Royal Standard Poodles Brown Harper Lee

Updated 8/18/15

Royal Brown Standard Poodle Harper Lee at home in Tellride, CO. Parents Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno born 04/09/15.

Her Owners share: She is a great dog.  Has tons of energy, we fetch every night just under the gondola.  She loves to eat all kinds of vegetables and has been out camping with her mother for the last week.  She knows sit, down and we are working on stay and have her enrolled in obedience classes starting next week.  

Tracking Harper Lee:

  • 4mo 29lbs 19 inches
  • 7wks 9lbs 6oz

"This is the perfect spot for a game of fetch!"


"Woo Hoo!"

"Everyone I meet thinks I am super cute, but then again who wouldn't." :0)


"Dreaming of bones.....nummy smells!"

Her owners share: "She came to the office with me for the first month but now is at home with Mom all day, she comes up and hangs out here at the office some afternoons, everyone is always so amazed how much she has grown from the last time they saw her."


"Look it's the perfect spot for me!" :0)

"They may be dandelions but still makes a beautiful picture!"


"What are those things? Mom says they are ducks, I wonder if they will play with me." :0)

"WOW you can see everything from up here!" :0)


Her owners share: "We ride the gondola here to get from Mountain Village to Telluride, Harper is getting used to it and loves to look out of the window and let the other people pet her."

"I am trying to look at the grass that is in my's not working!" :0)


"Learning how to play not that card!"

"Arriving at my new home, let me out!"


My 7 week old mug shot, I am such a cutie!"