Royal Standard Poodle Black Ebony & Red Georgia

Updated 12/11/15

Royal Standard Poodle Black Ebony at home in Middleton,MA. Parents Blue Cleopatra x Brown Bruno born 09/18/14. 

Her owners share: "We adore her, she's got quite a personality, and we are so grateful to have her!  She is quite a princess for sure!"

Tracking Ebony:

  • 8 mo 56 lbs, 25"
  • 6 mo 47 lbs, 22 1/2"
  • 5 mo 37 lbs
  • 4 mo 30 lbs
  • 3 mo 21 lbs, 14 in.
  • 12 wk 18 lbs
  • 11 wk 14 lbs 2 oz
  • 9 wk 8 lbs 4 oz
  • 7 wk 5 lbs 4 oz

Royal Standard Poodle Red Georgia at home in Middleton,MA. Parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel born 03/28/15. 

Her owners share: "She is a Jewel!"

Tracking Georgia:

  • 4 mo 30 lbs
  • 7 wk 7 lbs 6 oz

Before look getting groomed!


And after!

"Fancy Spoo!"


"I"m turning out to be a ROYAL girl!" :0)

"Another picture mom? Oh Okay if you must!" :0)


"Mom help, the big poodle is getting me!" :0)

"Spoo supper time!"


"Wait they won't take my toy away will they?" :0)

"Meeting my new siblings!"


"Toys, Toys, and more Toys!" 

"I want out, please??" :0)


"Oh boy new toys!"

"Heading to my new home!"

"My 7 week mug shot, my name is Georgia!"

"Such a pretty girl!"

"Look how long my legs are! It's hard to believe I was the smallest in the litter!" :0)

Her owners share: "Ebby continues to be the happiest poodle on earth!" :0)

"SNOW, WOO HOO!!!" :0)

Her owners share: That bum is always shaking greeting everyone like" hi I'm ebby and I love you!" :0)


"Check out my long legs, it's hard to believe I was the smallest in the litter!"

"Look how much I have grown! Such a pretty girl!" :0)

"Can we have a treat, please?" :0)


"Let us in!" :0)

Her owners share: "She is for sure going to be tall, my groomer who specifically deals with poodles says she is beautiful, great leather and coat and giant feet! We love her! She takes turns sleeping with my boys, and she's super smart, already knows sit, and working on come, as she is a free spirit out in the yard, we have a hard time catching her, she likes to hide in the snow and leaves! We are truly blessed what a wonderful Christmas gift!"

"I think I like this white stuff!"


"Can I have a treat, please?" :0)

"Maggie and I are becoming great friends, she is so much fun to play with!"


"My mom shares that I am an escape artist, I bet that doesn't surprise Tes and her Staff!" :0)

"Look I can finally fit in my harness!" :0)


"I may be small, but these toys are all MINE!" :0)

"Nummy nummy bones!"


(yawn)"Yep it's nap time and this is the best way to take one, with lots of cuddles!" 

"I get so much attention from my family, and even my new sibling Maggie is curious about me!"

"Watch out guys I won't be a lap dog for long...." :0)

"Puppy smooches!!" :0)



"I would probably be the best at playing hide and seek, can you see me?" :0)


"This looks like a great pillow!"

"A new ball just for me Woo Hoo!" :0)


"My 7 wk picture at TI's. Before my owners named me I was known as Princess."

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