Royal Standard Poodle Brown Briggs

Updated 12/30/15

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Briggs at home in North Port, FL.  Parents Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno born 09/18/14

His owners share: "Briggs has been great. Even my neighbor is quite impressed in how you have
him potty trained. Having lots of fun and feeling very loved."

Tracking Briggs:

  • 1 year 70.4 #
  • 4 mo. 39.6 #
  • 2.5 mo. 26.2 #
  • 7wk 13 #

"What are you doing over there?"


"Maybe if I sit here long enough they will give me a treat!"

"Nothing beats a good game of fetch!"


"Geordie and I are good friends!" :0)

"I am becoming a big boy like my dad "Bruno"! :0)


Ear Flip!!

"I am 1 now and look how big I have gotten!"


"Do you want to play ball?" :0)

 "I think this is playing 'keep away'" :0)


"This looks like a good spot to sit!"

"Just back from groomer. They all love my hair!"


"Is that a bone over there?" 

"What are you doing mom?" :0)


"Such a handsome boy!"

"Come on girl, lets play!!" :0)


"Here I am with my mom (Julie), isn't this a great picture?" :0)

"Look how much I have grown, I am catching up to you fast Geordie!!"


"Now how could you ever get mad at a face like this." :0)

"I'm going to get you, grrr!" :0)


"Playing outside with Geordie is the best!"


"I sure do love this pet bed!"


"Geordie and I taking a nap, this is the life!" :0)

"I love my new sibling Geordie!"


"This is one of my very first pictures, I was called Luke then and was the one of the biggest pups!" :0)

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