Royal Standard Poodles Black Eli and Julius

Updated 10/26/16

Royal Standard Poodle Black Julius at home in Lubocks,TX. Parents Apricot Niki x Brown Bruno born 06/29/16. 

Their owners share: They adore each other! They share bones, blankets, and lie down only after very carefully making sure they are touching the other in some way. Either a foot or head in contact or simply lying partway on the other. J

Tracking Julius:

  • 14 wks 30lbs
  • 7wks 7.8lbs

Royal Standard Poodle Black Eli at home in Lubocks,TX. Parents Brown Jasper x Red Daniel born 07/12/16. 

Tracking Eli:

  • 14 wks 29 lbs
  • 7wks 11.8lbs

Eli in the green collar and Julius in blue

Mom brushed us again. Must correct the problem – quick, roll in the driest grass you can find!

I’ll help!


Eli  at the beginning, with a “few” toys. He was so tiny and cute!!

Eli with his favorite toy now. Wait! The toy bites back? :0)


Yep, those are definitely teeth in Julius’ mouth!

Julius demonstrating the fine art of sleeping upside down when he first came to live with us:


Eli showing how you can scratch your back with a little help from the grass. That feels good!

Ahh that feels great!!  I am happy happy now!


Eli giving me a soulful look.

"We love to explore our yard...hmm....what do I smell?" :0)

And the middle of the west edge. Mom, can we join those guys in the other yard?

We hear them playing over there behind their big fence!

"We are buds!"

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