Royal Standard Poodles Brown Nash

updated 1/28/17

Royal Standard Poodles Brown Nash at home in Coralville, IA. Born to Jewels x Bruno 2016.

Tracking stats for Nash:

  • 8.5 months 56 lbs, 28"
  • 6 months 51 lb and VERY tall!
  • 16 wks old 30#

Nash's first Christmas!

That was a lot of work...nap time. :0)


Aren't we a picture of perfection ;o)

I'm growing fast! Compare the pictures...still wondering what's in those bushes!


Check out what's in the bushes!! I'll get it :o))

Smile - Happy Happy!!


Taking pictures are you?

Growing tall! I got my first haircut with my new home, ahhh in this summer heat :o)


ZZZ...always zzzing where I might drop...zzz...

Come on! I'm suppose to LEAD YOU! Not the other way around!!


Can't help it, they think my new momma's hair reminds everyone of me :o))

My cozy pet bed Tes made still has smells from her home...mmmm, my security blanket ;o)


Lots of love to go around he zzzing without me?

It's a slumber party...zzz with me ;o)


Oh aren't I handsome ;o)

I still have my go-tee - COOL ;o)


I'm at my new home - Woo Hoo!! Humans to play with, keep me pretty busy :o)

Nash 7 wks old still at Tes's :o)

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