Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash


Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash - Pups born 7/3/19. Ready for new homes and fly out date 8/28/19...stay tuned...Enjoy, Enjoy ;o))


Their first litter together is doing FABULOUS in size comparison to a Magic x Vyke litter (EQUAL in size)! 90% of litter should become Royal size where any other may be on the large standard female could be standard :o)

Start at the bottom and watch us grow up onto the page :o) 

5 Males + 4 Females = 9 puppies

Enya x Dash down payment list:

1. 6/3/19 Paid, 2 x M "Honey Bear" Royal color open - DG > Corpus Christi, TX ($200 discount for two pups)

2. 6/3/19 Paid, 2 x M "Bebe' Bear" Royal color open - DG > Corpus Christi, TX ($200 discount for two pups)

3. 7/6/19 Paid, F "Ruby" Red - NSY > Boerne, TX ($200 military discount)

4. 7/17/19 Paid, M "Revere" size open Red, SDP > Odessa, TX

5. 7/18/19 Paid, F "Moon"  size open Red, DL > Greenfield, WI

6. 7/26/19 Paid, F "Lagertha" Royal Red/Apr, KW> Whitehouse, TX

7. 8/10/19 Paid, M "Daemon" ApricotSE > Sudbury, MA

8. 8/18/19 Paid, F size open Red, SR > Pflugerville, TX

9. 8/25/19 Paid, M "Patrick"  Royal Red, SDP > Odessa, TX ($200 discount for 2 puppies :o)


Tracking stats of Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash pups:

  • 6 Wks Pyrantel deworming, nails clipped. Full body clips to stay cool in 100 temps.
  • 4 wks Pyrantel deworming, nails clipped. ALL have umbilical openings now closed - Woo Hoo!
  • 3 wks old moved to the Wing to now learn to REACH and learn "Potty Outside"
  • 2 wks Pyrantel deworming, nails clipped
  • 6 days old toenails clipped (they become sharp like cat claws on momma's tummy)
  • DOB 7/3/19
  • Order your Nuvet supplements soon! Use CODE # 89093 - NuVet Labs toll-free (1-800-474-7044) 
  • NOTE! Umbilical Openings (uo) may be noted by the end of 1 wk of age. There are NO noted uo's at this time! They grow at such an accelerated rate some pups may not develop them up to the 5 wks of age. The notable uo's MAY be repaired at their 6 wks of age (paid in pup price), generally healed by the time they go home. If they develop at the 5 wks of age, they are generally very tiny, less then 1/4" they are safe to wait until spay or neutering of 10-12 months of age. Most of these smaller uo's close on their own before 10-12 months and that is why I don't repair them. I must evaluate who needs early vss can wait and heal. You will see the notes "uo" under pups that may develop one.
  • Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash

Every litter I have a theme and develop their temporary website names from that theme. Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash litter was born the day before the 4th of July and thus the theme chosen is "Patriotic." So names will range from "Patriot" to "Betsy (Ross)" and read a bit about the name choice :o)
4 Females

"Nanyehi" mc 9081; 4 wks 5 lbs

"Nanyehi" mc 9081; 6 wks 7.6 lbs

SOLD "Nanyehi" red female mc 9081; 7 wks 8.8 lbs, I've been chosen by SR > Pflugerville, TX. Nanyehi was also known as Nancy Ward who advocated peaceful coexistence. She is the smallest in the litter, looking to possibly be a standard poodle around 55 lbs? She has a brown nose, no noted white abstract marks anywhere. At this time she is noted to be the smallest in the litter with a finer muzzle already. Tes wants to share she made the Indian doll in a class and sewed her leather clothes :o)

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

SOLD "Molly (Lagertha)" red female mc 4825; 7 wks 11 lbs. So looking forward to heading home to KW> Whitehouse, TX. Molly Pitcher is the nickname given to women who served in the revolution bringing water to the men in the revolutionI have a black nose with white spots on my back paws.

"Molly" mc 4825; 4 wks 5.8 lbs

"Molly" mc 4825; 6 wks 8.8 lbs

 "Betsy" mc 4205; 4 wks 6.4 lbs

 "Betsy" mc 4205; 6 wks 9 lbs

SOLD "Betsy (Ruby)" red female mc 4205; 7 wks 11 lbs - I'm heading home to be with SNY and their 4 girls at Boerne, TX. Betsy Ross was credited for making the first American flag. I have tiny white on my chest and back paws with a brown nose. I'm a BIG girl.

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

SOLD "Prudence (Moon)" Apricot female mc 4198; 7 wks 10 lbs. I'm heading home to DL > Greenfield, WI. Prudence Wright was a patriot, soldier, and hero who defied traditional gender roles during the Am. Revolution. I have a black nose and Tes doesn't see any white abstract marks on me. I'm a BIG girl too. She sees me standing out among my brothers and sisters ;o) I'm a pretty big girl too!

"Prudence" mc 4198; 4 wks 6.2 lbs

"Prudence" mc 4198; 6 wks 8.8 lbs

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash
5 Males

"Patrick" mc 6118; 4 wks 6.2 lbs

"Patrick" mc 6118; 6 wks 9.8 lbs

SOLD "Patrick" red male mc 6118; 7 wks 11.4 lbs My new owners are SDP > Odessa, TX - they bought 2 of us! Woo Hoo! Get to have my brother keep me happy happy!!! Patrick Henry made the biggest speech of his life "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"Tes sees me as a Red/Apr male...when filling in the AKC paper I will be registered as a Red for the coloring the reds had in the past, not the dark reds you see today. He is considered a solid red male with a black nose...a mustache has been left to help show Tes a difference.

"Revere" mc 9210; 4 wks 6 lbs

"Revere" mc 9210; 6 wks 9.6 lbs

SOLD "Revere (staying Revere :o)" solid red male mc 9210; 7 wks 11 lbs. My new owners are SDP > Odessa, TX. A patriot, Paul Revere is best known for his midnight ride to alert the colonial militia in April 1775 to the approach of the British forces. I have a black nose. Tes notes the small UO has closed :o)

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

SOLD "Drummer Boy (Daemon)" solid apricot male mc 3822; 7 wks 10.8 lbs. I've been chosen and going to head home to SE > Sudbury, MA. Drummer Boy was the name given to the many young boys picking up the beat for the men in the Am. Revolution. I have a black nose. Tes' has added a go-tee to set me apart :o)

"Drummer Boy" mc 3822; 4 wks 5.8 lbs

"Drummer Boy" mc 3822; 6 wks 8.6 lbs

"Franklin (Bebe' Bear)mc 6730; 4 wks 7.0 lbs

"Franklin (Bebe' Bear)mc 6730; 6 wks 10 lbs

SOLD "Franklin (Bebe' Bear)red male mc 6730; 7 wks 12.2 lbs - I've been chosen by DG > Corpus Christi, TX. During the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin served in the Second Continental Congress and helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. I have a small bit of white on my chest and back paws, a dark nose with a bit of a white spot on it right now.

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

SOLD "Patriot (Honey Bear)" mc 9635; 7 wks 12.4 lbs - I've also been chosen by DG > Corpus Christi, TX. Bugle boys were patriots helping call the men to actionI am a red male with lots of white on my chest and some on paws. I have a black nose.

"Patriot (Honey Bear)" mc 9635; 4 wks 7.4 lbs

"Patriot (Honey Bear)" mc 9635; 6 wks 11.2 lbs

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash

Remember go to bottom and watch us grow up onto the page :o)

We're going to be 8 wks old 8/28/19 ready to come home to you!

We're going on 8 wks old now...eating, eating, playing, and getting prepared to come through the doors to your home, our new home - THANK YOU! Are the travel plans in play? Oh so soon...

A cane...Tes uses the cane to teach us to stay back, tapping it on the ground around her to teach us to stay back. She HIGHLY recommends having one by the door when friends and family come to visit. Tap it on the ground when they bark saying "CALM, Calm" - WALLAH, they calm down and disperse from over-excitement. Friend Sue D'Antonio took the amazing photo of the sun in the mural she painted and brought from MN.

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

Hey you guys, GET Tes!

Food, bones, toys...LIFE IS GOOD! It'll be even better once we're home with you!!!

Nice! Lots of pet beds to get smells to go home > Pet Beds to choose from ... new ones added.

Zzzzzz where we drop ;o)

Tes is clipping us, we're trying to nurse, momma is REALLY not letting us much anymore, she's licking the bowl from our last slurry mix so this is our oppurtunity to snitch in here :o)

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

With the 100 degree temps, Tes is watching us pant, pant, pant and decides we need to have our coats off to stay cool. YES!!! AAaahhhhh!!! Us girls have leggings/booties to have Tes be able to tell us apart from the so nice :o) 

Above is 1 day of Momma scoops...she eats A LOT to feed all of us! Just something for you to look forward too ;o) Keeping things clean. Tes sprays the park all down after cleaning, flushing the toilet :o)

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash +

What goes in, MUST come out! The bottom is 1 day of scoops at 6 wks of age with 9 you see what Tes does every morning in the Puppy Park to keep us clean, imagine by 8 weeks of age ;o) 

So much seems to be available to us, not just a room!

Now into 7 wks of age we've reached and found sooo much more to life in this Puppy Park! Tunnels, SPACE, running and playing room.

It's a tough decision...pick me, pick me...Woo-Hoo I'm going to a new home with lots of fun waiting to play with me! 

AT 6 wks of age, we waited for customers to come and pick us out...

We're drinking a lot of water now as momma kicks us off :o( YET! Tes is giving us bones now for our teeth coming in, NUMMY! Look below...we sleep where we drop ;o)

Hi, Hi :o) Are you preparing your home for me? Pet beds are added for us to get smells on for those who have purchased to bring one home for us.

The slurry is now gone and Tes mixes the canned dog food in with the dry to soften and entice us, nummy, nummy ;o) Soon it will be all dry...

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

Woo-Hoo! The doggy door has a wool blanket over it until we get strong enough to push it open...oh so soon, yet we've got it figured out to go in and out for "Potty Outside" a WHOLE lot MORE!

There's 1 of us still available For Sale...Red Patrick waiting for you to choose me :o) Next picture update you'll see us reach to the back of the park and learning all about life ... stay tuned ...

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

And we're finally reaching into the Puppy Park...a few of us are half way into figuring it out as we learn to Potty Outside.

A Kuranda bed, we learn to climb on, get off the ground...Tes places the pet beds on for us to enjoy.

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

IT's HOT out here! In, IN, INNNN!!!

"Potty Outside"


We're reaching, a swimming pool to cool down in?

See how we grow! And grow, and grow, and play...

...see our teeth are coming in!

c...chew on her....Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash...chew, chew, chew :o)

Tes starts to socialize us, cuddling, petting, and we start to play with her...

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash - aren't we cuties ;o)

Tes is ALWAYS cleaning behind us as we grow, play, and nummy nummy...

We're spending more time outside, mornings are coolest, then evenings work great as the TX weather cools down...zzzzz.....

Here's the doggy door...Tes places a wool blanket/door for us to figure out easily, then it'll be taken away and we have to push our way through the real one. In and Out we go as we learn to "Potty Outside for you :o)

And we're reaching to get Momma any way we can now ;o)

And now Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash puppies are learning to eat the dry dog food and drinking water :o) The one pup in the background is looking for a nipple and his brother :o(

Tes calls this her "Circle of Life"...and BOY do we like it :o) She takes it outside for us and calls us to "Potty Outside"! Nuvet supplement, code #89093, powder is added to the food mix to help us as we shift from momma to independent eating...have you ordered your supplements yet? 

Welllll, if they want it, they'll have to get it...then zzzzzz.... ;o)

Momma still cleans us...and we're REALLY playing so much more with each other :o)))

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash puppies are checking out this stuff called water...and what's that Momma's eating? We're reaching into the Wing, learning about space...and soon will want even MORE!

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya X Dash *

When we're done it's zzzz or play time...zzzz....

We're getting big, we get in here the best way we can, any which way we can ;o)

We're in the "Wing" now...getting our paws under us and the wool blankets help us stand up and learn to walk around best. Paper is placed to teach us to potty on it, away from the blanket...Momma still cleans up after us, but not for long as Tes soon teaches us to Potty Outside.

At their 5 wk update you'll see us growing into the Wing, reaching the doggy door and going outside, learning to "Potty Outside" and eating slurry and food into our tummies :o) Stay tuned...

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash

Tes has now moved Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash puppies into the wing last night as we turned 3 wks old today, giving us a WHOLE lot more room to reach as we grow, scoot around, and make noise! If momma wants to get away from us she can go outside or jump onto the deck...but most the time she's with us :o)

Some of us have white on our front toes, some on our back toes, some on our chest, a few no white at all :o)

The apricot girl above is certainly showing personality, standing out to Tes...and she's a big girl for sure :o)


Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash

OH, Hi there :o)


Going into the 3 wks of age, our ears are opening up and we're starting to make music for Tes, learning about our environment, and where is that momma? 

LOOK! Tes is showing how we're going to start reaching as we get our legs underneath us...some of us our eyes aren't quite open, yet we can sure scoot now...where's that momma? SNIFF, come on guys, over here!

Our eyes are definitely open now that we can see and sense what's around us. We're DEFINITELY scooting around, starting to play with things and each other...


Hey bro or sis, isn't this great!

We get a good rhythm going with a mMMMmmmMMMMmmmMMMmm sound that Tes wishes you could hear :o)

The room is cooling down that we work to stay warm with each other so momma can swirl around us to nurse from.

* Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash *
I'm not really stuck here...nummy nummy however I can get it ;o)

Reeeeeach...legs are getting underneath us :o))

Most of us have white on our paws. There are two of us definitely apricot, one Tes can only share Red to Apricot or Red/Apr in color...the three on the bottom of the above and below pictures.

Momma Enya has LOTS of good milk - Woo Hoo! Grow, grow, grow....zzzz...It's a leg thing...zzz...

We have some nice colors of red to apricot...computers and various pictures don't show what our color range truly is...what it does show is the thriving growing tubbies we are ;o) 4 legs up, zzzz, and our eyes are starting to squeak open :o)

We're growing with lots of n...nurse and zzzzzz...and grow...and love...and snuggle....zzz....

*Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash*

Next we go from 1 wk to 2 wks and into 3 wks old for you soon. First we have smell, next our eyes will be opening into the second week, then our ears open up into the third, and Tes will do her best to share growing points with you...enjoy watching us grow from the bottom of this page on up to the top as pictures are added :o) 

SMILE, there's still some of us For Sale :o) Customers on down payment MUST choose at 6 wks of age. Red and Apricot and Males and Females still available.


 It's a PUPPY PILE!!!

We know how to snuggle with momma just fine :o)))

Some of us have white abstracts on our chest. Some of us have white on our paws and toes. She will show you pictures the best she can at this age of our differences...when we've grown and at our 3 wk individual pictures you'll be able to see better as we grow to Royal - Large Red Standard Poodle puppies for sale. Our ears will open around 3 wks old where we really start to sing for her ;o)

When done, zzz....zzz...Momma licks licks licks our genitals as we don't defecate or urinate yet on our own, this warms our area to move for us...Thank You Momma :o) Tes has given her a fresh bath and clipped her down to stay cool in the warm room.

There we all are, growing FAST with momma providing milk for us :o)) Pick me, Pick ME - Royal to Large Standard Poodle puppies for sale!!!

Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash *

See, I have white on my back toes, and some on my chest. I'm a red male.

We're getting to be little chunkers already! ZZzzzzzzz....

At just a few days old, we're already starting to scoot around. Momma's arms are a great hang out area ;o)

5 males + 4 black females = 9 puppies, Tes uses colored wool blankets to help wick away any moisture and it keeps us warm. Momma Enya still looks regal after having all of us...although she is sleeping a whole lot ;o)


With lots of zzz...and nummy...we just keep adding ounces and soon us grow. These pictures don't do justice to truly understand our colors.

It's important to get a good suction grip and movement to draw out the milk, getting it flowing to fill our tummy's.

Time after time Tes sees every litter of pups gather on momma arms to feel her heart beat, get the warmth and smells..."It's an arm thing" :o)

Tes is here to extract the sack quickly, to get us nursing in minutes of being born. That is the essential colostrum needed for our healthy start in life as quickly as possible to be Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale. Enya IS thankful I'm there to help ;o)


Tes warms her bedroom to 85+ degrees as they come out of the womb in even warmer state, too cool can kill them. Tes slowly starts taking the heat down as we develop...and we grow FAST!! We snuggle and stay warm, and lots of zzzz's...

A good bumper system helps prevent from exhaustion of mom sleeping on a pup getting behind her, clean up, and of course my bed next to them allows me to awake if I hear crying or screaming, which they certainly do when they want something, especially 9!

Enya's first puppies have arrived 7/3/19! Look at the range of red to apricot :o)

*Royal Red Standard Poodles Enya x Dash*

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