Royal Standard Poodles Black Sherlock

Updated 2/2/17 (TI)

Royal Standard Poodle Black Sherlock at home in Vancouver, BC.  Parents Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno born 09/22/15

Tracking Sherlock:

  • 1yr 68 #, 27.5"
  • 5mo 48.5#
  • 20wk 43 #, 22"
  • 19wk 41 #, 21.5"
  • 4mo 36.5 #, 20.5"
  • 12.5wk 24 #, 17"
  • 8.5wk 13.7 #, 12.5"
  • 8wk 12.9 #
  • 7wk 10.4 #

Sherlock being very gentle but curious with our grand daughter.

Look I can pretend to be a human!


Just chilling :0)

"Working on my training, I have the sit thing!" :0)


"Look how big I am, I am becoming a Royal for sure!"

"This is after my haircut, so handsome!"


"Happy happy happy!"

"Are you guys coming?" :0)


"I am the King!"

"Look at that stance, what a beautiful boy!"


"This is my before shot, I am going to go and get groomed."

"I am 4 months old, getting bigger...."


"Say cheese!"

"My first haircut at my new home, I sure look handsome!"


"I wonder how big I will get....stay tuned....." :0)

"I am 8.5 weeks old! Standing pretty!!"


"Please can I have a treat..."

"Puppy  smooches"


"My pet bed from Tes's, it gets smells from all my siblings and Momma so when I go home I am not so nervous." ;0)

"This looks like a good spoo chair."


"Ah finally home, time to relax!"

"Time to start socializing, Do have any food in that hand for me?" :0)


"Howling for fun"

"I have arrived at LAX, Woo Hoo!"


"Look at this face!" :0)

"I am meeting my owners for the first time!"


"My 7 week old mug shot, I am pretty cute!"

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