Royal Standard Poodle Apricot Winnie

I simply could not help myself.  Initially, you wanted me to simply "Sit"...then you thought it might be a good idea for us to go outside and play, which we did.  Once we came back inside you wanted us to "Settle"...this is our compromise, LK is settled and I am simply sitting ;o)

Tracking Winnie

  • at 3/21/2019 - 8 months and 55#
  • Born 7/28/2018

I must say, I look the picture of feminine perfection.  In the dictionary, next to the definition of Royal Standard Poodle Apricot should be this photo of moi.  I am 8 months and weigh in at 55 pounds. 

Here's another example - reciprocal pillow source

Ah, kids...gotta love 'em.  They're fun to play with, hang out with and afterwards they'll play with your ears til you drift off.  I'm now 5 months old and have finally! learned how to, (and honestly just now been allowed access to), jump on the couch.  

I know you want to rotate this photo to the left... Took me awhile to get into this position and then to determine my orientation


As an apricot color royal standard poodle it was only natural I would be a UT fan.  The fashion police would be all over me for the clash with A&M maroon.

Hey, you know what they say, 'It's nice to have friends in the pen'


I have a perfectly comfortable red bed ready for me and I chose my crate instead. 

I cannot even imagine how this comparison came about.... I was simply laughing and having a good time when CK snapped my pic.  How and WHY this photo of a wombat entered her mind is beyond me.... (gotta tell you though, I laugh every time I see it)     ;o)


I am enjoying this ultra lush green grass and getting acquainted with the two younger humans in my new family. I am 8 weeks old here, wait til you see how I grow!

Royal Standard Poodle Apricot Winnie

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