Royal Standard Poodle Black Süds

Updated 4/28/15

Royal Standard Poodle Black Süds at home in Suamico,WI. Parents Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno born 03/09/14 -"Everyone loves me, I get so much attention everywhere I go!"

Dad shares: "Everyone at the clinic was fawning over her and she was eating it up.  As an added bonus, she is already doing stairs, both up and down! Scheifuss  (my other Royal Standard Poodle) took to her right away Sunday night and was great with her.  She "checked her out" but was not overly aggressive, etc.  She seemed thrilled to have a "sister" again.  Süds was not so sure about this big dog, but by yesterday afternoon she has adopted Scheifuss as her big sister and they are starting to play together,and by today they have already created a couple of games with each other in the yard!"

Tracking Suds:

  • 13.5 mo. 61.6#, 26.25" tall
  • 9.5 mo. 60.7#, 25" tall
  • 5.5 mo. 46.4#, 22" tall
  • 16 wks. 35.9#, 18.5" tall
  • 3 mo. 25.3 #, 16.5" tall
  • 2 mo. 16.9#
  • 6 wk. 12#

"The camera is misleading, I am not that small compared to Scheifuss!"


"Do you have a treat for us?" :0)

"1 year old and a beautiful girl!"

"Look how much I have grown!" :0)


"If you look closely I have some brown tips on some of the hair on my ears, it makes me even more beautiful!" :0)

"I am catching up to you Scheifuss!"


"We love to play together!" ;0)

"I am so happy at my new home, look at my smile!" :0)


"Watch out Schefuss, I am catching up to you.  Our owner says that my paws are almost as big as yours!"

"I am having so much fun with Scheifuss!" :0)

"I love playing with my sister-Scheifuss, we have a couple of games we created that we play outside."


"This tastes really good!" ;0)

"If you look closer, you can see my unique white spot on my chest.  This makes me all the more lovable!"


"I love to go outside, so many new smells here."

"I am meeting my new poodle sister, her name is Scheifuss...and I'll claim this as "The Chair" like at Tes's"


"One of my first my pictures, I have already grown so much since then!"

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