Royal Standard Poodle Brown Cedric

Updated 7/3/14

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Cedric at home in Chattahochie Hills, GA. Parents Brown Falcon x Brown Bruno born 07/21/13 -mom says: "He is an absolute gentleman." 

Tracking Cedric:

  • 11mo. 77.5#
  • 6wk. 6#

"Herding hens is exhausting, but I totally rock at my job!" :0)

"I have grown to become a handsome boy just like my dad (Bruno)!"


"This is my baby bunny, boy he sure is small." ;0)

"It is nice to just kick back and relax sometimes!"

"I am the best watch dog there is, wait what was that?"


"Maybe it was the wind..."

"Maybe it came from over this way instead."


"Hey guys, you wanna play?" :0)

"Look mom I am protecting the chickens!" 

"Don't worry guys I will protect you!" ;0)

"This looks like a great spot to sleep, nobody will bother me here."

"I Was found!"


"Oh, come on mom don't tell everyone my sleeping spot!" ;0)

"Getting my daily attention." :0)


"This is one of my favorite toys!"

"My first big boy hair cut."


"I think I see something on the floor that I should play with now, but it is pretty comfy up here...." ;0)

"Playing with my new dad and sister can be so much fun!" :0)


"I wonder if I will get as big as my dad (Bruno)...."

"At my new home, look how handsome I am!" :0)


"Can I come join you in the front seat, please?"

"Getting ready to go to my new home....I better cuddle with my sibling one last time." :0)


"My very first picture....look how much I have grown since then!"

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