Royal Standard Poodle Office

Royal Standard Poodle Office:

Hey Ladies - what did you do last summer? I painted my nails ;-)

The office is done!!!

One way to watch the office being built is to go to the bottom of this page and work up as pictures were added during construction.

Otherwise viewing from the top down shows the now DONE office and picture shots as I worked through the process. Next years project - repaint the interior walls upstairs...always something to do!

Here's where the kids eat now, at the end of the desk.

Their favorite chair, books up high out of their reach :-)

The new 10' long desk is in.

Gene is enjoying the new office - almost done - waiting for the 10' long new desk top to come in as well as more length to the original desk.

Gene welded me a 10' long steel desk frame so the spoos can lay underneath and I can have a wonderful long desk on top.

The office floor is now done - whew, took three days to lay.

The walls have been painted with a Ralph Lauren gold, the books are coming in and being placed.

Tiling mostly done, now the laying down of Kardean wonderful wood look flooring. VERY durable for lots of spoo traffic.

I've started tiling the wall where the poodles will be sleeping underneath a second desk space on this side. This way I'll be able to easily wash it down to keep clean.


I completed texturing and painting the ceiling. The red hollow ceiling board will carry printer cables across to the other side, not allowing any chords on the floor for puppies and dogs to get in trouble with.

The louvered doors are up and painted. They'll be hiding lots of storage.

Well I've cleaned everything off the family room floor, epoxy painted the tile floor to keep cleaner, repainted the walls and added some poppies :-) Some of you might have seen them in the spring out in the youth park when you visited.

I even have a white cloud window with silver lining :-)

In order to keep the room around 78 degrees when puppies arrive, the insulated window (actual sliding door on its side) will slide across on the rail and keep warmth inside the family room.

Glued aluminum sheets around the wall in the two whelping areas.

Moved some shelving around...

- floor before epoxy -

I molded in the new cement wet sink for mopping in the family room next to the office and will be updating that room as well. I'll be painting the wet sink and floor with epoxy when all the puppies are gone.

The shelves are being built to appear a part of the wall, as in the first book "A Perfect World - Tatriel", read and enjoy :-)

Louvered doors are up.

I'm giving the walls a Southwest stucco look.

Steve and James are helping with the project...being in the way ;-)

Steve is working just as hard!

Sheet-rocking is coming along slowly in between grooming, painting, and mowing parks.

Outside done for now!

B-B had to help paint - his way ;-)

Priming and painting was next.

Tearing off the old siding, I placed the new on.

The door has louvers INSIDE the glass panes so no puppies can ruin them.

Double doors are in and new patio laid. I had help in placing the double doors in, framing it myself. See the new doggy door just for them :-)

I designed the 16 4x4 square unit cement patio and after thinking I would do it...I decided not to. A great team came in and did it for me :-)

I have stained it black that in the winter it will warm and melt the snow off for the spoos.

Getting it leveled and ready to place the double doors in.

Cracks needed to be cleaned for a new overlay.

Then we started digging to lay a new patio for outside the new office.


In the beginning...

there use to be a two car garage.

Royal Standard Poodle Office - puppies for sale are right next door now :-)

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