Royal Standard Poodles Brown- Mr.Brown

Mr.Brown lives in China with Dr.Wou. Fully grown, I am now 28 inches and 80 pounds. His parents are Brown Odu x Brown Kodi 2006.


"Portrait time after one of my many hair cuts."

"Here is a good mug shot of mine. I think everyone should be able to see this one. The leafy green makes a wonderful contrast to my beautiful brown hair."


"Time to relax :0)"

"My mom got another puppy. I'm not sure what to think of this puppy barking at me."


"Here is a mug shot of mom's new puppy."

"Hey mom, where are we going? I like car rides."


"Looks like we are going somewhere else now. Wonder where it could be."

"This looks like a family I could be apart of. :0)"

"After having all of the photos taken with everyone else in the family, I finally got to dad. :0)"


"My dad is a doctor. I am so proud of him. Makes it easier to go to the doctors office now, I get to see a familiar face :0)"

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