Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus

Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus - "I'm a giant Royal brown for sure! I'm 28" at the shoulder and 94 pounds with my big bones at 7 years old now :-) I'm Falcon's brother from the same litter from parents Zain x Kodi.

We live at Port Orange, FL. I LOVE my owners! Can you tell?

I'm on several blogs if you'd like to check them out and join one.

  • A Pet only Standard Poodle blog:
  • Here's my home made treat recipe on my blog: home made treat recipe
  • We have a "Poodle Palooza" party every spring! If you're in the FL area and would like to come, contact Tes to forward your email address to me that I can let you know when it's happening :-)
  • Anyone is also welcome for Rufus' birthday party near the end of summer, usually a weekend around July 26th.

    Such LOVE!!!

    You cooked that for me? Two plates? Really??


    Here's my 7 yr old mug shot :0)

    One thing on getting older, Mother Nature did let this growth come onto my'll be cared for soon...Life Happens...


    Gotta stop and smell the flowers :0))

    We have an annual Poodle Palooza party that those viewing this site and want to attend, you can contact Tes and she'll give us your contact information to follow-up with :0)

    Incredible! Who said dogs weren't like humans - Enjoy Life :0)))


    Another "Poodle Palooza" Party!

    Our Poodle Palooza party 2010.


    Mom and guests bring the greatest treats, all homemade for the great spoo party!!!

    Mom, your my Mom - I LOVE you Man!

    I told you I wanted to go for that walk! Now you have to come with ;0))


    Yeah, you're right Rufus - a walk always feels great!

    Holidays - I will smile no matter what - I always get treats!!!

    My best friend Zeke, he's been by my side many a year...and now he's moved out of the country...I miss him :0(

    Mug shots, isn't this the greatest mug to take pics of?

    I know many a trick to teach my owner ;0)

    * how to put away these toys when I'm done...

    It's Halloween, the kids love seeing me as I do them...and of course TREAT time!


    Time to cool down on a hot FL day :0)

    Water - it's WAAYYY fun :0)

    These boots were made for walkin'....that's what we're gonna do...

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ball!! We're out camping in 2011 and my master KNOWS how to please me ;-)


    Ohhh Momma! My natural instincts are kickin' runn...

    We went to the Disney World canine park!


    These wild turkeys are checking me out!!

    The Holidays!!!

    * Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus

    And every spoo web page should have a "4 legs up" :-)

    Got ball?

    Got beach?

    "Dressing up for Halloween 2008 I was a Woolly Mammoth. Soooo appropriate with my hair and size don't you think ;-) The nose was around my neck 90% the night and it's a great toy any other day :-)))"


    "Here we're celebrating Poodle-Palooza at my MIL's, 15 standard poodles there!"

    "1st Monday of every month is dog night at Ritter's Ice Cream here. I'm friends with all, size means nothing to me, Giant Rufus!"

    Mom says, "Everyone around town comments that he is a big, sturdy, loveable boy. We try to include him in every event that we can (keeps me well socialized) - from walks around the neighborhood, dog nights at the local ice cream shop, to swimming in the ocean at the beach, and parades, Rufus is always the star of the show. We just got into kayaking and we're already deciding how to get him out there with us (life jacket on for sure!). Recently, we walked in our town's parade and the next day we went back to the festival to enjoy the booths and a couple people recognized him from the previous day and were yelling 'hi Rufus!'. He loves the attention - loves kids, hugs and kisses, playing ball and of course naps. He also enjoys play dates with other poodles and any other dog or person. His best bud is a bichon-poodle Zeke."

    "Zeke's my bud in the next shot. We're cooling off at the ocean. I don't know what I'd do if Zeke was a Royal!"

    "Now I'm cooling off at the re-opening celebration of the Dunes Park walkway for dogs with mom.

    ...and I love cooling off in our pool ;-)"

    "Summer time means watermelon! I'm so cute eating it!" Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus only eats a bite or two :-)

    Mom says, "He is the constant supervisor, following us around the house all day keeping an eye on us, and also all things outside especially his favorite - squirrels. When he was just a pup, around 12 weeks old, he earned the nickname Houdini, when he would open his crate door while we were at work. Not just once, but several times did I come home to him walking around the house (everything was puppy proofed before he came to live with us), a couple times he even turned the TV on. No joke! Now at 3, he's a responsible boy and has had free roam of the house since he was about 6 months old. Nothing is better than Giant Rufus greeting us at the door when we come home from work. All 94 pounds of him jumping up to put his paws on my shoulders and give me a big lick on the face. Life is good with a poodle."

    Royal Standard Poodles - that's the way to go ;-)


    "This year, I'm Dr. Seuss' Thing 2, my bud Zeke is Thing 1."

    "I met some horses at a local pet event. I was thinking, finally someone bigger than me!"


    "Well, I've turned 3 years old! Come on over for my party!!! It's my favorite yearly event - birthday bash. We had about 20 people and 13 dogs of all shapes and sizes. They're all my friends."

    "I'm 2 years old - find my cake recipe on my blog :-)"

    * Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus

    "One year already! Here's my invitation to my pals! Yes, that's a picture of me ;-)I'm already a Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus."

    "At 6 months, I am 65# and 24" at the shoulder already!"

    * Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus

    "I love cooling off in our pool :-) Wanna come in with me!"

    "I can do this - YES!"

    "I've just kept on a growin'. Royal Standard Poodles - that's the way to go! Maybe I'll be a Giant Rufus?"

    Royal Standard Poodle-Giant Rufus


    There were two of us born, I was second.

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