    Our eyes don't open until around 14-18 days old...we learn fast with our noses, that's what we live on in life at this young age - smelling :0))) Our ears open last.

    Life is good...we're all doing well...lots of warmth and humidity to simulate just coming out of the womb...aahhhhh...our tails were docked at 2 days old, and dew claws removed to the double knuckle so they won't be caught on anything or nicked during grooming. A great vet and Tes is there to help us through it by suckling her finger, then she knows we're able to nurse good.


    ...and sleep...zzzz... mom's a little tired too...zzz...

    ...and eat...


    What we do best at one day old...sleep...zzz...

    Aren't we adorable!!!!!


    Coloring isn't always the best, we are all brown :0)

    6 Females + 4 Males = 10 puppies that filled Momma's womb, we're all doing well :0)))) this...Thank You Falcon and Bruno!!!


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