Royal Standard Poodle - Brown Juno

Updated 9/30/14

Brown Juno lives in Alabama with her owners. Parents Brown Falcon x Brown Bruno 2013. 

She is 27" tall as of January 2014

In the picture above and below you can see how Juno has faded after 2 years old...Mother Nature's decisions...We love them none-the less :0)

"Play time ;0)"


"There's snow, time to go sniff it out"

"I've got a snowy muzzle"


"Here is my favorite spot to be in the house. My owner told Tes "She is a creature of comfort." Guess that seems right ;0)"

"Alabama is warmer than MN. I'm not used to this heat waves"


"My owner shares that this was taken in April of 2013, and that I have grown to be so big now."