Royal Standard Poodles Black Racken

Updated 2/2/17

Royal Standard Poodle Black Racken at home in Mount Juliet, TN. Parents Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno born 09/22/15.  His owner shares: "I can’t tell you what a perfect Spoo he is!!! Of course he is a puppy and still figuring out dos and don’ts but he really doesn’t have that many don’ts. He is very relaxed yet loves to play.  He loves all people he is in contact with and all dogs he has met.  Of course Bart (his Bulldog brother) loves him…most of the time. Thank you for being such a loving caring breeder of such wonderful spoos."  

Tracking Racken:

  • 1 yr 65 lbs, 26"
  • 5 mo 43 lbs, 22"
  • 7 wks 10.2 lbs

I swear mom we didn't do it...:0)


Can I come up there with you..Please...

Lets go run around the yard Bart! :0)


Such a handsome boy!

Woo Hoo lets go for a car ride...where are we going....


On the boat!! Woo Hoo!

"Happy Happy Happy"


"Waiting for dad to get out of the shower." 

"Come on Bart lets PLAY!!"


"Don't we make a great couple!"

"Look how much I have grown!"


"I am now bigger than Bart!" :0)

"Millions of snow balls in my hair, Lets go out again!"

"It is so much fun to play in the snow, even dad is out enjoying the fun!"

"Snow Day Woo Hoo!"

"What is going on out there, is that a cat to chase?" :0)


"I am King of this yard!"

"Look I am a Christmas Present!"


"Can you find me?" :0)

"I am not sure how much longer we will both fit in here.."


"Dad thinks I am precious, who could resist this face?" :0)

"I have all kinds of toys at my house, I am a busy puppy!"


"What should I do next?"

"Look at me go, Woo Hoo!"


"Mom wants to take a selfie, Cheese!"

"I love hanging out with kids, they usually smell good and have food, Woo Hoo!"


"Getting bigger"

"Dad fell asleep, wonder what I should do next..."


"That is my big Brother Bart, we get along great!"

"I get all kinds of cuddles here, I think I will like it here!"


"Is this big bed just for me?"

"I am smaller than my Bulldog brother Bart......but not for long..." :0)


"The trip home wore me out!"

"On the plane ride home, mom thinks I am perfect!" :0)


"My 7 week old picture, I am a cutie!"