Royal Standard Poodles Brown Chica

Updated 9/22/15

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Chica at home in Lawrence, KS. Her owner shares: "She is very funny and fun.  I am thrilled to have her,she is a joyful, willful, funny little critter. Already she has chased and retrieved a rubber ball with bells in it for me.

Tracking Chica:

  • 7wks 9#

"Look I still have my toy duck!! It's no longer the same size as me!" :0)


"Look at all my toys, which one should I play with first?" :0)

"What is this thing on my back??"


"Ahh now this is comfy!" :0)

"I'm trying to nap here, well if you must, hurry up and take that picture!"


"We love to play together!"

"I may be small now but just you wait Cody I'll catch up......"


"Cody and Betty are watching me as I try to learn stairs." :0)

"This duck is almost bigger than me, but that won't last long..."


"I am fitting in nicely around here, don't you think Cody?" :0)

"Whoa who are you!?" :0)


"My 7 week picture, before my owners named me they called me "Dotty" but was also sometimes called "Buttons", because of my little button tail!" :0)

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