Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rolo

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rolo at home in South Orange, NJ.  Parents Brown Falcon x Brown Bruno born 07/21/13 - above - Here I am at 3 yrs old! Look how happy happy I am :0)

"Rolo is great, awesome, smart and loving.  We are so happy."

last updated 4/28/17 (DG)

Tracking Rolo:

  • 3 yrs old 75 lbs
  • 6wk. 6.2#

Life worth living with lots of loved ones around me...believing I make it loving for them :o)

"What a handsome boy I am becoming!"


"Stretching out on the floor is the best!"

"This rug looks like a good spot for me to sit and wait patiently for my family."


"In this photo I am 7 weeks old, look how small I was!"